Virgo Kissing Style: The Guide to How They Kiss

Virgo kisses never cease to amaze with how diverse they can be, always leaving the kissing partner waiting for more.

Virgo kissing

Out of all the signs in the zodiac, the Virgo is the neatest when kissing. They’re sensual and fascinated about foreplay indeed, but they’re simply obsessed to not get their mouth dirty because they’re hypochondriacs.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be expected from them to use their mouth too much because they’re simply terrified of bad breaths and they’re going for other areas. These natives are struggling for perfection, meaning they can be truly successful in their professional life and very good kissers, since they’re paying great attention to details.

Virgo kissing in a nutshell:

  • They prefer several kissing styles and are also open to experimenting;
  • They’re very sensual when kissing, as well that they need to be impressed by their partners;
  • The Virgo man wants to be the best and will go out of his way for this;
  • The Virgo woman sends subtle messages when she is craving a kiss.

When Virgos are kissing, they’re completely encompassing their partner with hugs, not to mention they’re kissing for their partner to want more and more.

Virgo kissing style

Virgos can have many kissing styles, not to mention how much they love bringing pleasure and coupling their style with the one of their partner’s.

The style of this sign is about initiating passion, so the Virgo needs to be the one making the first move. These natives are considered to be exceptional because they’re keeping their kisses unique.

More than this, they’re not at all pretentious, sensitive or ceasing to amaze. They can demolish any myth about kissing and need to keep their partner wanting more because this is the way they’re ruling themselves when it comes to romance.

These people adore and are paying a lot of consideration to their other half. When kissing, they don’t have any pretention and are neat.

Therefore, the mouth and the tongue should be kept clean if making out with them. More than this, they have many high ideals, meaning they want to kiss like in the movies.

They’re the traditional type, even if their imagination can have them wondering. But all in all, they’re just an Earth sign who love the classical type and can dream a lot.

Virgo people have two faces. They can be the virgin who wants to be possessed and conquered, but they can also be the ones who are giving everything.

This combination is indicating they’re very sensual when kissing, as well that they need to be impressed when they’re trying to display what they have to offer.

It seems Tauruses are their perfect kissers. Bulls only want to make their partner happy, also strong when embracing them.

Virgos have a lot of compassion and can kiss in magical ways. It would be a sad thing to miss on their making out sessions.

They’re very good with body language and can leave others wanting more. This is indicating they are rare as partners, especially when focusing on needs.

They can start slowly and after increase their pace. When biting their lips, they want to go hardcore and to go straight to number one. Those who don’t have a Virgo yet should go ahead and get one.

The Virgo is the perfectionistic kisser

Virgo natives are struggling to attain perfection, meaning they’re all the time paying attention to details. These people know how to drive their partner mad and to make their life exciting.

It’s possible to meet them at a bar and to make out with them, not to mention they know how to employ teasing in their favor and what a lover wants.

Their style is to bring their other half close and to pull his or her leg, as well to put their hands over the chest and to hug.

When it comes to kissing, they’re leaving their partner to linger and want to express their thoughts. These natives can have the taste of their lover on their lips for a long time.

More than this, they love putting their fingers around the neck of their partner. It’s normal for them to leave others wanting more after a simple joining of the lips.

When it comes to what’s turning them on, they simply love gentle playfulness and being touched on the torso.

Besides, their waistline is as well sensitive, so when touched around there, they’re very excited. Therefore, their lover should focus on this part of their body when they’re together with them.

As said before, Virgo natives are compassionate, especially when sure of themselves. If loving, they want to be of help.

Those who have been kissed by Virgos need to know body language and what their lover wants. The Maiden natives are sure to follow the lead of others because they’re able to read energies openly.

When a body is longing for softness, the Virgo native is sure to follow. If someone is hardcore and very sexual, lips might be bitten, and more can follow.

Kiss a Virgo man

Virgos are spending their time working too much, so kissing is never their favorite thing to do. It would be a good idea to have them taking a break from work before deciding to kiss them.

When finding some time for making out and only after everything is neat around them, they can enjoy the perfect kiss. The tricky part with the Virgo man is for him to have enough time for smooching. After this, the Virgo man who is focused on perfection is making sure his or her partner is happy.

He wants to be the best, no matter what he may be doing, so every small act of affection can have them taking advantage of opportunities meant to have him performing in a stellar manner.

When someone is in need, he’d go out of his way to give hand, to teach and to give advice. His heart can be conquered with an invitation for dinner or a good drink, after which he accepts to share his night.

He sends subtle messages when it comes to invitations to dating. He’s sensual and sensitive, not to mention he seriously respects women and wants to be around those who are full of energy.

He simply can’t stand tantrums and touchy scenes, meaning it can be difficult for him to express his own emotions.

The ladies who are throwing tantrums and are being childish don’t make him in any way happy because he’s rational and looking for profoundness.

This man knows his place and should be respected for this. If he says he doesn’t want to be in a relationship, the person who’s trying to seduce him should just give up, because kisses will be unlikely.

A lot can be learned from courting him, but the woman who’s trying to be his partner shouldn’t see his coldness as him not being interested. He’s only testing the waters before jumping in to the relationship.

When having to choose a partner, he’s paying a lot of attention and has the highest standards. He hates it when his other half is coursing or has a conduct of indifference.

This man is criticizing and demands a lot from his lady, so he’s not the most romantic in the zodiac. Sensual and simple in his tastes, he’s as well straightforward when approaching a woman. Paying a lot of attention to high quality, he can reward the lady of his dreams with a lot of passion.

Kiss a Virgo woman

The Virgo woman is giving, but loves to be courted. Her partner should talk to her about his favorite movie or what he prefers in terms of spending time together.

She can give many kisses when happy with the man by her side. This lady may seem unapproachable, but as soon as seeing someone can be sensitive, she’s responding well when it comes to intimacy.

She’s scared of emotions, even if she’s very capable of loving in a perfect manner. Her loving side can be revealed when true love is sure to exist, also when she’s feeling sure that her man adores her and he’s uninhibited.

This lady has extravagant ways of being sensual, not to mention she’s willing to go through anything in order to reach ecstatic realms.

She wants to be conquered and satisfied when it comes to pleasure. This lady is the happiest when being given unconditional love and devotion.

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