Virgo Sun Gemini Moon: A Practical Personality

Passionate, the Virgo Sun Gemini Moon personality doesn’t care about image issues or about how others perceive certain actions, if those come from the soul.

Virgo Sun Gemini Moon

Virgo Sun Gemini Moon people like to keep things to themselves so many simply don’t realize they’re very sentient and easily aroused because they hide all their passion under an exterior that is detached and always focused on intellectual interests.

Both ruled by Mercury, the Virgo and the Gemini are communicative and knowledgeable as these are the main attributes this planet induces.

Virgo Sun Gemini Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Analytical, perceptive and brilliant;
  • Negatives: Distracted, vain and capricious;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will work just as hard as them at their relationship;
  • Advice: They should be more open to emotional matters.

These natives are full of great ideas and have an ingenious mind. In order for them to use their thinking to the maximum, it’s important they leave any issues and emotions behind.

Personality traits

The greatest weapon of Virgo Sun Gemini Moon individuals is their mind. They are fast thinkers who can reason better than anyone else. Logical creatures, they analyze and pay attention to every little detail.

As they tend to trust their brain more than their heart, they are not very responsive from an emotional point of view. It’s not that they don’t have any emotions or can’t understand people who have them.

They simply use only logic. It’s easy for them to identify hidden feelings and motives because their mind is perceptive. But they aren’t very sympathetic as they simply can’t make the connection between their mind and their heart.

Eternal students of life, these natives always want to learn. And they are good with both practical and abstract concepts. They may seem capricious and variable because there’s always something new to interest them.

When it comes to their appearance, it’s possible they’ll end up fat if they don’t exercise and take care of their diet.

The fact that they keep away from being emotional is because they are too afraid of being hurt. However, not paying any more attention to their emotions can lead to anxious moments and a feeling of lost satisfaction.

Being more open wouldn’t do them any harm. It’s true they’re brilliant but allowing their intellect to rule their life all the time may not bring such good things.

Letting the passion to do its job and not caring for how they’re being perceived by others is one solution for any problem they’re having. Being very analytical, there are only a few things that slip their spirit of observation.

Virgo Sun Gemini Moon people want nothing else but perfection, meaning they set high standards for themselves. And they will do their best to live after these standards. In school, they most likely have been the students in the first row, the ones who were always asking questions and were taking notes.

As far as their job goes, they’re responsible and always on time. There’s no one more honest and dedicated than them. They will always try to do the best job, even if this means pushing themselves too far.

For this reason, it’s normal for them to be always nervous and anxious. Lowering their standards and relaxing from time to time would be a great idea. They are perceptive, but they see defects before qualities.

Not to mention how blunt they can be when expressing their opinions. If someone is not living as they think it’s correct, they become too critical and even annoying. That’s why they need to learn how to be more tolerant and less pessimistic.

People can appreciate constructive criticism, but not being nagged. And the Virgo Sun Gemini Moon’s insightful nature could hide very good advice. Many don’t understand that they’re actually very sentient.

As said before, they are ruled by the planet of communication and mind. That’s why they always feel like they have to express their thoughts and latest ideas. And they really have good things to share.

A fault they have is trying to rationalize emotions and problems all the time. Vulnerabilities and sensitiveness can’t be forever hidden under an unemotional facade.

Many will see them as the composed and the calm people that they are. Also as detached personalities. It can be difficult to have them release the passion that they keep unseen and covered with an intellectual approach to everything.

Yet when they’ll refuse their own feelings, they’ll do nothing but bring about anxiety and dissatisfaction. Openness is the only solution here. Allowing the mind to control everything has never worked. They should be enthusiastic and less worried.

If they would strive less for perfection and analyze from time to time, they would be able to find out more about themselves. Not very passionate, they still want someone with whom they can share ideas and opinions.

They will be after a person who’s physical and at the same time an intellectual. But they should be less pretentious when it comes to choosing their partner. They may seek perfection and wait for the ideal love their entire life. And they will end up alone because of this.

A love of communication

Virgo Sun Gemini Moon lovers want everything to be perfect. And they’ll struggle to get things done this way.

They need to be productive and efficient. When they’re giving advice to their partner, it only means that they care.

Not very romantic and keen on flowers or chocolate, they would rather take their lover on a vacation somewhere far away. They are known for working hard at their relationships.

Moon Geminis need to talk and to learn all the time. They want variety because they immediately get bored. Emotionally restless, they are great with a partner who talks to them and is relaxed.

They will filter everything that’s happening in their relationship through their mind. The way they connect the best is by talking. Gossiping, talking about news and the latest technology will have them hooked up more than discussing feelings.

The Virgo Sun Gemini Moon man

This man will probably be a reporter or a radio host because he lives for communication. He likes to talk, to write and to read.

Fast-thinking and logical, he’s precise in everything that he’s doing. Many will be curious about him because he appears to have an interesting life. Active and all the time nervous, he’ll be exhausted at the end of every day.

But he’s more fun and less sulky than other Virgos. He will probably have some health problems that he’ll never talk about.

Good at learning, the Virgo Sun Gemini Moon man is not the best when it comes to taking his projects to the finish line. He likes to spend his time around his home.

Actually, he’s the type of guy who’ll decorate with DIY furniture. Not to mention this guy may invent some things of his own.

As he’s not open to affection, his family will think of him as detached and uninterested but in reality, he is anything but that. He simply can’t express his feelings.

Yet his children will definitely be cared for and studious. He has good intentions, but the way he expresses love and concern for his loved ones is different.

If he wants you to change, you can be sure he loves you, and it goes the same way with his colleagues. It’s just that he thinks there’s always room for improvement.

The Virgo Sun Gemini Moon woman

Not necessarily talkative, the Virgo Sun Gemini Moon woman still likes to express herself. And she’s alluring, not to mention smart and able to get anything done.

But don’t expect her to stick to what she has said she’ll do. Adaptable and usually successful, she sometimes can miss on opportunities because she hasn’t followed a certain path.

Convincing and good with words, this lady can win any argument and get any job. She may have difficulties holding to it, though. She’s not very laborious and she can’t keep her promises. Not to mention she won’t apologize when she won’t do something she said she’ll do.

While she’ll be the one who comes up with ideas, it is her who will also decide to do things in a different way. It’s that she changes her mind very often.

If you try to make her do what she said, she’ll smile and agree. And then the Virgo in her will get a headache, not making it possible to her to participate at what she said she will.

And after everything will be done, she’ll miraculously get better. And it’s possible things will continue like this for years. That’s why someone needs to tell her she’s not doing things right.

Making plans should be something achievable, even for her. At least she’s nurturing and caring.

Jobs like nursing, environmental research and even real estate would suit her very well. Because she’s very interested in the health field, she’d be a great doctor or nutritionist. As a matter of fact, this girl can sometimes obsess over health-related subjects.

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