Virgo Sun Cancer Moon: An Empathic Personality

These people are too realistic for their own good at times.

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon people are capable of deep feelings and thoughts. Their personality is quite balanced and because they’re Virgos, they possess smartness together with a mind that is both analytical and discriminating.

As Cancers, they’re emotional and nurturing. Receptive to external stimuli, these natives can feel what other people are experiencing and can easily put themselves in other people’s shoes.

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Intuitive, diplomatic and generous;
  • Negatives: Neurotic, worrisome and vindictive;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will accept their faults and weaknesses;
  • Advice: They should learn how to combine their practical and emotional natures.

Personality traits

Inside, Virgo Sun Cancer Moon people are pragmatic and judgmental, but despite this, they seem inconsistent on the outside. Practicality and imagination combine in them in the most efficient way. That’s why it can seem easy for these natives to attain success.

Because they’re intuitive, they are able to tell when someone is lying. They recognize value and how much things are worth. Connoisseurs of the human mind, it would be easy for them to negotiate and conduct any kind of business.

They give a lot of importance to security. That’s why they are self-protective and become defensive when someone is trying to know them better.

With those whom they know very well, they form very strong connections. But their shyness will reveal itself as soon as they will get to know someone new. Their nature is conservative. Not to mention they can be true traditionalists who would never disobey rules and change their habits.

Change is something they don’t accept easily. It’s possible they’ll isolate themselves and start living a fantasy. This is because tension makes them withdraw. And the more they would have had a turbulent childhood, the more they will retreat and be reserved.

It’s possible they’re neurotic and paranoid because they worry too much. If they would be more patient, it would be possible for them to achieve many incredible things.

At least they are practical. This means they won’t run away from luck and will take advantage of any good opportunity that reveals itself to them.

Out of all the Virgos, they are the most sensitive, empathetic and kind. And just like all the people with a sensitive soul, they have great talents. What could impede them from expressing themselves and putting their gifts to use is their shyness and the fact that they’re self-conscious.

When meeting someone harsh and less caring, Virgo Sun Cancer Moon natives put up some walls that no one could ever tear down. They are constantly protecting their own feelings.

However, the world is not the bad place they imagine it to be. It’s their childhood fears that dominate their thinking all the time. It would be advised they wouldn’t think of them so often.

Because they are generous characters, these natives will give their time and money to anyone who needs them. It’s difficult for them to put up with any discord.

That’s why they need to get together with people who are positive and always bright. Arguing would only cause them to panic and to no longer view the world in an optimistic way.

As far as their job goes, they would be good as doctors, ministers and social workers. Their compassion would help them do a great job in these positions. Since they’re organized and know people very well, business wouldn’t be bad for them either.

When it comes to their love life, Virgo Sun Cancer Moon people need to be careful not to hook up with someone bossy and who wants them to lose their individuality. The fact that they give a lot of themselves to the partner will always be appreciated.

It would be a good idea for them to be more firm and unafraid of the unknown. Challenges are a part of life, after all. They will end up understanding why they are so worried only after being engaged in something exciting.

Thinking about who has a good influence on them and who doesn’t would be a great idea for these people. It’s because they very much rely on others’ opinions of them. Not to mention how easily can someone impress them.

Need for a peaceful love

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon lovers tend to obsess over behaviors and neatness. They have their own rituals that are meant to make things better.

And this includes how to clean the dishes or where to make love the most often. They need a lover who understands that they are fixated on planning things.

A chaotic environment would drive them crazy. However, the fact that they continuously want to improve is not at all a bad thing. They will change their life all the time.

Their faults and weaknesses emerge when they have nothing to do or when they think that what it takes to succeed isn’t in them.

Moon Cancers need to take care of others. They are motherly creatures who prefer the comfort of their own home rather than the agitation of the outdoors.

Gentle and kind, these natives need someone who’s the same and recognizes how much they are giving to the relationship. When someone takes advantage of them, they become these victims who don’t talk about their pain.

The Virgo Sun Cancer Moon man

This man is attached to his family more than to anything else. His main purpose in life is to have a wife, children and a cozy home. He will always be closer to women.

It wouldn’t matter how old, his relationship with his mother and sister will always be great. His wife will be cherished.

Both his signs are responsible in general, but he’ll be moody and annoy many people that love him. He can be open and loud one minute and reserved or lost the other. Not to mention how many times he can change his mind about something.

The love life of the Virgo Sun Cancer Moon man is surprising. He won’t have any problems chasing someone that he likes. And he will have great feelings for the same lady.

He’s a Cardinal sign, so he takes initiative and acts fearlessly when it comes to romance. The Moon will only make him faster in his thinking. However, as soon as the chase is over, he will go back to his old self and forget all about the affair.

This native doesn’t like independent women who are too self-reliant. He needs someone who’s domestic and needy because he’s the same. He will take care of his lover like a mother takes care of her child.

This man doesn’t mind compromising for his lady. He will grow attached to his relationship even if he would have many arguments with his other half.

But he’s sure to devote himself completely to only one partner. You’ll never hear about him cheating.

The Virgo Sun Cancer Moon woman

The woman with her Moon in Cancer is domestic and strongly attached to her family. When it comes to responsibilities, she’s always ready and very energetic.

While she may seem detached from time to time, she will never forget to make her loved ones happy. And she’s the same with her friends.

Maybe some will take advantage of her goodness, but she will most of the time be appreciated and supported. This lady can guess other people’s feelings. The fact that the Moon is in a Water sign and at home in the Cancer, she’s good at dealing with the less fortunate.

There’s no one to feel for others better than the Virgo Sun Cancer Moon woman. Her heart is full of emotions. That’s why she needs to take her time before accepting to be romantically involved with a man.

As a matter of fact, she will think of a relationship later in life, after she has made sure that her parents are retired and at peace. Not to mention that she can’t easily grasp matters of love.

While she doesn’t know a thing about dating, she’ll want to go out with men who are flirtatious. Many of her relationship will be short because of this.

But she will learn a lot along the way and she will understand some people don’t invest as much emotions as her into romance.

The fact that she has a Cardinal sign in her Moon will have her prepared for any new sentimental adventure, anytime. This Moon lady can’t say she knows exactly what she wants from a guy.

She will change her ways with every new relationship anyway. So her partners will definitely not be similar with each other. But all in all, she still needs someone who can understand she’s deep and sensitive. Also a person who doesn’t try to take advantage of her.

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