Virgo Ox: The Unassuming Observant Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Virgo born in Ox year

Virgo Ox
  • Anyone born between August 23 and September 22 is a Virgo.
  • The Ox years are: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021.
  • Reluctant and rather inflexible, these people take time to cope with changes.
  • The Virgo Ox woman is very quick at learning new things and is a resilient worker.
  • Stubborn and ambitious, the Virgo Ox man will achieve all his goals.

The Chinese Ox, Western Virgo combination makes for a perfectionistic individual like the Virgo, whom is, however, toned by the earthly perspective of the Ox.

These people may be blamed for a rigid temperament, when in fact, all they do is be just and follow same principles with everyone. They will praise and criticise in equal measure but at least, with them, you have the guarantee of an honest opinion.

Top Characteristics: Generous, Resilient, Self-critical and Controlling.

The Tolerant Virgo Ox Personality

The Virgo Ox is patient and also tolerant. That’s the way these people are. They also have a tendency to let life take its course and not intrude. Self-sufficient and reserved, the Virgo Oxen rarely lose their cool.

They are calm and relaxed. Smart and always interested in new things, these people’s main purpose is to be knowledgeable.

They usually repeat their mistakes and they need to start things all over again. Optimistic and cheerful, the Virgos born in the Ox year love being around others, and helping when they are needed to.

They have a kind heart and they are sensitive and caring. When they need to be giving with their time and efforts, they can be the most generous people in the zodiac. The Virgo Oxen can’t stand people who are ignorant or aren’t interested in anything.

They are self-critical and they also tend to criticize others for not doing things perfectly. The Virgo combined with the Chinese sign Ox can result in a person who is direct and conservative.

This means the Virgo Oxen will be reluctant to new things and they will have to be forced to accept new situations. If it were for them, they would never change a thing to the lifestyle they’re already having.

It’s very difficult for a person with these signs to say no to someone without feeling some guilt. That’s why they need partners who can help them balance and control their so-generous side. It would be difficult for them to make it the way they are.

Perfect careers for Virgo Ox: Small business, Law, Education, Accountancy and Languages.

Independent, the Virgo rarely turns to someone for help. They are good orators and they can make good judgments of characters and situations. They have a native talent for such things.

When it comes to their career, they are good in positions that require intelligence and a little bit of the new. The Virgo Ox people can’t be kept doing the same things over and over again.

Since they are rational and righteous, they would be perfect in a legal profession. They like to include variety in both personal and work life.

They are not the monotonous type. If you happen to be in love with a Virgo Ox, keep in mind that the person you’re into puts family and home on the second place, and work on the first. When they have money, people born in Virgo the Ox year tend to spend them all.

In their free time, they prefer doing something that requires them to get physically engaged like swimming, running or playing tennis. If outside is a nice weather, don’t expect the Virgo Ox to stay inside.

These people love the fresh air and to exercise as much as possible. While they like having fun and being in happy, noisy places, what the Virgo Oxen are really looking for is serenity and peace.

This doesn’t mean they will always be quiet and reserved. As said before, they also enjoy happy places. But especially at home, they will express their love for nature by gardening, and they will spend a lot of time reading good books. When they’ll travel, they’ll prefer destinations with incredible scenery.

The Virgo Ox people should be left alone to enjoy their peaceful nature, especially if they are at an older age. Balanced and happy, you should know you can trust these people with everything that you have. They strive for perfection and they have an eye for details.

Their only weaknesses are being controlling and highly opinionated. They become nasty if they’re betrayed, but they are usually prudent around people.

Love – Uncovered

Devotion and long-term commitment: these are two of the most important things for a Virgo Ox when in a relationship.

They will never give up their other half and they will work hard for things to be perfect. They are realistic and they like to choose as partners people who are intelligent and attractive. They can even find their love at work, where they spend most of their time.

They are not the romantic type, and they are more interested in harmony and understanding one another.

Most compatible with: Taurus Snake, Cancer Horse, Scorpio Dog and Capricorn Dog.

The Virgo Oxen appreciate their friends, but they will always secretly wish they had someone to whom to spend the rest of their life with. They are the happiest when they’re settled with someone, in a home and ready for the future.

They don’t insist in being married, but they’d rather be with someone than single. Being patient, kind and versatile, the Virgo Oxen are perfect as parents.

With a little bit of attention and more care about the future, they could also be better with their money and not spend that much at once. The Virgo Ox will be protective and loving in the family.

Virgo Ox Woman Characteristics

The Virgo Ox woman is the one to feel the most the negative traits from both her signs. With a good start however, she can overcome anything.

Responsible, strong and generous, she is always around to help the less fortunate. If she gets involved in a relationship at a young age, she can become too sensitive.

The Virgo Ox woman will never forget her first love. With the right partner, she can be very happy and satisfied. She is contradictory sometimes as she is ready to help complete strangers and not lend a hand to her relatives.

It’s difficult for her to accept reality and that can be troublesome. She needs to communicate with people or she gets very lonely. The Virgo Ox woman is not that interested in career.

However, she manages to become good at what she’s doing and get into senior positions. She doesn’t focus on money, but she enjoys spending them. She should be less self-disciplined and she should think more about her own happiness.

Celebrities under the sign of Virgo Ox: Peter Sellers, Paul Walker, Dave Chappelle, Tom Ford.

Virgo Ox Man Characteristics

Conservative in every aspect of his life, the Virgo Ox man is capable and persevering. He prefers not to change his place of work and that’s why he won’t be too successful in life.

He is secretive as he doesn’t like others to interfere in his business. He’s not that interesting to women, but he has something sexy about him.

In a relationship, he’s responsible and caring. He is interested in good conversations and he’s incapable of doing something that doesn’t bring him any pleasure. He likes his life to be arranged and he needs to feel comfortable and secure.

The Virgo Ox man needs to learn how to care more for him instead of others. He should face his fears in order to not have nervous breakdowns.

Stubborn and ambitious, he will achieve his goals. Always modest, the Virgo Ox man knows how to stand up for himself.

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