Virgo Pig: The Understated Genius Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Virgo born in Pig year

Virgo Pig
  • The dates of the Virgo zodiac sign are between August 23 and September 22.
  • The Pig years are: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031.
  • These people are involved in a constant learning process.
  • The Virgo Pig woman is competitive but also controlling.
  • With a rational mindset, the Virgo Pig man thinks everything through.

The Virgo Pig natives are seen as cheerful, enthusiastic and overall kind individuals who will do anything in their powers to help and support friends in need, and especially close ones.

The Chinese Pig zodiac animal gives off a friendly and diplomatic influence, which contributes to their sociable attractiveness, while the Western influence has to do with a positive mindset, an optimistic overview on life and everything it pertains.

It’s obvious then how these natives are able to quickly brighten up the mood and bring a smile on everyone’s face.

The Warm Virgo Pig Personality

Appreciative and loyal to a fault, the Virgo Pigs are people of strong emotional attachment and great affection, preferring to take from their own comfort and relaxation time, and give it to those that need it more.

With great ambitions that seem to never age with time, and seemingly aimed at the highest achievements one could reach, this native has both the perseverance and quick wits to succeed in any project or plan they envision.

With all these talents and aptitudes, as well as the complementary characteristics of the Virgo and the Pig signs, how could they not make big leaps in their career and personal life?

Without wasting any time on needless worries or hesitation, they start doing something for a change and begin on forging their own future.

Top Characteristics: Assertive, Responsible, Emotional, Direct.

Thinking of new ideas, reinforcing them with experience and with the constant learning process that they are so good at, putting them together in well-organized plans which will ultimately bring them once step closer to their dreams, the Virgo Pig is truly an extraordinary over-achiever.

Emotionally, they are more concentrated on the wellbeing of others, than on their own, and this can be seen from how they react when something unjust or plain wrong happens to a friend.

Although not a fan of conflicts or arguments, especially when self-initiated, these situations are still something that contradicts their sense of justice and morality.

And so, they won’t hesitate to jump in the defense of someone who’s been given an unfair treatment. And consequently, these natives tend to usually be very temperate and calm, not letting anything disturb their unperturbed demeanor and attitude. It’s just like all the storms and disagreements walk past them without even brushing their clothes. Truly admirable, this trait of theirs.

This seemingly carefree and patient approach gives them the chance to better observe and analyze everyone’s behavior and motivations, offering them a better chance to spot deceivers and fakes.

This native’s kind and generous nature reveals itself as soon as you step into their house, which, truth be told, is paradise on earth, nothing less.

Everything is precisely organized and fitted to bring about the greatest amount of comfort and relaxation, something which is not as surprising, considering their character and predilections.

Also, while choosing a partner, they will try to find tolerant and sociable people who don’t exaggerate or get jealous from the most insignificant of things. It’s better that way.

And keeping in mind that the Virgo and the Pig make a very strong and unusual combination, this native is also very attentive and careful about who to trust and who to avoid. While it’s certain that they won’t fall in love heads over heels with the first comer.

Perfect careers for Virgo Pig: Music, Journalism, PR, Visual Arts.

Professionally, the Virgo Pig will seek personal satisfaction first and foremost, except when they are in a desperate situation and must find a working place in order to make it through the day. Otherwise, they won’t trade their peaceful and quiet lifestyle for a few more bucks, not in the least.

We only have one life, and it must be cherished as long as possible, because once it’s finally over, there is no going back to those times. They fully realize this and instead of being obsessed and overly focused on making a financial situation, a prosperous career, they know when to have fun and spend their time wisely with friends or otherwise.

While being especially inclined towards fields where their analytical and systematic skills are called for, such as accounting, office work or programming, they are still as ambitious as ever in other domains as well.

It’s something which they can’t escape from, no matter what, the great dreams and will to achieve them.

Also, they are incredibly self-aware and critical of their own abilities and tendencies, which evidently creates an environment fit for self-development.

As for this guy’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities, it’s the volcanic and tempestuous personality. They don’t get upset or enraged very often, or very easily for that matter, but when someone manages to hurt them, everything goes down-south in a split second. And there’s not much you can do, except wait for the storm to calm down.

Love – Exposed

In general, the Virgo Pig natives are people for whom the given word is a law which must be uphold at all costs, while intimate and close bonds are personal oaths that are more precious to them than anything else.

So, when they find someone who sweeps them off their feet and convinces them to fully commit, then that’s what they’ll do, for a lifetime and without any safety net.

However, while these natives are excessively loyal and devoted to their partners, there are some things which they’ll not do, either because of personal preference, or enduring principles.

And that is romanticism, as well as offensive and intentionally irritating behavior, when it comes from others around them.

Most compatible with: Aries Ox, Taurus Rabbit, Cancer Rabbit, Scorpio Ram, Capricorn Ram, Taurus Tiger, Taurus Pig.

Combined with the natural allure and seductive glamour that always floats around them, the Virgo Pig natives have nothing to worry about finding a partner, someone to share life with.

And not just any partner, but also one who is most compatible and fitting to their own personality and character.

Furthermore, by being really keen and interested in gaining knowledge and satisfying their great curiosity, as well as being really communicative and funny, they will also have the greatest chances to establish a long-lasting and durable relationship as well.

Even though one should carefully observe how things play out before fully committing and putting all the eggs in one basket, the Virgo Pig tends to disregard these things and acts on their incredible instincts and gut feelings. They likely know what you’re worth and they will take care not to disappoint you.

Virgo Pig Woman Characteristics

Virgoan Pig women are naturally predisposed to never give up once an idea enters their mind. Literally nothing can make them deviate from the plan, and this sometimes leads to quite peculiar and difficult situations, due to unforeseen and circumstances which are clearly against them.

It’s not a surprise, since their life is marked by the almost obsessive desire to have control and dominate everything and everyone around them.

Be it close one, friends, family, or even certain events and interactions with the outside world, everything must be perfect and under close supervision, so that nothing goes awry.

It’s quite a one-man show, watching these women act like superheroes, or villains in some sense of the word, when it’s clear that they should instead focus on being more attentive and understanding of what others feel and think.

That would bring them a lot more benefits, and it would be a big step-forward from a self-developing point of view.

Celebrities under the sign of Virgo Pig: Richard Attenborough, Stephen King, Paulo Coelho, Jada Pinkett Smith, Stella McCartney, Amy Jade Winehouse.

Virgo Pig Man Characteristics

This individual is cerebral and rational above all else, and this tendency of his is of great help in almost any endeavor and opportunity that he embarks upon.

There is no domain in which he cannot eventually excel, if he puts all those aptitudes to work.

He first investigates the terrain for any possible interferences and unforeseen circumstances, makes a plan and puts it into action when the time is right, and in the end, everything happens exactly as predicted, more or less.

It’s just like being able to predict the outcome of every single action and gesture, this native is that incredibly gifted in his analytic and observational skills.

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