Virgo Rooster: The Surprising Chatter Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Virgo born in Rooster year

Virgo Rooster
  • The dates of the Virgo zodiac sign are between August 23 and September 22.
  • The Rooster years are: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029.
  • Neatness and a temper kept in control are basic standards for these people.
  • Although not a big thinker about the future, the intuition of the Virgo Rooster woman saves her.
  • The Virgo Rooster man is a romantic at heart but this is one of his best kept secrets.

Determined and courageous, Virgo Roosters will always seek perfection in whatever they may be doing. At work, they usually pay attention to every little detail and they make sure things are going smoothly.

They are pretty adaptable, so if they need to change their environment or their workplace, they will quickly get used to the new people and the new tasks.

The Chinese astrology describes the Rooster as someone flamboyant, communicative and confident. Also, it seems that people born in this sign like diversity and they hate routine.

When we turn to the Western astrology, we discover the Virgo is a perfectionist who has a keen eye for details and manners. Therefore, Virgo Roosters will be colorful, idealist people who will be liked by many.

The Exciting Virgo Rooster Personality

Organized, Virgo Roosters are able to make plans for others if these need them to. Having a thirst for knowledge and being fast learners, they will be able to grasp the most complicated and complex things.

They could use some advice from friends in their most difficult moments in life, but they usually manage to take care of things themselves. Their entire life revolves around neatness and being tempered.

These are the only things that influence their judgments. They enjoy talking and they have many friends. Observant, these guys can easily guess what others are feeling. And because they are loving and helpful, they will try to make things better when something is wrong with their loved ones.

Liking balance and peace, and being good communicators, people will always want them around to bring harmony and motivate.

Top Characteristics: Innovative, Charming, Exploring, Decisive.

Enthusiastic and friendly, they will always be there for the people that need them the most. The combination between the Virgo and the Rooster is beneficial for the people who are born in these signs.

Virgo will help the Rooster be methodical and less loud. The Rooster helped by the Virgo becomes more realistic, and the Virgo helped by the Rooster becomes more confident in his or her own forces.

Innovative and creative, no one can remain indifferent at the Virgo Rooster’s ideas. They manage to express their opinions clearly and openly. More than this, they are conservative and sober, with a developed sense of humor.

When they need to learn new things, these people get to be like real sponges that suck information in. They memorize and assimilate fast, which means they are very good at learning endeavors.

Because they are so knowledgeable and well taught, they will never run out of things to say. Silence makes them feel sad and lonely. They need someone with whom they can talk all the time.

Some people may be annoyed by the fact that the Virgo Roosters want to chatter all the time, but their helpful nature will compensate. It is advised that they get hired some place where they need to speak, like sales agents or as phone supports at different companies.

Don’t ask the Virgo Roosters about their health. Hypochondriac, they will never stop from describing you how they felt in a certain moment, from a certain food.

They can be very sensitive to things that have anything to do with something they’ve done and they can’t stand to be judged.

A small question about a sensible thing that happened to them and they will get hurt. Both the Rooster and the Virgo like perfection and they want to be perceived as immaculate people who have never made a mistake.

When they feel like things are no longer in their control, these people prefer to hide their anxiety. It’s because they wouldn’t allow others to criticize their way of doing things. Honest, everything they do is performed out in the open.

At work, lucky the Virgo makes the Rooster’s arrogance less noticeable. Efficient at doing their job, Virgo Roosters have an amazing memory and they can analyze things logically. They will perceive anything mathematically, and they will provide solutions accordingly. The fact that they talk a lot doesn’t mean they can’t also listen.

They are good advisers and they think it’s their duty to help others with whatever they can. When they are provoked, they start using a brutal language and offend the adversaries. They are complicated, fascinating people with many friends.

Because they are sensitive, they won’t trust too many people. Their home will always be comfortable and functional. They like to know where they things are and they keep everything in order.

As far as their clothes go, these guys have a colorful style. It is how they like to get others’ attention. They will take forever to get ready for a night out, and they can be a little bit vain, judging others based on their appearance.

Perfect careers for Virgo Rooster: Theatre, Business, Exploring, Dancing.

Lucky for them, Virgo Roosters are intelligent and they like to work hard. They will usually obtain the best results, no matter the goal. As long as they are surrounded by well-raised people, they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Bosses and colleagues can trust them to get things done perfectly. They offer support and they are motivating when things are bad. They are also good parents, encompassing all the good qualities of a caregiver.

As long as they don’t force their children to be like them and to want to achieve perfection, everything should be fine. The fact that they are always searching for perfection can’t be beneficial for the ones they love and care very much about.

There aren’t too many weaknesses associated with their personalities. One could be what has just been mentioned, which is the fact that they strive for perfection.

Because things can’t always work the way they want, Virgo Roosters will suffer many disappointments. They hate failing and they will keep trying to make things the way they want them to be.

It is important that they are surrounded by people who can encourage them to stop. They can tire themselves too much and this wouldn’t make anyone any good.

Love – Revealed

When in a relationship, Virgo Roosters prefer to take the passive role and let the other take care of things. They are not active people when it comes to romance.

They enjoy being loved and they like having someone around, but they don’t want to stress their heads too much with this.

They enjoy their lover’s attention and they like it when they are being admired. The fact that they are open and attentive makes them flexible with the partners.

Virgo Roosters are not afraid of showing their feelings and they are romantic. But be careful as they can get jealous and possessive very easily. Nothing annoys them more than ignorance in love.

If they are truly in love, they become clumsy and they no longer know what to do with themselves.

Because they are honest and expressive, people will always be attracted to them. Trustworthy, Virgo Roosters are people with whom you could build a beautiful relationship.

Most compatible with: Taurus Snake, Capricorn Ox, Capricorn Dragon, Scorpio Snake.

Virgo Rooster Woman Characteristics

Contradictory and also unusual, the Virgo Rooster woman prefers variety so she will move from place to place, changing jobs.

It is difficult for her to find stability. She is not so confident in herself, and she is doing too much soul-searching. A little bit dramatic, she tends to exaggerate and she likes to take risks.

This lady doesn’t think about the future, she just lives in the moment. It is advised that the Virgo Rooster woman learns how to communicate with others.

She should be more interested in developing relations too. Besides, she has to be more open if she wants good results.

Celebrities under the sign of Virgo Rooster: Karl Lagerfeld, John McAfee, Van Morrison, Stephen Fry, Gloria Estefan, Sheryl Sandberg, Jason Priestley, Alexis Bledel, Brian Chesky, Liam Payne.

Virgo Rooster Man Characteristics

Talented and unusual, the Virgo Rooster man will always capture the attention of other people. He has abilities that will help him succeed at anything.

Attentive, he plans each step he has to take in order to fulfill his dreams. Equipped with a strong intuition, this guy usually makes the right decisions. He is romantic and he has a determination few other people have.

It is recommended that he identifies what’s reality and what is a dream. He shouldn’t completely abandon his aspirations and he needs to love himself more. Only this way, good things will happen to him.

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