Virgo Rising: The Influence of Virgo Ascendant on Personality

These natives don’t hesitate to speak their minds in order to make everything perfect around them.

Virgo Rising

Virgo rising are criticizing of both themselves and others. It’s normal for them to sometimes to feel inferior and to have very high demands from life.

Usually conservative, diplomatic and humble, these natives are perfectionists who stress too much about details. They normally tell things as they are because honesty characterizes them in everything they are doing.

Virgo Rising in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Dignified, clear-headed and considerate;
  • Weaknesses: Hateful, stubborn and boastful;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who can help them become more relaxed about life;
  • Life Lesson for Virgo Ascendant: Give more attention to friendships.

It is said the ascendant sign is the one that shows what mask people are wearing in public. It actually determines the first impression individuals make of others.

Virgo Rising personality

Conscientious and detail-oriented, Virgo rising need order and to see things as clear as possible. They’re usually obsessed with cleanliness and exaggerate when they’re tidying up.

Logical and pragmatic, these natives tend to analyze themselves and others because this makes them feel like they’re learning and discovering their most important qualities.

They can find ways to motivate themselves, so they’re more ambitious than other rising signs. Kind, sweet and expressive with their emotions, these people will get romantically involved only for long-term.

It’s because their opposite sign is Pisces, which also influences them to want to be with someone. This unique combination brings out some traits even they weren’t even aware of until involved in something serious.

However, these newly-discovered characteristics will be kept private, even from their other half. Logic and pragmatism are very strong in Virgo rising, and these natives won’t express themselves if they haven’t carefully thought how their ideas could be of use.

This is something strongly related to the personality of the Virgo Sun sign. Virgo rising natives would be much better at spiritual thinking, decision-making and criticizing themselves.

They should consider what good putting their knowledge into practice can bring them and also their loved ones. Their health would depend a lot on how they would filter their thoughts and not allow negative energy to occupy their life.

If they would permit their obsession with perfectionism and order to take over, they would become very boring characters.

Having Pisces as a Descendant, the main message of this placement is to relax more and to have fun because things just happen on their own sometimes.

When it comes to relationships, Virgo rising need to learn acceptance and also giving up. Forgiveness and being more affectionate would help them either accept a situation that is not so perfect or to decide to just give up on it.

If they would have a lazy partner that can’t keep his or her word, they would become criticizing and vigilant with this person. Their need to measure, classify and analyze can sometimes be too much even for themselves.

They should think their lover doesn’t need to be cared for by them and that they’re the ones who are making him or her so needy. Letting go would only prove to them that others are capable of great things as well.

Usually skinny, Virgo rising are active and fast-thinking, so their calories get burned very fast. It wouldn’t matter if men or women, they would still dress elegantly and tidy their place up all the time.

Men will iron their shirts and wash their own clothes, you can be sure of that. Their posture is nice, and they are always fit because they simply love to exercise and to take part in physical challenges.

It’s normal for them to wake up two hours earlier than others and to go to the gym or jog. Both men and women are obsessed with the way they look.

The ladies will often change their hairstyle because they’re never happy with their looks and want perfection. Virgo rising people are intelligent and methodical, jobs like research and even investigation being perfect for them.

Because Mercury is their ruling planet, they are very good at learning new languages. So many of them will work in communication or public services.

Accounting is also something they would like to do because their mind is very good with numbers. These people simply love to be of help and to plan for the future.

Humble and cold, the men with this ascendant are always dressed elegantly and carry a business bag around.

Punctual, organized and obsessed with career, they would also be great as journalists, scientists and carriers of messages. Everything that requires them to organize people and things is appealing for these natives.

It’s normal for them to specialize in something because they all want to master what they are doing for a living. But in order for them to function at their optimal levels, they need to have vision and to get creative.

Otherwise, their life wouldn’t be in any way fun. Don’t think they’re only good for intellectual activities because they can do anything they set their minds to.

As a matter of fact, they have many talents, so anything artistic makes them very happy. Donning a good sense of humor and being childish, they’ll impress with how they impersonate different famous characters and even their friends.

Detail-oriented, criticizing and having strong principles, Virgo ascendant people can also change their ways when having a serious duty to perform.

The physique of Virgo Rising

You’ll recognize the Virgo rising in a crowd because they have a small, well-structured face and a very nice complexion.

Just like Gemini rising, they’re energetic to the point of nervousness and don’t want to ever just sit down. Walking slowly and gracefully, their posture is straight, and their hair always arranged.

Mercury is the planet that rules their first House, this meaning they’re curious and want to learn as many things as possible. Paying great attention to details and the way they look; these natives will live a healthy lifestyle and always focus at the task at hand.

It’s very important for them to all the time be clean and to wear elegant clothes. Not to mention they’re perfectionists, which can be both in their benefit and disadvantage.

When it comes to their appearance, Virgo rising don’t want to attract attention to themselves, being conservative and religiously following certain patterns of fashion and style.

These people don’t like to have their picture taken because they don’t want to be in everyone’s face. Discretion is the word that describes their attitude the most as it helps them feel more secure and in control.

The less people notice them, the lower chances for them to not be involved in situations they haven’t themselves initiated.

It’s not likely for these natives to be at extreme with their weight, so they will never suffer from obesity or anorexia. Anyone can notice they’re a little bit short and have dark eyes and hair.

Virgo Ascendant man

The Virgo rising man wants perfection in everything that he is doing, including his soulmate relationship. Very criticizing, he has high standards regarding how his partner should be.

Never the type to dream with his eyes open, the male Virgo rising will always take action and work hard to achieve his goals. His lady should be the same because he can’t tolerate a partner who’s lazy and sloppy.

If he can’t find the perfect woman, he prefers to just be single and to go on with his life.

Practical and not at all romantic, he won’t make grand gestures for his loved one, but will always be a good provider and a lover who could never cheat.

Virgo Ascendant Man: The Observant Gentleman

Virgo Ascendant woman

The Virgo rising woman tends to put her partner on a pedestal and to never take him down. Not that she can’t see his weaknesses, she just prefers not to judge him in a harsh way.

However, she won’t praise her man when he will have any successes because she tends to focus on failures and to criticize. This girl is loyal and holds on tight to her romantic relationships, so expect her to put in a lot of efforts in order to make the affairs in her life work.

But if she would realize there are no chances for success with a romance, she would immediately abandon ship and never look back. This lady needs to be admired and appreciated for her passion in bed to unleash.

Virgo Ascendant Woman: The Reliable Lady


Virgo ascendant people are pragmatic, analytical, criticizing, detail-oriented, cautious, elegant, reserved, systematic, timid, attentive to other people’s needs and a little bit focused on themselves only.

Their mind is creative and always thinking of something, which means they always want to learn and to overcome.

Obsessed with perfection, these natives can be very difficult to live with because their expectations of people are very high.

It often happens for them to not find the right person with whom they can share their life. It’s like they can find defects in everything and everyone, analyzing things, situations and people being their favorite thing to do.

This means their relationships will often be affected in a bad way by their criticizing eye. Another thing Virgo rising need to fight is their pessimism and the fact that they criticize themselves. Not to mention they are also worriers about things that aren’t even important, becoming this way sick with stress-related diseases.

It’s suggested they enjoy every life experience and don’t allow bitterness, regrets and resentment to take over. Being negative and feeling inadequate can never bring anything good into a person’s life.

Looking younger than they actually are because they’re agitated all the time, Virgo rising also have a tendency to be skinny rather than overweight. It’s very possible they will have problems with their indecisiveness and uncertainty.

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