Virgo Monkey: The Efficient Pragmatist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Virgo born in Monkey year

Virgo Monkey
  • Virgo people celebrate their birthdays between August 23 and September 22.
  • The Monkey years are: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028.
  • Perseverance is one thing these people can count on in life.
  • The Virgo Monkey woman has many practical talents.
  • Resolute and determinate, the Virgo Monkey man can also pretty sentimental.

The combination between the Eastern and Western astrological sign brings about the best of both worlds.

As such, the Virgo Monkey is a confident and direct native who doesn’t stand on ceremony if they truly want something, and on top of that, they are also very observant and intelligent.

They have great dreams and even greater ambitions, but with intellectual effort, perseverance and ingenuity, there is nothing that they can’t eventually achieve.

The Cheerful Virgo Monkey Personality

This native is a very carefree and agile individual who tends to take everything with a breezy and joyous attitude. Although, if the situation demands it, they can quickly take up defences and act up with a serious and determinate attitude.

This is one of their most interesting and efficient abilities, the power to adapt to the circumstances and be strong in the face of all adversities, even if they normally don’t seem as such.

Usually, this constant enthusiasm allows them to bond with people easier and with a higher success rate, but also because they are kind and very generous as well.

Social skills were never a problem for them, and it’s even more evident now that the Monkey sign comes into the picture. At work, or with friends, they are great discussion partners who never get bored of a good subject.

Top Characteristics: Solitary, Mysterious, Honest, Outspoken.

But they do like to have some time alone now and then, and so that’s why they may opt out for more flexible working places where there aren’t as many restrictions and regulations.

The reason why they work so tirelessly, even though money is not as important when compared to other things, is because they also like living a comfortable and plentiful life.

Buying the things they like and satisfying certain desires and cravings can be considered a normal approach of almost anyone, and it’s even more so for these natives. It’s obvious then why they strive to make a capital as quickly as possible.

Preferring solitary, quiet locations where there aren’t as many people and where you can take some time for yourself, these individuals like to travel a lot and explore the whole wide world, in search of the mysteries beyond it.

And during these trips, it’s a passion of theirs to make as many memories as possible, taking pictures, collecting little souvenirs or mementos as a reminder of the great times spent there.

Also, as previously said, they are great spenders and have extravagant tastes, which is why the financial situation has to keep the pace with the consumption rate, a problem which will eventually disappear with time.

For all their big dreams and idealistic ideas that would seem to be unattainable, the Virgo Monkey is actually pretty realistic and pragmatic when they actually start implementing their plans.

With slight modifications of perspective and some alterations, it’s not a problem to achieve them. However, these contradictory attitudes, the conflict between the way they think and visualize things, and the methods and approach used in actual reality, will more often than not create mental rupture, or potential difficulties.

Perfect careers for Virgo Monkey: Entrepreneurship, Management, Philanthropy, Arts.

There aren’t many defects to a Virgo Monkey, but those few can make their lives quite complicated and difficult overall.

The lack of affection and love from the partner, or family, will indispose and put them into a state of melancholy and desperation even.

Believing themselves to be useless at times, that all their efforts are irrelevant if no one notices them, this could create great problems overall. Moreover, if someone gets on their nerves and says or does something wrong, things will likely not end well at all.

Those pessimistic and depreciative mental states that appear from time to time are indeed dangerous, but they will gradually weaken and fade with time, once the Virgo Monkey matures and realizes that happiness can be achieved by one’s sole efforts.

Happiness does not necessitate the presence of other people, it can be yours alone as well, and that is a lesson that this native has to learn if they are ever to find what they are looking for.

Love – Revealed

For these guys, love and intimate relationships are something that shouldn’t be taken for granted and treated with superficiality. Instead, it’s something which is deeply connected to their very souls and personality, being affectionate and committed to the partner and their overall life.

They will give everything and leave nothing aside in a struggle to help and make their lover feel satisfied and comfortable.

But, in return, they can’t help but expect the same treatment, it would be something normal after all, if the bond is deep enough and the love true.

Furthermore, they are not one to brag about their conquests or achievements in bed, and they won’t do that because it’s not something to spread around in the public.

Calm and willing to do rather than speak, they are certainly not a pious and innocent type of native when it comes to what happens in the comfort of their house.

Intimate love life couldn’t be more active and dynamic as a matter of fact, something which not many would have thought upon first laying eyes on them.

But that is true nonetheless. It is therefore a fact that not just anyone can have access and get to know their true nature and even weaknesses.

Most compatible with: Taurus Rabbit, Cancer Dragon, Scorpio Dragon, Capricorn Rabbit.

Virgo Monkey Woman Characteristics

The life of these women will be fraught with great difficulties and trying situations, but also a lot of opportunities from which they can learn many things.

Being reborn as a result of continuous failure and evolving from it is their path, and this leads them to become better and better with time.

It makes it even more likely for them to truly achieve their dreams and reach success. Furthermore, although very resolute and ambitious individuals, it’s advisable for them to focus on one thing at a time.

That way, it increases their efficiency and the rate of advancement. After all, it can’t possibly be easy or practical to try doing many things simultaneously, and expect to do them perfectly.

She isn’t so deeply focused on love and relationships, because she knows that happiness can also come from the inside, and not from the outside.

Sure, it does have its role, but they are more focused on themselves and their development, rather than on finding someone to fulfil that role for them.

When that happens and they find someone, it’s all a matter of patience and loyalty, speaking for the partner, because the Virgo Monkey can get very obsessed with career.

Celebrities under the sign of Virgo Monkey: Barry White, David Copperfield, Guy Ritchie, Mark Anthony, Anastacia, Macaulay Culkin, Ben Savage.

Virgo Monkey Man Characteristics

The Virgo Monkey man doesn’t just wait for things to happen to him out of the blue, or out of sheer coincidence.

Instead, he wants to fully control his destiny and choose his own path, be it a good one or a bad one. In general though, given all the talent, potential and abilities in his arsenal, the future will be a bright one, no matter the direction he chooses to go towards.

Resolute and determinate, while also pretty sentimental and willing to show their sensitive side, these natives manage to achieve a pretty perfect equilibrium, and this can only be a great advantage.

It means that they can rapidly adapt to whatever situation comes across their way. At work and in career, they are usually the ones who come up with great ideas and also the ones to implement them, waiting for nobody else to take up the responsibility in their place.

Actually, if this role doesn’t fall to them, it’s very likely that things won’t work out in the end, because they won’t be able to harness all the potential and energy they have.

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