Virgo Anger: The Dark Side of The Maiden Sign

Virgos are totally angered by not being listened to when they are trying to deliver some of their so-called constructive criticism.

Virgo anger

People born under Virgo are usually composed and never hot-tempered, so they can’t be upset easily. They’re becoming angry when others are messing up their routine and conflicting with their wise plans.

This is a type of anger that’s coming from their need to keep things in control. However, when they do become mad, they can act in an indifferent manner with the person who made them upset.

Virgo anger in a nutshell:

  • Angered by: Being limited by others actions;
  • Can’t stand: People who are clumsy, lazy and slow;
  • Style of revenge: Passive aggressive and cold;
  • Make up by: Sincere apologies followed by actions.

First in command and comment

On the outside, they’re very reserved and down-to-earth, but inside, they’re simply burning. Virgos of all decans are always analyzing, organizing and looking for perfection. As a matter of fact, they’re the neatest natives of the zodiac. If perfection isn’t attained, they can no longer exist.

Virgo natives are pretending to be the ones who are always pleasing others and can be false with their friends because they’re always finding defects in people.

However, they’re happy with positions of second in power, so they can be secretaries or doing something that doesn’t bring them any value or self-respect.

These people are happy with themselves being uptight, needing to control their loved ones by offering them the ideal environment at work and at home.

They’re control freaks when it comes to keeping things clean and in order as well, meaning others are laughing at them from time to time.

More than this, they’re regarded as true psychopaths and many are not appreciating them for the efforts they’re making, but this doesn’t mean they’re not happy relaxing.

It can be said these natives are the most patient ones because they’re the ones who aren’t getting angry too often, not to mention they’re taking a lot of time to display their feelings.

They’re not okay with having emotions, meaning their anger is difficultly expressed, not to mention they can keep being upset in quiet for some time and after overcome it.

However, when hurt very deeply, they can give up the friend that caused them to feel this way and not forgive very easily.

Just like their fellow Cancers, they’re the passive-aggressive type of angry. They’re keeping their anger sulking, they’re hiding and ignoring.

These people don’t like confronting others because they’d rather abandon their anger and not let it out on others, as they can feel burdened by this.

Being all the time calm, others are coming to them for relaxation, but in the same time they’re becoming annoyed because these natives have strong emotions.

Virgos can’t forgive people after they’ve hurt them, and are never forgetting. Their friends shouldn’t expect to win their trust again very easily.

Angering a Virgo

It must be kept in mind that natives of Virgo have a strong temper and are getting angry from inside their mind. Those who want to annoy them could do things in a chaotic manner and unexpectedly.

For example, they can change the furniture around the house and not make any plans. This way the Virgos’ compulsion is starting to express itself.

Virgos are true perfectionists, the people who are always ready to invest their efforts in order to organize.

They’re showing the defects and are unhappy when things aren’t working just fine, so it’s easy to annoy them with wrong presentations.

They know right from wrong and are very angry more than often. However, they’re not expressing how upset they are because they don’t want to affect others.

Obviously, they’re only human and aren’t allowing too much pain to overwhelm them, moment in which they’re exploding on others.

It’s possible for them to be angry on people that have caused them to be angry in the past, for long periods of time.

Testing the Virgo patience

Virgos don’t like it when people are disorganized and throwing things all over the place. They simply hate mess, even when it comes to more private things too.

More than this, they don’t like people who are cursing in public places. More than this, those who are wild when consuming their food are the ones they really don’t appreciate.

In other words, they’re simply grossed by individuals who aren’t elegant. Besides, when someone is showing intimacy in public towards them, they’re quite annoyed.

A Virgo would never like someone to borrow his or her clothes without being asked first. More than this, they can be obsessed about when these items are going to be returned to them.

Most of the time, they’re becoming angry when someone is challenging their most obvious traits of the sign they’re in.

In other words, they hate having their things messed around with, being interrupted when having a conversation, being unappreciated, having a look through their stuff without first being allowed to, as well being given advice when they haven’t asked for it.

Revenge done perfectly

People born under Virgo are patient and very disciplined, so it’s unlikely for them to become angry too easily.

However, those who aren’t quite intelligent and are playing mind games can have their hot temper activated, the temper they can’t control and that can have them hurting themselves.

But as soon as they’re displaying their vengeful ways, no one can have them in control anymore. Most of the time, Virgos are getting their revenge, sooner or later.

They can’t forget and have ways of retaliating that are happening suddenly, when their enemies have already forgiven and forgot about hurting them.

If bothered, these natives can plan for a long time to get their revenge, in a quiet, but aggressive way. This means their opponents can remain in pathetic states.

Virgos no longer want all the attention to be on them when they’re looking to obtain revenge, which can make them aggressive and truly hurt because no one is expecting them to ever deliver revenge.

They can as well deal with their adversaries and be indifferent, as if these don’t even exist. This can really hurt those who are depending on them.

Also, Virgos are the most misunderstood when their perfectionist nature is not being understood. In case someone has hurt them unintentionally, their best chance of making friends with the Virgo friend is to write him or her apologies.

Gifs are sure to be brought back, but only after an analysis of how pathetic the situation actually was or is. Only letters of apologies can make the enemies of Virgos redeem themselves.

These people can still be in bad situations when not realizing they’ve pissed of the Virgo. These natives’ revenge comes in a passive but aggressive way, through comments and different actions that can confuse many. One moment, things can seem fun and happy with Virgos and the other, they can be hateful.

These people are paying a lot of attention to details, especially when they want revenge, so they’re systematically torturing their opponents. It can never be known what’s going to happen with them, until their plans are executed and they’re done.

Making peace with them

Virgos can exaggerate with their stubbornness and vengeful ways. If doing them wrong, it can be impossible to ever get their love back. They should be told in a written letter that they’re the only ones right.

If asked for help, they’re feeling more in control and appreciated. They don’t like gifts as apologies because they’re analyzing things roughly and feel like there’s no character attached to a situation in which efforts haven’t been invested.

These natives re dramatic when waiting for apologies, meaning they need some introductory words before forgiving someone.

After, they’re timing the moment in which they’re going to talk and are preparing themselves mentally for what’s about to follow.

When apologizing themselves, they may sound a little bit artificial. For people born in Virgo, the actions may be more important than their words.

They appreciate it when their surroundings are cleaned. However, their mess is oftentimes organized and they should be careful when moving their things around.

When wanting to calm down, they’re the ones to breathe in deeply and to stay relaxed.

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