Virgo Dragon: The Adaptable Observer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Virgo born in Dragon year

Virgo Dragon
  • Anyone born between August 23 and September 22 is a Virgo.
  • The Dragon years are: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024.
  • Methodical and intelligent, these people should be more self-confident.
  • The Virgo Dragon woman is sometimes too stubborn for her own good.
  • A good communicator, the Virgo Dragon man controls carefully what he says.

Intelligent, attractive and refined, Virgo Dragons will always know what they want from life. They are charismatic and optimistic like any self-respectable Dragon, and they have this tendency to criticize people all the time.

For them, judging others is like a day-to-day job. These specific Virgos can rely on themselves to get any problem solved.

The Determined Virgo Dragon Personality

Those who are born in Virgo the Chinese year of the Dragon are ambitious and in the same time down-to-earth.

They possess an observant mind and they are methodical in whatever they may be doing. They will persevere no matter how hard things may be.

If they will work hard, they are sure to gain what they expect from themselves. While rational, they have a self-confidence that can’t be seen in other signs from both zodiacs.

The fact that they are determined is an influence of the Dragon in their personalities. This is what will get them to be adventurous in their search of success.

Top Characteristics: Problem solver, Passionate, Methodical, Persistent.

Travelers, these people love going new places and learning new things. They don’t have the need to be in the home of their childhood, and they are stubborn and eager enough to achieve success in life.

They have a passion for the arts and history of people and places, this inspiring them to go to as many places as possible throughout their life. As far as work goes, the Virgo Dragons will need jobs that require them to be imaginative and flexible.

They wouldn’t like something that involves routine and is not challenging for their mind. Because they are persistent and enthusiastic, they will quickly get promoted to a senior management position.

And they’ll be good at it. Responsible people, these Virgos will always take the tasks they have been given to the end. They hate it when they fail and they start feeling sorry for themselves if something doesn’t go the way they’ve planned it.

As said before, their thirst for knowledge is well developed, this being the reason why they many of them will study till late in their adulthood. They like to impress other people, working hard to shine no matter where they are.

But it’s not the Virgo Dragon’s way to impress with his or her outfits and hairdos. These people will generate wows with their intelligence. In their homes, you can find tons of books and memories from different locations they have been to.

They are neat and things will always be organized in the space where they’re living. Perfectionists and confident, the Virgo Dragons can’t stand it when they’re wrong. If they are not knowledgeable enough on a subject, they prefer to keep quiet and not express an opinion.

They will defend what they believe in, and intellectual debates are their favorite. When someone contradicts them and they know they’re right, they’ll become aggressive in sustaining their point of view.

Perfect careers for Virgo Dragon: Politics, Entrepreneurship, Design, Athletics.

When having a conversation, the Virgo Dragons will not be afraid of saying what’s on their mind. They are straightforward and they don’t regret when they’re telling people things to their faces.

It’s something normal for them to care about their image, so you’ll never see a Virgo Dragon dressed in something sloppy. Besides being helpful and reliable friends, they are also good advisors.

If you need help with a problem you can’t solve, take that problem to a Virgo Dragon. He or she will use an analytical approach to find the solution.

In order to be happy, people born in Virgo the year of the Dragon need to realize their projects. This means they will overcome any obstacle they may encounter on the way. Their main weakness is that they are very demanding with others.

Because they want to succeed in their career so much, they may become unsociable and materialistic. They need to be reminded sometimes is useful and good to fail too.

Love – Uncovered

Not too interested in attaining a fulfilling love life, the Virgo Dragons are more worried about their career path. They prefer spending long nights working, rather than being in bed with someone.

If you are in love with a person in Virgo Dragon, make sure you give him or her all of your support. They need to be encouraged.

It will take some time before people born in these signs decide on a partner with whom they can spend the rest of their life with. They can be quite confused in matters of love and romance.

If the person who’s interested in them doesn’t share their views on ambitions and career goals, they won’t show any interest.

Even if it’s difficult for Virgo Dragons to express their emotions, they are profound people who are eager to share their feelings with someone who deserves them.

All they need to do is to find that special someone. They are the most efficient around peers who are understanding and caring.

They don’t like people who are emotionally demanding as these can distract them from achieving their career goals.

Most compatible with: Taurus Rat, Cancer Rooster, Taurus Rooster, Cancer Monkey, Capricorn Monkey.

Virgo Dragon Woman Characteristics

Just like her male counterpart, the Virgo Dragon woman is somehow unusual. She is optimistic and she enjoys every moment of her life.

A great conversationalist, she will bring peace wherever she may be going. Always ready to throw a helping hand, people will love her, which is also something that will give her a boost in achieving her goals.

Independent and stubborn, the woman born in Virgo the Dragon year is also a little bit dreamy. She has a strong intuition and she likes being around friends.

You can quickly start a friendship with her as she is open and sociable. But when it comes to choosing her partner, she becomes picky.

This lady likes someone who is gentle and kindhearted, and who shares her views on life. She has to be set in motion in order to be happy, so office work is definitely not for her. She would be perfect in a job that would require her to travel.

When angry, she’ll express it. This lady will make some compromises if she thinks you are right, so don’t believe for a moment she’s not flexible.

Celebrities under the sign of Virgo Dragon: Raquel Welch, Frankie Avalon, Keanu Reeves, Sarah Chalke, Rupert Grint, Alexa Vega.

Virgo Dragon Man Characteristics

The Virgo Dragon man is not the man you are used to. He has a romantic side but simultaneously he’s pragmatic. He can be the best at what he does for a living and he can have impressive abilities.

Sensitive, this guy controls his own feelings. You can trust him to be loyal and reliable as a life partner. He is able to understand others and he will gladly help those in need.

The perfect environment for a Virgo Dragon man is where he has to make quick decisions. Good at keeping relations with colleagues warm, he will be advanced at work very fast.

He would do a great job in a leadership position and he sometimes can be too proud or stubborn.

This is a man who gets attached to his partner from the very first date. Independent and strong, the Virgo Dragon man is intolerant and always on the go. He has a small dose of melancholy. He makes friends fast as he is a good communicator.

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