Virgo Sun Leo Moon: An Assertive Personality

These people don’t let themselves influenced by others.

Virgo Sun Leo Moon

Virgo Sun Leo Moon people are serious but a little bit contradicting. They combine the smartness and the analytical mind of the Virgo, which often discriminates, with the energy, self-reliance and bossiness of the Leo.

They can be indecisive in how they want to act, yet the Virgo’s practical personality will be more noticeable in them. They are rather the type of people who do what they’re supposed to, not what they secretly want.

Virgo Sun Leo Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Optimistic, righteous and supportive;
  • Negatives: Combative, moody and distrusting;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will not give them any reasons to be suspicious;
  • Advice: They should trust their choices more.

Personality traits

When the Sun is in Virgo and the Moon in Leo, the natives of these signs want nothing else than to be useful. They insist on working with their pragmatism and efficiency and make everything better.

Their Sun suggests they have a constant need to improve. These natives want to combine their intellectual and physical abilities to be as constructive as possible. They can be discriminating for they have this amazing ability to determine what’s useful and what should be left behind.

It’s in their nature to be hard-working and to get things done fast and perfectly. They are very dutiful from the Virgo’s side.

The Leo’s influence makes them confident and optimistic, but also impulsive and a little bit aggressive. It’s very normal for them to analyze the situation after they’ve already made a decision. It would be better if they would take their time to assess and gain a little bit of trust in themselves.

Virgo Sun Leo Moon natives are persons of character who have some well-established values and principles. They expect honesty and for people to show their true worth. And they are honest themselves. Very practical and good judges of character, it’s very likely they’ll succeed at everything they’ll set their mind to.

When they meet people who aren’t righteous, they become very confused. The fact that they have high morals won’t always help them attain success. But they’re determined enough to prove how much they value and to enjoy the rewards of their efforts.

If they’ll have to do some extra-work, they won’t complain or immediately ask about the pay. People will grow to depend on them. They have high ideals, compassion and a caring soul.

All in all, they’re good people and as children, their parents never had to ask them to behave. Sun Virgos get excited when they have something to do and a chance to make the world a better place.

Moon Leos will reflect their Sun’s personality but they will still be the ones who need the most to be validated and appreciated. They are royalty in the zodiac, so they should be treated accordingly.

Virgo Sun Leo Moon people are supportive, helpful and innocent. The code after which they’re living their life is all about warmth and cheerfulness. They’re loyal and don’t mind doing what others consider to be too difficult.

This is what their morals dictate them to, also not to cross anyone. You’ll never see these natives taking credit for someone else’s work. And no matter how much they’ll achieve, they will always be modest.

When others will succeed in front of their eyes, they’ll continue to be these innocent creatures who want to make it with their own methods. A better understanding of the world would be very helpful for these natives.

Also inquiring to be rewarded for their efforts and standing their own ground. Naivety won’t do them any good. They are more spontaneous and fun than other Virgos. But they need to be attentive not to nag others.

When not appreciated to their true value, they become grumpy. There are few other people who have their sense of justice. People will admire them, so there will be no need for them to ever preach.

Not very experienced when it comes to sex, they will change their views and morals regarding the bedroom. They will achieve many things when guided by their intuition. The fact that they listen will also be very helpful in their endeavors.

Their Moon gives them their creativity. They should avoid routine, or their imagination will get to be suppressed and they’ll become caught up in the mundane.

The fact that they’re virtuous and charming attracts people. Not to mention they’re respectful, attentive, calm and tolerant.

A dramatic love

Virgo Sun Leo Moon lovers know life’s tough and can identify flaws in everyone and everything. And they will always look to improve.

This means they are caring partners who will obsess about things their lover wouldn’t even notice.

Their weaknesses and distrust emerge when they become suspicious. Also when they impose their harsh work ethic and no longer enjoy life as it comes.

Moon Leos are dramatic. It doesn’t matter if their Sun is modest, they will always look to be adored and in the middle of things.

That’s why they need a partner who gives them attention all the time. At least they’re devoted and loving. When they’re being too moody or dramatic, you can be sure they’re not given enough attention.

The Virgo Sun Leo Moon man

A dutiful person with a lot of character, the Virgo Sun Leo Moon man will always do what’s right, no matter what his heart tells him. It’s very easy to make him do something because he takes everything as a duty that he needs to fulfill.

It can be difficult for him to find a correlation between his inner world and reality. He’s not the best with people. A job where he knows what he has to do is more suited for this guy.

While confident, he still has problems determining if people appreciate him to his true value. It’s often that he finds himself confused and misunderstood.

He simply can’t create opportunities for himself. And it’s often he refuses to engage in new activities because he’s worried he won’t do a good job. In the meantime, he will consume himself inside because he knows how capable he is.

It’s essential that he grabs on to his independence and good opportunities. A man of character, he knows how much he’s worth. His hard work will be greatly rewarded.

He believes in people too much. It’s possible for him to end up being fooled for years, and he will still trust you.

He will do his job perfectly. And when he’ll see others being uninterested and lazy, he won’t know what to make of them.

If he were a woman, he would hold on tightly to his family and the responsibilities at home. It wouldn’t matter if this would be very difficult. He will be tested many times by fate.

What he needs to do is to be more aggressive and believe less that everyone wants to reward him. Not to mention a little bit less strength of character would make him more efficient. He tends to hide the light in his soul too much.

The Virgo Sun Leo Moon woman

The Virgo Sun Leo Moon woman is very open and positive. She likes being teased. This lady is very expressive when it comes to playfulness but she can be arrogant.

If she had a strict childhood, she won’t admit it. If spoiled by her parents, she would be out of control as an adult. This girl loves freedom but doesn’t mind committing to the ones she loves.

Her male counterpart likes to make influential friends in order to advance at work. But the lady with this Moon is not like this.

She will only use her talents and charm to get by. And she’s confident enough that she has everything she needs in order to succeed. Many will not be able to resist her.

Therefore, the Virgo Sun Leo Moon woman will be offered a lot of good opportunities. She may not have the liveliest love life because she wishes to be treated like royalty and many men won’t know how to do this. So she’ll break up very often.

She wouldn’t accept her ego to be tampered with. So complimenting and praising her would be the best thing to do when around this girl.

If she’s treated just like anyone else by her partner, her ego could get really bruised. And she will argue with her lover without even knowing why.

She wants to get married one day. As a matter of fact, she wants it so much that is possible she’ll be engaged a few times. But the fact that she wants attention and to dominate won’t do any good to her relationships.

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