Virgo Sun Aries Moon: A Bold Personality

Confident and detached, the Virgo Sun Aries Moon personality might seem less emotional but in personal life, they can be the most nurturing with those close.

Virgo Sun Aries Moon

In their own mind, Virgo Sun Aries Moon people are bold, active and great initiators. However, in the real life, they are not at all as dynamic and daring as they would think.

It can even be a shock for them to discover they’re not the heroes of the world. While courageous and bold enough to make big plans, they have problems following them because they’re insecure and too cautious.

Virgo Sun Aries Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Friendly, perfectionistic and energetic;
  • Negatives: Insecure, overly cautious and dramatizing;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is extremely caring and attentive to them;
  • Advice: They should learn to deal with nervousness at key moments.

These natives will always wonder if they should take action or just lay back and enjoy life as it comes.

Personality traits

There are many contradictions in the personality of Virgo Sun Aries Moon people. These individuals have a strong sense of purpose and are not very emotional.

They are competitive, very judgmental and exciting but they can also be criticizing. Not the most sociable people in the zodiac, they keep friends and lovers close in order to project themselves onto them.

These natives are precise and pretentious: they want nothing but perfection. They are less confident than others think them to be. While energetic and authoritative, they are not very popular.

Especially if they’re the bosses. Their mind is attentive and exact. It’s amazing to see how insightful they can be. Since they tend to express their unhappiness with what others may be doing, many will see them as demanding when they will play the leader’s role.

Because they’re objective and detached, they have less emotions than others. They will probably talk about their own feelings only if they will feel it serves them a purpose.

However, no matter what, they still see emotionality as a weakness. When someone around them starts to be gushy, they become resentful.

The Virgo is reserved, shy and careful, the Aries is impulsive, passionate and reckless. It would be difficult for anyone to be to the liking of an Aries or as mannered and precise as the Virgo.

What the Virgo Sun Aries Moon individuals need to work with more is self-acceptance. They shouldn’t insist so much in proving they’re wonderful creatures because everyone will believe them anyway. And they don’t need to get angry every time when their common sense will keep them away from taking risks.

Excitement and thrills can be obtained in more conventional ways too. For example, they could open a big business. They are attentive and clever enough for it.

It doesn’t matter that they’re discriminating and careful Virgos, they will still take risks and base their investments on what their intuition tells them.

The Virgo is too shy and nonchalant to have formed a self-image and to want to live by it. The Aries needs to learn the lesson of accepting oneself. The natives of these signs are whomever they want to be, so there’s no need for them to do extraordinary things to prove themselves.

It would be useless for them to get upset when they’ll be too cautious and down-to-earth to get involved in situations of high risk.

It’s true they dream big and they want to have things done very fast, but they simply aren’t the heroes they sometimes think they are. They are rather the creatures who live for perfection and methodical approaches, also to be loyal and honorable.

While having a good sense of humor, Virgo Sun Aries Moon natives can also be very serious. When someone will cross them, they will get angry and vengeful.

They severely judge people but they’re most of the time right. It’s not unusual for them to have a temper. They usually release their anger before they have thought things through.

At least they’re receptive and can deal with nervousness and opposition in a constructive way. It’s important they learn how to relax and meditate. Because they are Virgos, these natives are only satisfied when their career is thriving.

They are hardworking and people can rely on them. But they need a challenging job. It’s the energetic Aries in them that wants excitement all the time. If they would feel bored at work, expect them to give up the salary and look for something else.

A need for challenges

When it comes to love, Virgo Sun Aries Moon people are fiery and devoted but at the same time they will always put themselves first. That’s why they should pay more attention to their partner’s needs.

They would be better off without jealousy crises too. Sun Virgos are all about improving and making things perfect. Even if something seems flawless, they will immediately find a defect about it.

But they mean well and want only what’s best for them and their partner. As lovers, they are caring and attentive. However, if you are looking to have a big love story with them, think of another sign.

Efficient in their approach, these natives will be as objective as possible. They are not the type to show affection in public or to give romantic gifts.

Moon Aries people need to be challenged all the time. A slow relationship would bore them. They like having small arguments and even to physically fight in a playful matter. It’s very important they express themselves in love.

When they are bored or are feeling tied down, their faults emerge through moments of anger, changeable moods and fights no one would even think possible.

The Virgo Sun Aries Moon man

The Virgo is not original, the Aries can’t pay attention to details, but the man in these signs will have all these things compensating each other.

At least he’s self-centered, detached and critical from both sides. It’s not unusual for him to have only a few friends because he’s not very popular. Not to mention that he highlights any defects a person may have.

But if you can put up with all this, you will get to the most devoted man in the zodiac. Don’t expect him to lose himself in love or to be romantic. He’s the distant and logical part in a relationship.

More of a taker than a giver, the Virgo Sun Aries Moon man will still defend his lover to the end. His ego is big and needs to be fed, but he won’t ask for attention from others. He has his own strange ways to deal with this.

For example, he takes things personally and can’t accept the idea that someone doesn’t like him. Not that he needs approval. It’s easy to make him angry.

He doesn’t like to communicate and has moods. But his energy, intelligence and ambition will always surprise. The ideal relationship for this native is not something pretentious because he only wants honesty and decency.

An independent, passionate and bold woman would be very much to his liking. When it comes to lovemaking, he pays attention to details and has a good libido. As a Virgo, he may have some kinky wishes. But it will be the Aries who’ll come up with original ideas and interesting fantasies.

The Virgo Sun Aries Moon woman

This lady is demanding and eager to succeed. She can help others, but only if their interests don’t interfere with hers. If this would be the case, she won’t hesitate to sweep the floor with her opponent.

The Virgo Sun Aries Moon woman wants recognition and to be appreciated. That’s why she may get involved in some humanitarian projects. The thing is, she always needs to gain something, whether material or emotional.

Manipulative, she will fool people and they won’t even notice. They will help her even if in the beginning they won’t want to.

As her partner, a man would have to listen to her problems in the middle of the night. Not to mention that she can change from this energetic creature who’s obsessed with a project into a procrastinator who may not even survive reality.

As a young lady, she’ll be considered rebellious and problematic. At least many will jump to help her. The more she’ll age, the more her loved ones will realize they don’t need to sympathize with her that much. Precise and critical, she’s also cold. But she leaves the impression that she isn’t.

As a mother, she will often do the impossible for her children to get what they want. When it comes to love, she will find it later in life. That’s why she’ll probably marry after her thirties. Intelligent, communicative and hard-working, this lady will make a lot of money.

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