Virgo Goat: The Gentle Observer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Virgo born in Goat year

Virgo Goat
  • The dates of the Virgo zodiac sign are between August 23 and September 22.
  • The Goat years are: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027.
  • These natives are original and rarely accept other’s opinions.
  • Adventurous but also rational, the Virgo Goat woman will calculate her steps.
  • The Virgo Goat man makes for a great speaker and is not afraid of a big audience.

Gentle souls, Virgo Goats are tolerant and they have a superior analytical mind. They will use all these qualities to reach their goals in life, but they need to no longer be so pessimistic and have a little patience in order to accomplish more but with baby steps.

These Virgos are vulnerable and can be easily fooled by others. They know it, and that’s why they are terribly careful when choosing their surroundings, just like the Goat Chinese animal.

The Intuitive Virgo Goat Personality

Virgo Goats need to feel appreciated and useful. When moving into a new space, especially for the first time, these people may feel lost and abandoned.

While they are independent characters, they still need to feel the stability of their family. These people will always have respect and admiration for their parents, and they will be good at being parents themselves.

People find it interesting to sit and have a chat with them. Good conversationalists, they will talk about anything and they will make friends with those who can keep up with their enthusiasm.

Because they are a little bit insecure, Virgo Goats have a tendency to show themselves off.

When they are involved in something, they do everything perfectly. They are obsessed with getting everything perfect and for them needs to be in the right place.

Top Characteristics: Hard-working, Genuine, Strong, Enthusiastic.

These are the type of people who would spend an entire night just putting decorations in the Christmas tree.

Sociable and open, Virgo Goats leave the sense that they can read one’s mind. They have a solid intuition that helps them read people easily.

They will get very good at something they like, and they will make a comfortable living out of it. You’ll never a see Virgo Goat struggling to get by. They hate living an uncomfortable life, and if they don’t find the job they have to be to their liking, they will quit and open their own business.

With money, Virgo Goats are rather playful and not at all cheap. They will spend on things of good taste. As they are elegant, they will spend on a lot of clothes too.

All this without exaggerating, of course. Friends will love having them around, and they will ask for their opinions in matters of fashion and style.

They will try their best to be the most innovative in their group as this is how they feel secure and sure of themselves.

When given the opportunities and freedom to do what they want, Virgo Goats can succeed with every goal that they have.

They are not afraid of hard work, so they will put in sustained efforts no matter what. Because they are so perfectionists, they will never start a task or a project till after they have finished the previous one.

They are good at keeping their money safe, and they are picky when they’re buying. These are not the persons to spend on things that have absolutely no value.

They need to see that a product is effective or it looks interesting before they make a transaction. Virgo Goats can’t be happy with a conversation if they can’t bring in their humor.

While original, they don’t accept others’ opinions and this makes their friends unhappy. These Virgos are not at all flexible. They never get bored as they love to keep occupied. They will work hard at becoming successful and for this reason they need partners who will encourage and support them through both good and bad times.

People in these signs will highly appreciate and remember those who stand by their side. They will also make sure those who helped them are completely repaid and happy.

Perfect careers for Virgo Goat: Sociology, Theater, Gardening, Design, Politics.

The fact that they are so eccentric can get Virgo Goats into trouble sometimes. They are also a little bit too rough with their words and their criticizing.

If they would know how to portray themselves better in society they would have more friends and would be much more appreciated by others.

Another weakness in their character is the fact that they are too focused on their goals and nothing else.

The Virgo makes the Goat more responsible at work, and the Goat makes the Virgo more flexible. People in these signs will pay close attention to their own actions, and they won’t engage in something till after they have calculated all the pros and cons carefully.

They are generous with others, especially when they are happy about something or they are celebrating some special occasion.

The Virgo makes the Goat more confident and organized. These individuals are great at working teams.

If they are intelligently oriented and properly advised, they can even excel at what they are doing. They can guess what someone else is thinking, but they will never say it out loud.

They don’t want to know what’s in people’s heads. They simply can’t stop themselves from being aware of others’ thoughts and feelings.

Love – Uncovered

Because they are proud and very interested in self-improvement, it will be very difficult for Virgo Goats to maintain a long-term commitment.

They are so obsessed to make thinks perfectly that their partners will be frustrated about it. If they want to be happy with someone, these Virgos need to change their ways and be humbler in the meantime.

Rather shy and not open or direct when liking someone, Virgo Goats can sometimes be superficial in their relationships. It happens when they realize they actually don’t want to commit for a long time. In spite of all this, they are affected by loneliness and being single brings them discomfort on the long run.

When they are choosing their partner, these Virgos will look for someone older, more mature, and also responsible. They calculate very well when they make all kind of decisions, so choosing a partner will be something they will think about for a long time before engaging.

When they’re in love, they are more generous and they also become romantic. Their ideal partner should help them overcome all the flaws they’re having, and support them to move forward.

Most compatible with: Taurus Pig, Scorpio Pig, Cancer Horse, Scorpio Horse, Capricorn Pig.

Virgo Goat Woman Characteristics

The Virgo Goat woman is a lady of society. She can develop only when she’s surrounded by friends and appreciated by others.

She hides her own true self from the public as she doesn’t like to reveal her feelings. This girl will keep people who share the same life principles with her close.

She likes to make friends with people that can help her achieve a better career position, and she will often have many acquaintances from work.

Rational and hardworking, the Virgo Goat woman will succeed at everything she will do, despite obstacles and difficulties.

When she’s in a romantic relationship, she needs something material to base her love on. She likes to control the direction in which the romance is going. It is advised she becomes more honest if she wants to be taken seriously.

Being less narcissistic would also help. If she follows a self-development way, she is more likely to be very successful.

Celebrities under the sign of Virgo Goat: Julio Iglesias, Roger Waters, Louis C.K., Aaron Paul, Pink.

Virgo Goat Man Characteristics

Interesting, the Virgo Goat man has all the good traits of both signs. He has the perfectionism and love for work from the Virgo, and the consistency in what he is doing from the Goat.

This guy knows how to assess situations and people. He analyzes everything before he takes action.

Elegant, the Virgo Goat man will have a life filled with adventures. He will overcome all the difficulties laid in front of him, and he will have recognition from an early age. Energetic and strong, this guy has many talents.

He will succeed in his career. Being reliable and a good speaker, he is surrounded by friends who love him.

Successful in his career, he will be financially stable as money are important to him. It is recommended that he forgets about work and spends more time with friends and family. Besides, the Virgo Goat man could also stop being so controlling with his own emotions.

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