Virgo And Libra Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Virgo and Libra can be fairly easy to nurture as this is a harmonious combination.

happy couple

With the Virgo and Libra match, everything is fairly easy and when their instincts flare up, then that’s the time for taking action in love.

So, yes, with these two, things are pretty tied up to how they feel about something, whether it’s by way of their elusive intuition, or thanks to observation, analysis and rational research.

CriteriaVirgo Libra Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationBelow average❤❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Furthermore, Libras will have to renounce their narcissistic attitudes, because the Virgos aren’t likely to compliment them just for show. If they don’t mean something, they won’t say it, it’s that simple.

When Virgo and Libra fall in love …

What drives the both together are the relaxed and carefree personalities, that perpetual enthusiasm and happiness, even if caused by the most insignificant of things.

If they manage to retain these characteristics during the following steps they’ll take, it’s pretty much a certainty that Virgo-Libra will be a successful and loving relationship as a whole.

And it doesn’t look like they’ll lose those qualities, because they were formed as a result of the many experiences and events they went through together.

One things worth remembering is that they will have an exponentially greater chance to find happiness in a city, or an urban environment in general, in a modern landscape where they have everything they could ever want.

The opportunities that such a living space would offer are various, from cultural activities, to all manner of debauchery-inspired gigs, where fun and jolly are the keywords and ultimate goals. They both understand each other at the most fundamental of levels, and will thus never stumble upon one another’s path.

In the beginning phases, and even for quite a while in fact, due to the many similarities and strong capacity of understanding, Libra and Virgo will be able to efficiently and harmoniously live together.

Sure, there will never be moments of extreme joy or otherworldly experiences, mainly because neither is seeking such things, but what matters is that they are happy with one another, and with that they have.

And even if they may have to make some compromises, like in any relationship, while trying to get over the partner’s flaws and unexpected downsides, neither one of them is willing to let go because of such things.

Loyalty, devotion and commitment are one-way trips to them, and will likely never give up on their loved one, even when faced with great adversities and seemingly inescapable dangers. It’s either dying together, or not dying at all, there is really no other way.

The Virgo and Libra relationship

In time, the Virgo lovers learn to appreciate their partner’s perfectionism and drive to do everything as best as possible, all the while keeping in mind to search for the optimal solution to any given problem. Equilibrium is, after all, what a Librans seeks for above all else.

The Virgo Libra relationship does have great potential, and it seems as it’s going the right way, with how they deal with most things, their approach being suited to each other’s way of seeing things.

But the thing is, they will have to put in a lot of effort, understanding and even tolerance, because not everything will be all sugar and honey.

As such, communication is paramount, because it is the only way for them to find a correct approach as far as their mutual trust and understanding goes.

Virgo-Libra will first have to accept and cherish one another for their good and bad things, because otherwise they’ll live with exaggerated expectations, from which disappointment is bound to appear.

Above all, the bond between the emotional Virgos and stable-minded Libra partners has to be bidirectional, in the sense that both have to offer and receive affection, love and compassion in the same way.

They may not be the most traditional or even the most suitable to each other, at least from an astrological point of view, but Rome wasn’t built in day either, so they have to keep on going to make it work. With time, everything will fall into place.

Virgo and Libra marriage compatibility

Starting off with a bit of bad tidings, their marriage will be one filled with unexpected and conflicting situations, because, from time to time, either the Virgo or the Libra will reveal their faults and cranky sides.

For example, the Libras will tend to forget about house chores and about keeping their living space tidy, because, to them, it’s more important what they actually do in public, rather than in their private space.

Nonetheless, it’s obviously quite annoying and slightly less comfortable living with someone who can’t take care of such simple things.

For the good things now, these natives are absolutely entranced by each other’s high intellectual fervour and curiosity.

Observant and sceptical in their own way, both Libra and Virgo are very interested in exploring the hidden aspect of things, while doing their way to find new and creative ways of looking at the world.

Sexual compatibility

Sexually, they are quite physical, in the sense that inhibitions and anxieties are non-existent, while enthusiasm, passion and intensity are the players of the day here. Romanticism is overrated, and will only play a small part in these natives’ sexual life.

Furthermore, the Virgos will generally try to make their partner happy and comfortable, fulfilling their every desire and fantasy.

As such, for the direct and straightforward Librans, taking the lead seems like the logical choice. Even a little aggressiveness is welcomed from time to time, and the Maiden will probably enjoy it to the maximum degree of pleasure.

With all that inquisitiveness and inventiveness, is there any doubt that they’ll quickly go from foreplay to the peaks of bliss and ecstasy in a split second?

The downsides of this union

As with every relationship, there are the good times, when everything seems like it’s going to be perfect, and then there are the bad times, when nothing ever seems to go as it should, and things are falling apart piece by piece.

With them, the bad times are reflected, firstly, by the different views on life, those perspectives that make each of us unique in our own way.

Well, Virgos will tend to be more pragmatic, idealistic and utilitarian than their partners, and this means that whenever there’s a choice between doing what’s right, most useful, and what seems like it would look good, they will tend to choose the first option.

Secondly, Librans are very egocentric and quite vindictive, in the sense that they will ramble on and on about things you could have avoided if you would just have listened to their advice.

You just couldn’t do it, could you? Well, they are annoying the hell out of the poor Virgos, who just want to make good by everyone, to do what’s in their powers so that everything doesn’t end up in shambles.

Everyone makes a wrong choice from time to time, there’s no need to overly-criticize them constantly about what happened. They have enough inner arguments and conflicts already.

What to remember about Virgo and Libra

Compatibility is not a problem to these signs, not at all, at least from any point of view except romantically, which we’ll discuss in a moment. As such, their zodiacal upbringing takes on a cruise of the intellect, granting them unlimited potential when it comes to the workings of the brain.

They could talk for hours on end about the most insignificant of things, but the subjects are usually so complex and profound, they could surprise even the most cultivated and intelligent ones among us.

Romantically, things are little bit more difficult, because there’s not a clear indicator of who exactly will manage to take the first step, or what will happen. That’s how complex their characters are.

It’s really admirable and even quite beautiful to watch Virgo and Libra develop from a simple friendship to a blooming relationship, all the intermediary experiences, feelings, confessions and events that fill up that portion of their lives.

Now, the Virgo may attempt to ruin this perfection with their tendency to criticize and bicker about mistakes and flaws, but that’s not something they do consciously, and it can be alleviated with time.

Furthermore, each affects how the other acts and thinks, given that enough time passes. As such, the Virgoans will become more sensible and loving because of their partner’s influence, while the Libras feel more secure than ever before.

The most interesting part of these two zodiac signs is that they are in a continuous change. They aspire to perfectionism, and want to open more towards challenging actions everyday by bringing their bossy charm together.

The Virgo is, as we’ve said, a healer, so just imagine a cute and wise zodiac sign trying to say bad words in good manner to show his partner how they can change for the better.

On the other hand, the Libras will say what they have to say in the most honest, realist and direct way, to be sure that the partner understands what they want to explain.

The Libra Virgo combination is pretty impressive if you watch from the outside, you will see an Air sign loving an Earth sign just as the wind touches with his power the ground and moves the stones, just like that the Libra comes in the life of Virgo and brings color and energy in it.

The former sees the whole picture of a situation, while the latter tries to show his partner all the hidden details. Because they are more playful and with their heads in the clouds, Virgos bring their lovers back to reality.

After all, this combination is a good one, if the two members learn that patience is the most important gift in the Universe. Trying to change the partner is unfair so if they learn that being acceptant is the most powerful side of love, they will live happily ever after.

Of course, it’s known that the Virgos have a tendency to adapt easier so for the sake of the relationship they will try to give to the Libra the impression that she or he is the boss, but will lead everything in the shadow, so no signs of frustration remain in the end.

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