Virgo and Capricorn Friendship Compatibility

This friendship seems to work very well as these two are both dedicated to the same things.

Virgo and Capricorn Friendship

The friendship between the Virgo and Capricorn can be very strong and last for a lifetime because both these signs belong to the Earth element and are interested in security.

Furthermore, they can equally appreciate comfort, not to mention how much the Virgo can help the Capricorn identify different bargains, regardless if it’s about business or expensive furniture at the antique shop.

CriteriaVirgo and Capricorn Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityVery strong★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsAverage★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentAverage★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeStrong★ ★ ★ ★

Both love nature and hiking or watching birds and the sky. These two can be best friends with each other because they’re both logical and know what practicality means. Neither wants to ever allow emotions to rule, even if they’re capable of great feelings.

The truth about these two

Each decision these two will make is going to be based on facts and a cold judgment. Furthermore, these two know what patience means, not to mention they’re both very composed.

There are only a few things that can really annoy them, so their disagreements will all the time be rapidly forgotten.

Because they’re introverted, their reaction to other people’s opinions and how groups are having fun is practically the same.

When good friends, they’ll not in any way be focused on gaining recognition or being celebrities, even if they both enjoy reading tabloids and talking about what stars have been doing.

Their friendship is so efficient and nurturing because they’re both relaxed on top of anything else. The competition between them is between two rational Earth signs, which means they’re both logical and very smart, also that they’re always having high expectations of themselves and the ones they love the most.

The Virgo can appreciate how the Capricorn is dedicated to having things done right and tenacious. In return, the Goat will admire the Virgo for being practical and focused on details.

The friendship between these two is secure, strong and very grounded because these two natives have the same approach of life and are focused on achieving material security.

Neither is ever impulsive or emotional, not to mention they’re equally reliable and traditional. The Virgo can teach the Capricorn how to sometimes relax and enjoy the rewards of his and her efforts.

In return, the Goat shows the Virgo how to take initiative and make his or her dreams come true. Both want a comfortable life and neither likes going out too much.

Therefore, their friends won’t be many, but all of them very loyal. It seems this is the only thing they’re looking for in others: to keep the distance and at the same time to be loyal.

The Capricorn is highly disciplined and doesn’t mind working hard for his or her goals. People in this sign are natural born leaders who don’t allow anything to bother them in their way towards achieving success.

Just like Virgos, they’re very serious, even if more passive and sometimes preferring to observe from a distance.

Being Earth signs, the Capricorn and the Virgo friends are very focused on having enough money and working hard to obtain it.

The Goat is always suspicious, especially when meeting new people. Natives of this sign don’t usually forgive, as opposed to Virgos, who usually get over things, but are very harsh.

Furthermore, Virgos have high ideals and can’t be considered typical Earth signs. Usually shy, they sometimes like to get out of their shell and to become assertive, even bossy.

Just like Capricorns, they love working and can neglect their personal lives because they’re spending too much time at work. It’s suggested for Virgos to sometimes relax because they seem to never stop fixing, organizing and thinking.

Their many common points

The fact that the Capricorn doesn’t like how the Virgo criticizes can generate many conflicts between these two friends. However, the Virgo is very loyal and the Capricorn can overlook some negative things about him or her.

It can be very funny to watch them catching up because neither has too many things to say, seeing they both love routine.

Therefore, when meeting, they may discuss their plans to every little detail. Neither likes drama or to leave projects uncompleted, so when working together, they can do a great job, if only they don’t become too bossy with each other.

Their arguments will usually be solved in a positive manner. These two can be great friends because they have the same values. While none is interested too much in having friends and a fruitful love life, they both seem to manage getting together with people.

When being good friends with each other, they can be very supportive and encouraging. The planet ruling Virgo is Mercury, whereas the Capricorn is governed by Saturn.

Mercury is realistic and communicative, Saturn influences people to be hard-working and disciplined. The Virgo can show the Capricorn life is meant to be enjoyed, and he or she will work hard for the friendship between them to last.

The Goat will show the Virgo discipline and being focused are the two things that matter the most. If living together, their home will look practical and inviting.

Both being Earth signs, they want order and to be as precise as possible. Furthermore, they desire to be surrounded by many possessions, not to mention how focused they are on perfection and how much they hate being far from it.

Together with accumulating wealth, they may struggle to get as many refined things as possible and to fulfill their dreams. It can be said they’re both very practical and neither likes spending too much.

The Virgo is mutable, whereas the Capricorn cardinal. This means the first can adapt to any new person or situation and doesn’t mind having the responsibility to help their friend.

The Goat will be more than happy to see how the Virgo is investing many efforts in making the friendship between them stronger. The Capricorn will come up with many new ideas and initiate things, whereas the Virgo will only follow.

As a matter of fact, their friendship functions very well when things are happening just like this. The best thing about the connection between these two is the fact that they’re both very dedicated to the same things.

For example, they want security and wealth, which makes it very easy for them to be efficient when working together to achieve these things.

Having mutual interests can only help them be better as friends. It shouldn’t be surprising that they’re getting along so well because they have the same values and are equally eager to work very hard in life.

The same, both love being useful and respecting their family traditions. No one loves the holiday season more than them, not to mention how efficient they are at preparing special events, weeks before these are scheduled to take place.

The Virgo will be irritated when the Capricorn becomes bossy, while the other way around, the Goat won’t be at all happy when the Virgo talks about his or her mistakes and flaws. However, having many things in common, these two will manage to overcome any difference between them.

The Virgo friend

People born under the sign of Virgo are very sensitive and can listen to anyone having a problem because they’re responsive to feelings.

However, people need to pay attention when around them because they can easily get hurt. It’s difficult to know what to say when around a Virgo, not to mention how idealistic and therefore, demanding, he or she can be.

Therefore, their friends should be prepared to deal with perfectionists and people who are usually obsessed with every little detail.

In spite of all this, Virgos are caring and loyal, which means many want to spend their time with them and to be their friends.

Because they’re so nice and giving, others shouldn’t think of them as pushovers or weak because they really think friendship is reciprocal and that what they’re offering should be given back.

As a matter of fact, the friendship with a Virgo is all about giving and taking, so natives of this sign should be appreciated for how much attention they’re giving to birthdays and other important moments in their friends’ lives.

Because they have such a good memory, it’s easy for them to also remember mistakes and wrongdoings. However, they easily forgive and don’t usually hold on to grudges, so many will want to be around them for a lifetime.

The Capricorn friend

Capricorns are devoted to their loved ones, caring, traditional, funny and all the time interested in what their friends have to say.

People in this sign take friendships very seriously, so it’s normal for them to be nurturing and to help their friends with everything they can.

Therefore, Capricorns will always be the ones making dinner and cleaning around the house. They tend to be pushy when seeing potential, so it’s very usual for them to sometimes annoy their buddies by being too encouraging or disappointed.

The Goat will never allow bad behavior around him or her, so natives of this sign are the type of friends who immediately let others know about mistakes and a lack of tact.

Capricorns are aware they’re not fun at parties because they’re more interested in the moment in which everyone goes home.

However, they have many things to bring into a friendship as they’re usually inspiring others to take on challenges. The fact that they’re expecting to be appreciated all the time can be overlooked.

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