Virgo Rabbit: The Tolerant Helper Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Virgo born in Rabbit year

Virgo Rabbit
  • Virgo people celebrate their birthdays between August 23 and September 22.
  • The Rabbit years are: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023.
  • Constantly haunted by worries and fears, the potential of these people is greater than what they show.
  • A born leader, the Virgo Rabbit woman is not afraid to speak her mind.
  • The Virgo Rabbit man has a rather contradictory outlook on life.

Whilst the Virgo zodiac sign doesn’t miss out on empathy and tolerance in the first place, imagine how these features are enhanced under the Rabbit’s influence.

The involvement of the Chinese zodiac animal means that the Virgo Rabbit is less worrisome and more inclined towards taking chances when the welfare of their beloved is at stake. The Virgo born in a Rabbit year is a lot more talkative and more socially exposed.

The Reverential Virgo Rabbit Personality

Although a highly social and communicative individual, the Virgo Rabbit doesn’t like to linger too much on sensitive subjects, such as talking behind someone’s back, or badmouthing a friend.

It’s just not in their character. Sure, a conversation with them is bound to go to great lengths, and anyone is welcomed as long as they’re friendly.

Very tolerant and patient with others, these natives usually don’t go around criticizing or disqualifying ideas, even less insult or dismiss the person who emitted them.

On the contrary, they are willing to put in a lot of their time to try and have a decent conversation with someone, even if at first it might seem like nothing would come out of it.

Top Characteristics: Organized, Communicative, Serious and Understanding.

Due to the fact that he is very observant and systematic in his approach, before committing to doing something, he checks and double checks what exactly is going to happen as a consequence.

Is it worth it? If yes, then the plan is viable, although kept under strict supervision. The risks and disadvantages overtake the future rewards?

Then either give up the plan or come up with an idea to make it better. And even if he takes in account the possible outcomes, it might still end up in failure.

The thing is, with all the preparations and previous experiences, nothing too serious will befall him, only a slight delay which is quickly compensated.

In day-to-day life and even at work, the Virgo Rabbit acts with certain principles and virtues in mind, never straying too far from them. Respect, determination, honesty and loyalty are among his capital qualities, which he deeply adheres to.

Naturally, people will quickly come to trust and accept him as someone who will never disappoint and do exactly what he says will do.

Even that rigid caution of his that may sometimes get on people’s nerves is quickly set aside as just a quirk belonging to any great individual.

His behaviour and attitude with colleagues and friends is a result of the knack for analysing and paying attention to details, as well as the natural desire to help others.

Unfortunately, this native is also one constantly gnawed at by deep anxieties and fears, largely tied to what he does, the workplace or the job that he sometimes goes to without any particular passion.

“Thanks” to this, he tends to linger too much in the past and attributes too much importance on failures and errors, as well as increase the impact they had, often leading to bouts of depression or sadness.

Financially, they have a pretty moderate attitude towards money and spending it in general. While they treat themselves and close ones to small pleasures from time to time, and satisfy many of their desires (clothing, passions, household), they also know when to tighten up the purse.

Perfect careers for Virgo Rabbit: Medicine, Science, Writing, Accountancy, Nutrition.

They do understand that money is the fuel that puts the gears of this world in function, basically what can ensure a comfortable way of life, but they don’t take it too seriously either.

Forgetting to live while on an obsessed and short-sighted quest to earn money is not an option, not in the least bit.

One of the main problems this native has to deal with, one that seems to constantly haunt him, is the continuous worrying and fear that something bad will happen, that the plan will somehow fail.

Even small things, like being in the house for too long, or the partner being late for 10 minutes will stress him out and disturb his calm countenance.

The most insignificant of things that most people just ignore or put off as unimportant, the Virgo Rabbit has already taken note of them and keeps a tab on the possible course of action he should take if anything goes wrong.

It’s really not something very healthy, even exaggerated in some way. Finding the time to relax and put those thoughts in order should help solve the problem, albeit temporarily.

Love – Uncovered

In a relationship, Virgo Rabbits have a very loving and affectionate nature, and sometimes their kindness extends to great lengths, enough to overlook certain situations they may not like, out of devotion and dependence.

Furthermore, the love life of these natives is one split into two main periods. During youth, they will be attracted and seek for impulsive and bad boys who do as they see fit, a characteristic of adolescence most probably.

As they grow up and become older and more mature, their tastes and attitude also change accordingly, becoming more realistic and in line with how they feel.

Stability and safety are now the most important, establishing a family and living a comfortable and carefree life.

Even when alone, in fact, this native is not disturbed or feels anxious in any way, instead focusing on more contemplative and idealistic matters.

Most compatible with: Taurus Pig, Scorpio Ram, Capricorn Dog, Taurus Ram and Scorpio Pig.

Virgo Rabbit Woman Characteristics

The Virgo Rabbit women are born for leadership positions, and they do actually have the strength and perks to back up that claim.

Brimming with energy and having an innate perception that enables them to foresee events at a certain degree, everything seems to fall into place when this native begins to act.

Also, these aptitude of theirs stem not from upbringing or an innate talent, but from hard-earned experience and event that sharpened their wits and made them wholly aware of the real world.

The goals of Virgo Rabbit women can be varied, from gaining knowledge or a certain set of skills, to producing money and completing a project. But one thing in common is the ambition and perseverance with which they accomplish each and every task.

Given their proclivity for developing and making due with whatever’s available, they could rise to fame and fortune from poverty just like that, with barely a scratch to remember it by.

Split apart between materialism, making a financial situation to ensure themselves a good life, and spiritualism, morality, principles and other cardinal virtues that should be emphasized, these natives lead an imbalanced life.

And it is this equilibrium that they seek above all else, because once achieved, there is literally nothing stopping them to achieve a dream life.

Celebrities under the sign of Virgo Rabbit: Blake Lively, Whiz Khalifa, Jason Sudeikis, Michael Buble, Mark Harmon.

Virgo Rabbit Man Characteristics

A Virgo Rabbit man is someone who takes control of every aspect in his life, leaving nothing to elude his attention and possible cause problems later on.

While he desires a carefree and relaxed living, you can’t just simply achieve that while doing nothing, and he deeply understands this.

So, keeping in line with what his nature beckons him to do, he systematically proceeds forward at a steady pace, analysing and carefully observing everything in the surroundings.

While holding the appearance that they are tactful and respectful of others, sometimes it’s not so much respect but a desire to comply to social standards and leave the status quo as is.

That’s because these individuals are ripped apart by deep and complex contradictions that attack their very being, in that they are very aggressive towards opinions that differ from theirs.

When they set their sight on a goal, all further action is focused on that very purpose and will stop at nothing to achieve it.

When dealing with other people, they are usually very perceptive and understanding of motivations and behaviours, and so everything is fully planned for. Although neutral in their approach, never overusing their intuition and perception to cause harm to other people, it’s still of a tremendous help overall.

Highly adaptable and efficient, there is little to no chance that something critical will happen to this native, so critical that he will commit a grave mistake that can’t be undone.

If they were more self-aware and in control of their inner feelings and thoughts, maybe they wouldn’t experience as much disappointments and disillusions.

Staying true to one’s beliefs and principles is a matter of will and self-commitment, and it is something essential to a good and healthy mindset. If only they could hold on to this idea.

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