Virgo Sun Libra Moon: An Approachable Personality

Sometimes reserved, the Virgo Sun Libra Moon personality may appear arrogant and introverted but in fact, it is shyness that may keep them from interacting freely with others.

Virgo Sun Libra Moon

Virgo Sun Libra Moon people are great intellectuals who love peace and have an insightful mind. In them, there’s the smartness, analyzing abilities and discriminating character of the Virgo combined with the harmony, charm and amiability of the Libra.

These natives are approachable and impressionable. But when it comes to their relationships, they can be a little bit cold and not too personal.

Virgo Sun Libra Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Curious, dignified and efficient;
  • Negatives: Conformist, demanding and insecure;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who prefers to have a strict routine;
  • Advice: They need to keep nurturing their non-judgmental attitude.

Reserved and diplomatic, they will never come on too strong. It’s possible they won’t even express their opinions, if they will feel like they don’t have something important to say.

Personality traits

Virgo Sun Libra Moon people are known for their diplomacy and for approaching everything with tact. They are nice and self-aware. Because they would never impose themselves on others, it’s difficult for them to understand aggressiveness.

Just like all the Moon Libras, they can be influenced by other people’s moods. If they won’t be in a peaceful environment, they’ll retreat into their own inner world where things are balanced and nothing can disturb their serenity.

It’s very possible that, as children, they had a hiding place where they used to go when situations were tensioned. People will appreciate them for the fact that they are kept together and relaxed.

It’s rarely that someone can disturb their calmness and gentleness. Refined, sensitive and charismatic, these natives can convince anyone to do things their way. They have a unique behavior.

But they need to understand adulthood always brings a harsh reality. It’s not an option for them to avoid responsibilities. Because they have a need for balance, yoga and meditation would do them very good.

Also they should rely more on interacting with nature and spending more time in simplified environments. This is how they’ll escape the agitation and the problems in their life.

Romantic, Virgo Sun Libra Moon natives possess strong artistic abilities. They are very much interested in the physical aspect when choosing a partner. But they also need to feel they’re compatible with a person in order to develop a romantic relationship.

Sometimes they tend to be too generous with their feelings and have their relationship turned into a disaster as the balance would be missing. That’s why they need someone who gives them as much as affection and love as they give themselves.

It’s possible they’ll seem introverted and fearful to some. But they are only invoking shyness as an excuse for the fact that they are too fearful to deal with challenges. It would be a shame for them to not take opportunities and use their talents.

Their determination could be very useful in the way they make their own destiny. It’s important they don’t rely on others and do things on their own. They will be surprised to discover how many abilities and talents their personality is hiding.

Insightful and rational, they possess a precision that cuts deep and because they are also sharp and intelligent, they could work as doctors, lawyers and managers at big corporations.

Studious, they will keep occupied trying to learn all kind of new things and becoming knowledgeable on different subjects. While they enjoy spending their time with others, they won’t exaggerate with parties and nights out.

The Virgo is very critical, but the Moon Libra comes and contra-balances this. However, the people in these signs will still discriminate and carefully select their friends.

Virgo Sun Libra Moon people will refrain themselves from hurting others with their words and opinions. Not to mention how much they hate vulgarity. While they love people, they tend to analyze people too much before accepting them.

And this will make them seem peculiar and detached. Quite elusive, it can be very difficult to get to know these Virgos. They don’t want to get involved too much because they prefer peace.

Libras are known as sociable, so they’ll want friends. However, they won’t want their relationships to be very deep. Their mind is always curious about intellectual subjects. A power to analyze and to judge without taking sides is very present in them.

An orderly love

Virgo Sun Libra Moon lovers prefer things the way they’re supposed to be. Attentive to details, these natives are very good at handling the usual situations.

They need a partner who understands they’re neat and tidy, that they want a routine and are obsessed with how clean and order in their house is.

While they love to communicate, they may not find the subjects to talk about. When they’re saying something, they’re usually correcting or presenting their analysis.

Their downside manifests itself through nagging, when they’re under stress. Also through too much worrying.

Moon Libras need to live emotions intensely from time to time. They will give themselves completely to their partner, but only if they’ll be appreciated.

They like to court with class because there’s no one more set against vulgarity than them. After all, it is Venus that rules them.

They may feel unappreciated, but it would only be their fault because they tend to forget about their own needs when trying to make their partner happy.

The Virgo Sun Libra Moon man

Not very passionate by many thinks, this man more of a thinker. He’s also manipulative so you won’t even realize it, but he will have you hooked to his ways in no time. And he won’t stop influencing, no matter if the target is his children or friends.

The Virgo Sun Libra Moon man is the most lovable Virgo male in the zodiac. His Moon makes him obsessed with peace and beauty.

He would rather stay at home than go partying. Not to mention he’s a little bit of a snob who enjoys only the company of a few friends.

When it comes to sex, he’s rather calm and patient than fiery. The situation would be different if he’d have Mars in Scorpio. As far as his professional life goes, he would be a good artist. But it’s possible he’ll have many interests.

Delicate, this guy is not the macho man with great stature that can lift women up with only one hand. But if you want someone elegant and gentle, then he definitely is the guy for you. You can be sure he’ll be fun and compliment you all the time.

Seeing such a gentle and attentive man in action would be a delight. And when it comes to masculinity, he knows what he wants from life and how to obtain it.

The Virgo Sun Libra Moon woman

This woman is independent, confident and a little bit reserved. She will attract many people with her detachment. Because she’s reserved as a Virgo and charming like a Libra, she will seem very interesting.

The Virgo Sun Libra Moon woman has great taste and she wants fine things and to be intellectually stimulated. That’s why she’ll visit art galleries and get together with refined people.

She wants a settled family life. Many men will want to be with her but she’s critical and will take her time to choose the one who’s best. The ideal guy for this lady has a good sense of justice and is fair but he also needs to think the way she does. She would rather go alone than be with someone she doesn’t match.

While she has the skills and intelligence to do anything, she would be great in the arts and the media. Not that Law wouldn’t be perfect for her intellectual mind. But she hates conflict too much to do it.

Discriminating, she will never be extreme, no matter if it’s about love, her emotions or sense of humor. She wants everything in moderation anyway. If she happens to be your boss, you’d rather be doing a good job.

She likes seeing ambition and people who work hard. And you can be sure she’ll deliver herself. Her bosses will admire and consider her the same as them.

Her determination and purposes are rather quiet. It’s possible she had a harsh childhood, so she’ll have many heartwarming stories to tell. But this will help her look at the future with hope all the time.

She’s attracted by smarts and money. Don’t expect to get her if you’re a couch potato. This girl will fall for any man who has character and an imposing presence. As a mother, she will want to offer her children the best life.

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