Virgo and Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility

This friendship seems to be very practical as the first has a knack for details whilst the second sees the big picture.

Virgo and Sagittarius Friendship

The friendship between the Virgo and the Sagittarius is rather shaky because the Virgo is too precise and puzzled by how adventurous the Sagittarius can be. On the other hand, the Archer will feel tied down next to the cautious Virgo.

While the Virgo can appreciate the Sagittarius’ love for knowledge, the instability of people in this sign will forever remain a mystery for the Maiden. On the same note, the Archer can’t understand why the Virgo needs to all the time analyze everything.

CriteriaVirgo and Sagittarius Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsBelow average★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityAverage★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsAverage★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeAverage★ ★ ★

However, these two can work out their differences because the friendship between them has quite a few strengths.

A balanced friendship

The Virgo should allow the Sagittarius to expand his or her mind and become more adventurous by doing things spontaneously. The Archer will in return listen to all the practical advice given by the Virgo and this way, become more productive.

Before sending one another away, it’s important they give their connection a chance as they’re both very intelligent and can find out they simply love the same movies and books.

Furthermore, they’re curious about the latest news and can discuss for hours about philosophy, religion and politics. Traveling is a passion they’re also sharing.

When becoming friends, the balance in these two’s partnership starts to reveal itself immediately. The Sagittarius loves to socialize and to go on new adventures, the Virgo is more studious and prefers to analyze things the Sagittarius is thinking of.

The discussions between them can be very interesting, but the Virgo may hurry things and the Sagittarius can feel tied down in this situation. However, with time, he or she will start to appreciate stability and steadiness.

Virgo and Sagittarius friends approach life differently because the first is pragmatic and organized, whereas the second thinks only of new adventures. It can be difficult for an Archer to be as realistic as a Virgin, whereas the latter can’t understand why the first is so restless.

However, the Virgo can help the Sagittarius have a foundation on which he or she could build on his or her dreams.

The Virgo and the Sagittarius will have great fun together, when talking about the latest movies and books, especially since the Virgo is always focusing on details and the Archer sees the big picture.

The Virgo belongs to the Earth element, whereas the Sagittarius is of the Fire element. This means the second is obsessed with freedom and the first wants stability from a financial and emotional point of view.

Sagittarians are doing things just for the sake of it, Virgos are much more practical. While it can be difficult for these two to understand one another, they can overcome the differences between them by spending a lot of time together.

When focusing on the same goals, they can easily resolve issues and collaborate in the most efficient way.

The truth about these two

Both these signs are mutable, which means they can focus on one project at a time, depending on what their feelings are telling them. It’s easy for these two to have the same interests and neither wants to be domineering or to not let the other be free.

It can be said they can interact in a great way, the best aspect of their friendship being the fact that they’re feeling secure with one another and are usually having the same lifestyle.

The Sagittarius and the Virgo friends make a great team they can learn a lot when looking at things through each other’s eyes.

Being open to communication and knowledge makes their connection more stable and happier. The Virgo doesn’t trust that easily and can be pretty discriminating when choosing his or her friends.

However, people in this sign can still have great fun, just as long as they aren’t terrified of someone disappointing them.

Sagittarians are always surrounded by people and can never get bored when spending time with friends. It’s easy for others to connect with these natives because they have positive energies, not to mention they never want to change anyone.

However, they have their friends prioritize, so when making new ones, they should definitely think of a Virgo. While different, these two signs still have a strong foundation on which their friendship can get built.

Furthermore, they’re both devoted to their values and no one can convince them to ever change their plans. Even if the Virgo is too criticizing, the Sagittarius will not pay attention to all of this.

The same Virgo wishes to give a hand to their Archer friend in order to make him more responsible and down-to-earth. However, he or she can’t easily express feelings but is very optimistic and can make a joke in any situation.

The Virgo will be annoyed by this at first, but after a while, the smiles will become something usual. Sagittarians know how to have fun and are very charismatic, but they can’t be best friends with the reserved and logical Virgo.

Natives in this sign don’t have a care in the world and love to chase new adventures. This can irritate their friends, especially because they seem uncaring and indifferent.

Virgos love to obey rules and are never making a decision before analyzing every little detail of the problem. They tend to overthink and to worry too much, just because they want to make the most logical choice and to be perfect. In the friendship between them and Sagittarians, opposites don’t really attract.

The Virgo friend

Virgos can be the best friends for anyone because they’re capable of giving good advice, even if sometimes worrying to the point of becoming neurotic. They’re giving friendship a lot of importance and sometimes put others before themselves.

Because they want to develop lifetime connections, they can be counted on for anything: from crying on their shoulders to going out and having the wildest fun with them.

It can be difficult to know what kind of times they can offer because it depends on their disposition and how their friends are feeling at that point.

Virgos are loyal people and known for giving a hand in the most difficult times, not to mention they’re never forgetting about birthdays. They would leave their needs behind in order to help someone dear.

Furthermore, these natives don’t want anything in return for being this way because they think being offered the friendship of a person is enough. However, their loyalty can have both positive and negative effects as they may expect too much from their loved ones and many will not be able to offer them anything.

It’s not like they’re being pushy, they just have high expectations of what others should do when being good friends with them. This can generate problems with communication, especially since Virgos are very reserved and don’t say a word when feeling betrayed.

The Sagittarius friend

Sagittarians are always planning what to do next because they’re obsessed with new adventures. Natives in this sign want to keep things interesting, so it’s possible to find them doing some skydiving or hiking during the weekends.

Those who happen to be bored with their old friends and with the same hangout places should definitely have a Sagittarius friend and get to do all kind of exciting things.

Sagittarians are known to make friends very fast and in an easy way, so you can leave them anywhere alone, they’ll surely manage to find their way home and even to get together with strangers.

They don’t want necessarily to be seen with winners, but they surely are curious about interesting people and about those who have a good story to tell.

They’re inspiring and challenging, not to mention their confidence can be confused with too much courage. As a matter of fact, they’re able to help others become more confident themselves, which means they’ll always be appreciated for the support they’re offering.

Very intelligent, thinking about everything and minding to learn new things, they can convince others to become interested in the same things as them and are extremely honest, which means they’re never talking behind backs and are always expressing themselves when feeling unhappy. Sagittarians hate drama and prefer to avoid conflict as much as possible.

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