Virgo Snake: The Enchanting Philosopher Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Virgo born in Snake year

Virgo Snake
  • Virgos are born between August 23 and September 22.
  • The Snake years are: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025.
  • These people can sometimes be obsessive and self-criticising.
  • An amazing planner, the Virgo Snake woman doesn’t leave anything to chance.
  • The Virgo Snake man is not very persistent, thus needs to be thoroughly motivated.

Virgo Snakes are highly intelligent and brainy individuals who have a rather peculiar outlook on life. Pretty sure of themselves and quite flexible in thinking, this native will not be found wanting when confronted with critical challenges and opportunities.

Given their natural insight and logical mind-set, it’s a given that nothing really poses a difficulty for them, because they can quickly deduce and find an escape route.

The Reasoned Virgo Snake Personality

What best describes a Virgo Snake is their jolly and enthusiastic nature which can lighten up the mood even in the most critical of situations.

And on top of that, they are quite good at analysing and steadily observing the core of the problem before deciding to take action to solve it.

As such, when that happens, it’s most probably going to be a resounding success. They are so in-depth and focused on their work actually, that they sometimes lose themselves and have to be forced to take a break.

But, the truth is that for all their concentration and obsession with work, achievements are at the doorstep as well.

Top Characteristics: Charming, Intuitive, Assertive and Reliable.

If you let yourself be fooled by this native’s good looks and interesting personality, then you’re going to have a surprise on your head when you get to know them better.

Dynamism and empathy are not one of their strong points, and neither is self-assurance. Feeling a constant need to be in the spotlight and be praised even for existing, this individual will therefore strive to be a social butterfly and make a lot of friends.

Regarding their professional and financial situation, the Virgo Snake traces a pretty clear line between the two, not letting money become an obsession, but a means towards the goal of happiness.

Working and putting in time and effort are nothing else than just a method towards self-development and the further increase in knowledge and experience.

Material rewards are the cherry on the top. In the course of their advance, they keep a close eye on everything around them, and even the most insignificant event could potentially scar them for life if not properly taken into account.

It happens that they sometimes feel the need to be in control of something or someone, knowing that whatever they decide will come to pass. Dominating and manipulating people is fairly easy for these natives, and they do it solely because they feel like it, because it satisfies a craving of theirs.

For all their active and endeavouring personality, there is one place that does not adhere to the same rules, and that is where the home is.

An environment of their making and for their comfort and relaxation, this native does not take kind to intruders who seek to perturb their silence and meditation. Usually, you have to be in their circle of close friends before you’ll get to enter their special place.

Perfect careers for Virgo Snake: Travel, Programming, Engineering, Science.

Are there any downsides to being born a Virgo Snake, you ask? Most assuredly, though they are very well hidden behind all the charm and apparent confidence that they naturally exude.

These individuals can experience periods of uncertainty and irrational anxieties, as well as a tendency to underestimate oneself. However, they don’t affect this native as much as you would think.

They are still perfectly capable of having a deep discussion and can persuade you to accept their viewpoints, as well as spot all the trademarks of a lie, if the need arises.

Plus, you won’t have an easy time spotting these flaws, because they take care of keeping them perfectly hidden from spying eyes, and only when becoming closer to them would you notice these things.

One last thing to say about Virgo Snakes is that they prefer to say exactly what they think, without putting too much importance on how their words could affect those around them.

From this point of view, logic and rationality wins out over sentimentality and emotions. Sure, they’ll probably not be happy with the consequences of their words later on, but it is what it is.

Love – Revealed

Highly ambitious and focused people, Virgo Snakes are usually very reluctant to pursue a durable relationship, because it would take too much of their time, and that’s a bit of a problem with these workaholics.

Therefore, they prefer deliberating on potential options, because they are open to intimate bonds with people, it’s just that they can’t fully decide yet on whom to chase after.

Friendship can quickly develop into something more with these natives, but it all hinges on total commitment, emotional bondage and tremendous affection.

Thus, if everything turns out to be a disappointment and the partner leaves them, nothing can describe the anguish and desperation left behind in their hearts.

In general, Virgo Snakes will almost always tend to concentrate on building up a strong career and make a situation for themselves before finding a partner.

But, does fate and destiny ever listen to you? No, they don’t, and no one can guarantee that they won’t fall in love unexpectedly with a Prince Charming, in the most unusual circumstance.

Most compatible with: Taurus Ox, Scorpio Ox, Capricorn Rooster.

Virgo Snake Woman Characteristics

The best thing about these women is that they appear to be granted access to all the world’s reserves of luck and good fortune.

Everything appears to be created in such a way, and it all happens exactly in the manner which brings the most advantages to them. If you know the expression “in the wrong place, at the wrong time”, then to them, it would have been more appropriate to say that they are always in the right place, at the right time.

Whether it’s finding 50 bucks on the street, or being picked for a trip to the Galapagos Islands at the monthly lottery, these natives will keep on winning everything.

And, if you thought that, thanks to the unusual and, frankly, kind of scary luck that hovers around them, the Virgo Snakes would get full of themselves and act superior, then you couldn’t have been more wrong.

Very happy, joyful and ecstatic individuals, they act as if the world is their playground and all they have to do is muck around in peace, never initiating any conflicts or arguments with anyone.

Why? Because that would ruin their excellent mood, that’s why. Also, when in a relationship, the Virgo Snake woman capitalizes on her great communicative side, going all-in when getting to know a person.

After all, the most important thing in love is compatibility, the things that the both of you share and have in common.

Celebrities under the sign of Virgo Snake: Jason Derulo, Tom Hardy, Ludacris, Charlie Sheen, Shania Twain, 2 Chainz, Kyle Chandler.

Virgo Snake Man Characteristics

This native makes it look like picking an idea and turning it into something successful and with infinite potential was the easiest thing in the world. Well, for him it could be, or at least that’s what the appearances are.

Endowed with great ambition and a healthy dose of intuitive prowess, he can quickly spot the most efficient way to approach a situation and come out victorious.

Being this able and confident in himself, the Virgo Snake will most likely ignore any advice and continue his way.

However, this aspect, combined with a possible lack of interest and willpower in some situations, may lead to potential disaster and failure, professionally and even in relationships.

Leading a difficult life, because he is split apart between the persistence and determination of his normal self, and the tendency towards procrastination and stagnation, this native will find it hard to make it through all the challenges.

Furthermore, in relationships, despite all the effort and attention that he puts in, and for all the love and affection that he displays, sometimes it’s still not enough and things get cold. This is really confusing and infuriating for him.

One possibility is that this native isn’t very capable at expressing his true feelings very well, which could lead to misunderstandings and upsetting situations. If he learns to do that, happiness is just a hair’s breadth away.

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