Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon: A Generous Personality

These people know when to play the conforming or the rebellious card.

Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon

Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon people are all about adventure and living in the moment. They can be scientific and think of the most abstract concept. At the same time, they will get involved in humanitarian campaigns and explore the unknown.

Not to mention how many great ideas they can have because they’re curious and imaginative. Their dreams and hopes will be broad and achievable.

Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Clever, compassionate and benevolent;
  • Negatives: Forgetful, greedy and hedonistic;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who respects their independence;
  • Advice: They should avoid settling on something they are not happy with.

These natives usually set the pace wherever they are going. But being Virgos, they prefer to conform rather than be rebellious.

Personality traits

The fact that the Sun in Virgo combines with the Moon in Aquarius influences towards a character that is down-to-earth and pragmatic on one side, and out-of-this world or interested in gaining as much knowledge as possible on the other side. Not to mention they’re eager to know the deepest truths of life.

Unemotional, Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon natives prefer not to deal with the mundane. When others will be moody and romantic, they will remain cool and detached.

People will see them as insensitive because they prefer to say what goes through their mind rather than to sugar-coat. Their honesty and bluntness are famous. Not that they’re not sympathetic.

They simply prefer an objective approach. It’s easy for them to be next to their loved ones without showing any emotion. That’s why they are good judges of character and situations. Because they have a detached approach towards people and problems, they will seem different than others.

It’s possible they will sometimes rebel, but the conventional Virgo will usually keep them mannered. They are fast thinkers who like to act in the spur of them moment. And they’ll be like this no matter how reserved and cautious they may seem.

Keen observers, they prefer to keep the distance and to observe from far away. They are simply fascinated by people and their real motives. It’s possible they’ll treat their friends like their scientific projects.

But they will always be thoughtful and supportive. As a matter of fact, they are known for taking part in different causes and humanitarian actions. And they believe that a love for the people will make the entire world a better place.

Intelligent creatures, Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon individuals would do a great job as scientists. They would manage not only with new technologies, but also with social sciences, Law and educational projects. Not to mention the occult makes them very curious.

Because they can easily detach themselves from others’ problems, they would make great doctors and nurses. Their nurturing and gentle soul will help them develop a very good relationship with their patients.

Just like all the Virgos, they are satisfied and happy only when their career is flourishing. They need to be all the time intellectually and physically stimulated or they get bored.

These natives will choose one subject they like and master it. But don’t think they won’t gain knowledge in many fields because they will, in time.

While they possess the analytical skills and rationality of the Virgo, they’re innovative and eager to learn like all Aquariuses.

When it comes to love, they have ideals and prefer to connect with their partner intellectually. They wouldn’t even pay attention to sex and emotions if their lover wouldn’t ask them to.

It’s not unusual for them to become extremely interested in a concept or a plan and to dream about it. Their nature is doubtful, highly critical and judgmental. Sometimes eccentric, they will always be guided by pure logic and slightly by intuition.

Romance comes second place

Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon lovers are only looking to improve themselves and their environment. They can see flaws in everything, from the washing machine to their relationship.

That’s why they will always come with advice in how their partner can improve. They don’t like people who aren’t motivated. The greatest way to annoy them is to give up on a plan or to procrastinate.

Moon Aquariuses will gladly commit as long as their independence is being respected. They are busy people who want a partner that’s the same.

They will need their alone time. It doesn’t matter how in love they are, these natives will never become needy. They usually keep a distance between themselves and everybody else, including their lover.

And this will help them keep it cool and be objective. They will rarely hurt their loved ones or hold any grudges. Their downsides emerge when they become too detached and run away from commitment.

The Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon man

This man will have his inner world influenced by his parents. If he will be allowed to be free as a child, when adult, he’ll be indifferent and arrogant when it comes to women and his own education.

Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon man will want to obtain pleasure from anything. It’s love that he has problems with. If spoiled, he can end up having bad intentions as far as his relationship goes.

It’s possible he won’t speak with many of his friends and family. His ego will have him clueless about the difference between right and wrong. If he would have had good parents, he would be more interested in studying and keeping his freedom untouched.

As a fixed sign, this man is very much influenced by the way he’s been brought up. Not to mention this type of sign can use their knowledge and freedom in many ways for them to gain as many benefits as possible.

Others would be wrong believing he’s not good with relationships. But again, the way he sees love depends a lot on his upbringing. Don’t think he won’t be interested in tradition and marriage.

On the contrary, a stable family would inspire him to have one of his own. But he needs someone who’s educated and accepts his parents. An independent and open woman would be perfect for him.

He emphasizes the structure of the relationship more than the romance. And he can be very faithful if he has what he wants. But it’s possible he’ll have crushes even when married.

If he’ll act on them depends only on how conscientious he is. A dysfunctional family will greatly affect his love life. He may feel tied down to a partner. And he can manipulate girls into sleeping with him for one night.

The Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon woman

The Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon woman would do anything to be of help. She’s nice and very caring. But this doesn’t mean she’s emotional and capable to discuss feelings.

She will help her girlfriends escape abusive relationships, but will never get too involved or judge. And she won’t be able to feel any gratitude because she thinks she hasn’t done anything.

This woman is persuasive and intelligent. She would make a great scientist. Her friends will be many and from all corners of the world.

She’s open and diplomatic with everyone. While brutally honest and harsh with words, she still prefers peace over conflict. She will try as much as possible to be as traditional as the society requires her to. But she’ll express her individuality and independence through makeup and clothes.

Her family will always think of her as the “weird one”. Like her male counterpart, she’s not too aware of what love means. Not that she can’t have this feeling. She simply needs the right man. Her guy should be more her friend than her lover.

Someone needy and possessive would never attract her. When a man is imposing and clingy with her, she starts to ignore him. Keep in mind she’s one of the freest women in the zodiac.

Jealousy repulses her and she has many friends that her partner needs to accept. This girl’s buddies will visit her at home all the time. She would rather get rid of a partner before asking them to leave.

Because she believes in fairness, she’ll be faithful. But if raised in a dysfunctional family, this lady will most likely cheat. Only good parents will be able to teach her good morals and the importance of faithfulness.

Because she’s sociable and a working, active woman, she may have an affair with one of her business partners. Aquarians can have crushes more often than others. And the girl with the Moon in this sign makes no exception. She will fall for a man and there will be no one or nothing to make her change her feelings.

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