Virgo Horse: The Magnetic Charmer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Virgo born in Horse year

Virgo Horse
  • If you are born between August 23 and September 22 then you are a Virgo.
  • The Horse years are: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026.
  • These people enjoy being in control all the time.
  • The Virgo Horse woman has a world of her own.
  • Sometimes conflicted, the Virgo Horse man always weighs the pros and cons.

No matter what they may be doing in life, the Virgo Horses will always be passionate and careful not to hurt anyone with their actions and words.

Borrowing from the Horse Chinese animal, these people are considerate to others’ feelings and they know how to express themselves very well. They will help others without expecting anything in return.

The Emotional Virgo Horse Personality

Ambitious, Virgo Horses will take part in long-term projects and they won’t mind investing time and efforts in what they have to do.

They usually are mentally strong, but like any other Horse, they will sometimes be anguished and tensioned. They have many ways to express their passion and they will not hesitate to be open.

Combining the Western Virgo sign with the Chinese Horse one, you get someone who is noble and graceful. People born in both these signs are all this, plus conservative and sometimes a little bit boring.

As far as any kind of relationships go, they are popular and they like meeting new people.

While they have big dreams, and invest a lot of their efforts into their goals, they never forget about their personal lives and the commitments made to others.

Top Characteristics: Authoritative, Organized, Generous and Innovative.

They put family and friends first, leaving everything behind if they are needed to help someone they care about. For this reason, many Virgo Horses will choose to work and study close to home. Their mind is analytical and they are intelligent individuals.

The Virgo makes them a little bit too introverted for a Horse, but they keep the character traits of the Chinese sign, being optimistic and always happy to deal with new challenges that life has to bring them.

Don’t be fooled by the cold and rational exterior of a Virgo Horse. In reality, this person is sensitive and caring. They are known to have good values that they very much care about.

Because they have a highly developed imagination, Virgo Horses will often come up with innovative ideas when working on something. They are good advisers and their friends know this.

The Horse is known as the traveling sign, so the people born in Virgo the year of the Horse are not an exception. They love the freedom of being away all the time, and they will often collect memories of places they have visited.

They are good drivers. So good that they can make a profession out of this. It’s all because they enjoy being in control and going to new places. But this doesn’t mean they won’t miss home and enjoy the comfort and coziness this place has to offer.

They are used to be in the center of attention because they do so well in life, and especially at work. Virgo Horses don’t mind keeping the positive image others have formed about them alive.

Sensual and sometimes authoritative, the cautious Virgo knows how to calm his or her temper, which is unusual for a Horse who is always hurried and impulsive.

When in a relationship, Virgo Horses are overprotective with a tendency to become melodramatic.

Their main weaknesses are centered around the way they connect with their partners and the people they most care about. Therefore, they can be very upset when they have an argument with the other half.

Perfect careers for Virgo Horse: PR, Sales, Publishing, Politics, Music.

Manual work that requires them to be creative is perfect for these Virgos. They will fight to achieve their goals, personal success being their main purpose in life. When they have projects, they dedicate themselves entirely, working hard to obtain the best results.

These people don’t like to contradict. They can get really heated up by a contradictory discussion, and they are able to calm down only after they have expressed their opinions and thoughts.

The Virgo’s influence makes them reliable people who will keep their word no matter what. They are grateful when someone does something for them, and they will know how to repay a person when it’s required.

As said before, they love to help others and they never expect something in return. It is one of their positive traits.

Love – Uncovered

Appreciating long-term relationships, Virgo Horses are honest with their partners, and they would never cheat or deceive.

As long as they are able to control their inner struggling and their rigidity, they can be amazing companions in love. When they’re involved, these people usually reveal their sensitivity.

They are original, warm and sensual. Their partners will be satisfied and happy they have found someone so sentimental. If you have fallen for a Virgo Horse, you need to prepare for their way of flirting as they like to play with other people’s feelings from time to time.

If they get married, Virgo Horses become instantly faithful and committed. Altruistic, they tend to put the partner’s feelings over theirs.

Their lovers will love and appreciate them for this. Everything that involves romance and relationships is taken seriously by the people born in Virgo the year of the Horse.

Because they are so passionate and they love without any restrictions, they can be a little bit possessive.

Most compatible with: Taurus Tiger, Capricorn Dog, Cancer Dog, Scorpio Ram, Cancer Ram.

Virgo Horse Woman Characteristics

The Virgo Horse woman can choose which traits to run her life. If she goes with the negative ones, she can become trivial and unfair.

If she goes with the positives, she will be happier and more relaxed. Only if she renounces what she notices as a negative trait in her, she can achieve self-development.

This lady has a world of her own, where she goes to find out secrets about herself. She is not the best communicator, but she doesn’t suffer because of it. The Virgo Horse lady is always on the move, so it may be difficult to have a romantic relationship with her.

She will observe her partner’s behavior and intentions as she likes to know every side of the person she’s in love with.

If she would pay more attention to what happened to her in the past, this girl would be able to learn from her own mistakes. She knows how to make order in her mind, thing that will help her reach her objectives in life.

Celebrities under the sign of Virgo Horse: Warren Buffett, Sean Connery, Elvis Costello, Adam Sandler, Salma Hayek.

Virgo Horse Man Characteristics

Known as a hard worker, the Virgo Horse man is multitasking and rational. He is able to see more than one side of a situation.

All these traits make him successful at achieving his goals in life. He is responsible and he has many talents among which diligence and rationality are the most poignant ones. This guy never takes risks.

He always weighs all the pros and cons before he engages in something. Independent and original, he sees things, people and situations as they actually are.

When he’s in love, he becomes affectionate and caring. He doesn’t continue with a relationship if after his analysis of the partner he reaches the conclusion that it isn’t worth it.

Constant and calm, the Virgo Horse man is pragmatic and calculated. He won’t have his mind changed after he has made a choice. It is advised that he relaxes more for he tends to be too stressed about work and interpersonal relations.

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