Virgo Dog: The Intuitive Mastermind Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Virgo born in Dog year

Virgo Dog
  • Anyone born between August 23 and September 22 is a Virgo.
  • The Dog years are: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030.
  • These people will help you without expecting anything in return.
  • The Virgo Dog woman inspires this sort of superhuman power.
  • At times, the Virgo Dog man can be criticized for lacking self-confidence.

Independent, people born in both the Virgo and the Dog year are kind and down-to-earth. They always know what to do and they are nice to others.

All of those who are born in the year of the Dog are friendly and devoted to their loved ones. Not only the Chinese culture, but also other cultures, identify the Dog as the most trustworthy companion.

It is a symbol of sincere friendship. On the other hand, the Virgo is seen in the Western astrology as someone who has a methodical mind and a sensitive side. To conclude, the Virgo Dogs are loving, attentive and caring people who are sensitive at others’ feelings.

The Sage Virgo Dog Personality

Cautious and reserved, the Virgo Dog personality is always calm. It doesn’t matter how desperate the situation is, they will always keep their composure and deal with things in a cerebral manner.

They like being around people and they appreciate when someone looks for their company. Intelligent, impartial and stable, Virgo Dogs have inclinations towards research and different kind of studies.

They are not at all selfish, often putting others above themselves. These guys really understand the pain others show, and they have strong moral principles after which they are ruling their lives.

They will help without expecting anything in return. They are responsible in everything that they are doing, and for this reason bosses will always appreciate them.

Lucky with money, Virgo Dogs will be able to make small fortunes even if they have modest jobs. They find different other sources of income and they know how to save.

Top Characteristics: Wise, Controlling, Generous, Entertaining.

Because they are smart and open to new concepts, they will be great students and also teachers. The fact that they learn fast will help them at important exams.

Because they have a helpful nature, it is quite possible that you will find them doing a job that involves helping others.

Communicative, these guys can transmit their thoughts and ideas clearly, without seeming bossy. This means it is facile to talk to them, and that their friends will always respect and appreciate this quality of theirs.

They are quite the traditionalists and they don’t like to break rules and norms. While they are spiritual people, they don’t have a steady idea on how the world works, they prefer to simply judge and appreciate after seeing the negative outcomes of their own actions.

Not the most sensual people, they have a natural charm that makes them interesting and attractive. They gain the respect of the people around them by being devoted and sincere.

These people see the world very realistically, but don’t confuse them with pessimists for they always view things positively and clearly.

Professionally, these guys are skillful and fast paced. They have many interests, so they would be suited for many types of jobs.

One thing they need at their workplace, and that is for everything to be neat and in perfect order. If things are chaotic, they will lose their focus and not be able to perform anymore.

While they seem practical and logical on the outside, Virgo Dogs are actually vulnerable and emotive on the inside.

They have something that makes them restless in their heart and they don’t know what it is either. It is normal for them to devalue themselves, and they find it very hard to express tenderness for the people they love.

In the Virgo Dogs’ homes, everything will have its place and nothing will be where it doesn’t belong.

These guys become irritable when their order is messed with. If you respect their neatness, you will be to their liking.

Perfect careers for Virgo Dog: Music, Education, Engineering, Visual Arts.

When they are free from work, they prefer to relax with a good book or to listen to some music. Some of them may find pleasure in gardening.

They hate doing nothing as they are active and purposeful people. Their shyness can impede them from reaping the benefits of good opportunities.

Because they are so cautious, they tend to see danger and risk every step of the way. This is why they sometimes aren’t able to enjoy life to its fullest.

Many people won’t be able to understand them or this prudence of theirs. They can seem too fragile because of this, and others will try to take advantage of them. Luckily, they can recognize deceit and they won’t allow this to happen.

When they are worried about someone or something, they simply cannot hide what they are feeling and people will know.

If you confuse or surprise them, they will simply not know what to do, these being the moments when you can see them at their weakest.

In such situations, they usually lose all the confidence and they can even start to cry. Just show them a lot of support and appreciation and they will be fine in no time. They rely on friends to make them feel better.

Love – Uncovered

Serious about love, Virgo Dogs don’t get enamored easily and never at first sight. These people need time to meet a person, to get acquainted and to begin to trust.

Only after all this, they will decide if that man or woman is suitable for them and will finally get married.

It’s not in their way to please others just for the sake of it. When it comes to romance, they become helpless when they don’t know what’s about to follow every action and reaction of the partner.

Most compatible with: Taurus Tiger, Capricorn Rabbit, Scorpio Tiger, Scorpio Rabbit.

Because they prefer having large group of friends, it could take Virgo Dogs quite a while before they decide to settle.

They are terrified that being with a partner and living together with someone they love will put a dent in their social life.

They are cautious with romantic relationships just as they are with everything else in life. It will take them a while before they choose a partner, and they expect to be given back the same amount of love that they are offering.

When they are young, they are easy prey for people who want to exploit others’ feelings or who are trying to empty partners’ wallets.

They are tempted to be superficial and have relationships with no meaning, but they will keep it serious the whole time.

If you are in love with a Virgo Dog, just make sure everything in your relationships is relaxed and has a happy mood. These guys need their space and some privacy as well. Modest and caring, they like partners who care about them and their professional life.

They will love only when the partnership has a purpose. If the relationship they are involved in doesn’t go anywhere, these Virgos will choose to put an end to it. They need fulfillment in order to be happy.

Virgo Dog Woman Characteristics

Adaptable and serious, the Virgo Dog woman will be professionally realized if she manages to find her vocation. It’s difficult for her to choose something that she likes and a partner too.

Creative and talented, she can be too emotional at times. She communicates kindly and gently, and at the same time she inspires power.

She will sometimes start things and leave them unfinished, but she will always have new opportunities coming her way.

It is advised that this woman remains active and that she has more ambitions. She should also not forget about spiritual development as this will determine how she gets along with others.

Celebrities under the sign of Virgo Dog: Sophia Loren, Leonard Cohen, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Tim Burton, John Mulaney, LeAnn Rimes.

Virgo Dog Man Characteristics

Calm, kind and diligent, the Virgo Dog man is balanced and attractive to other people. He likes to help without having a motive.

People will want him to share his knowledge with them. Honest, this guy looks for truthfulness in others. He will manage to achieve a reputable status life, and he is a fighter of equal rights.

The Virgo Dog man will seek the approval of others, as he is vulnerable and insecure inside. He is determined and strong at times, but he can make wrong judgments because he lacks self-confidence.

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