Venus in Virgo: Key Personality Traits in Love and Life

The position of Venus in your Virgo natal chart tells you who you are as a lover and how you use your charm and seduction powers.

Venus in Virgo

You know one is born with their Venus in Virgo when everyone recognizes them as the mastermind beyond the curtain, the shadowy vigilante who comes to the rescue when the situation is so dire that no one could fix it but them.

However, not many people understand the attitude of the Venus in Virgo native, in the sense that these people you would rather attend a course of philosophy or have a debate about morality than indulging in superficial activities like everyone else.

Venus in Virgo in a nutshell:

  • Style: Devoted and observant;
  • Top qualities: Straightforward, meditative and vigilante;
  • Challenges: Toning down tendency to criticize and fixed nature;
  • Advice: One cannot go very far by being stubborn;
  • Celebrities: Julia Roberts, John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Charlize Theron.

Romantically, it’s better to be said that not everyone could hope to meet their expectations.

Born with Venus in Virgo: The bare facts

Just like they can be very loving and generous themselves, the Venusian Virgos are very careful with whom they share their secrets with, because they want someone for life and not just anyone to spend the night with.

Revealing their deeper feelings comes at a cost, and that is that the other must win their trust, prove to them that it’s not a mistake on their part.

These natives are one of the natives that benefit the most of Venus’ energy because it caters perfectly to their nature. Excessive expectations, exaggerated standards, yeah, they do have those, but they full compensate through their devoted, and loving attitude.

Once the relationship is more or less decided, you will start the development process. This means that, through constant observation, analysis, and systematic changes, you will try to help your partner get better and better, overcome his fears, hold a grip on his potential.

As one born with Venus in Virgo, it’s quite normal for you to do this because it’s perfection that you want, after all. What’s more, this process of development can rapidly take 180 degrees turn and act on their own person, in that they will spend a great deal of time in investigating their own flaws and proceeding in eliminating them.

Winning the heart of the Venus in Virgo native

Just like the way these natives want their efforts to be acknowledged and want to be appreciated above all else, their attention given an anchor to hold by, they are also very set on turning the relationship into an opportunity for growth, evolution, development.

It’s pretty easy for them to observe, analyze and correct their flaws, but it’s going to be a bit harder to do that for the partner, as it’s going to depend on the other’s personality, whether they can take it or not.

Of course, with plenty of love and affection, even this won’t be a problem anymore. Moreover, their relationship will be one based on patience, calm, soothing love, empathy, and unwavering loyalty.

Even though their tendency to criticize might be annoying at times, once they open their hearts fully, harmony will prevail.

The things that other people might not notice, or aren’t very interested in, the Venusian Virgo will notice right away, and the little details are something that they deeply care about, as a matter of fact.

They believe that a partner who can’t even pay attention to the little things, wouldn’t be able to hold on a relationship when the situation turns to its worst.

Whether it’s the color of their outfit, an awkward smile when someone entered the room, to the way they behave when someone mentions their quirks, they will want their lover to really acknowledge these things from the get-go.

Venus in Virgo woman

Ironically enough, these Venusian Virgos, contrary to their names, are most of the time perceived to be quite the sex maniacs, even nymphomaniacs who love nothing more than indulging in the endless pleasure of the senses.

While this may seem insulting to some, these women are actually very proud of their interests, and it’s not such a scornful thing, to begin with.

They have submissive tendencies, if we’re at that, so you might want to keep that in mind when trying on new ideas in the bedroom. Experimentation was always one of their strongest perks, and it’s not only in their intimate life but also in general.

Moreover, Venus brings forth a new chance to revive, to bring something back to life, to make a transformation, positive or not, and it will usually be a beneficial one.

One of the most interesting things about this native is that Venus brings the full potential out of her. This woman is in perfect harmony with herself, a feminine equilibrium, one filled with endless love, affection, productivity, and the search of one’s dreams.

While she is normally devoted and pragmatic in her approaches, Venus maker her think things through more than others would, especially when it comes to relationships. She perfectly knows when her partner is loyal, and when she has a good reason to doubt this, but communication should eliminate this disparity with time.

Venus in Virgo man

Knowing that a Venus Virgoan native is usually very balanced, neither aggressive, neither overly-sensitive, it wouldn’t be a surprise to say that this man wasn’t as manly as others, especially when the feminine Venus comes to join in.

But the truth is, these natives are only more empathic, more loving and affectionate, they see more things, have a greater intuition than others.

It doesn’t mean that they can’t offer a sense of security, stability to the woman they love. However, problems appear when the planet of love goes into the retrograde phase, as their source of energy will be blind then.

Their partners will have to be especially patient, calm, kind, and loving during this period of time. Insecurities, anxieties, fears, they will all begin to resurface, so these natives will need emotional support.

Likes and values

Venus changes some of these people’s principles and values, beginning with the fact that they want to work in an organized, arranged, and clean office.

The home must also be the same, and this obsession with order extends further into their relationships. Erratic individuals are to be kept away.

Moreover, while they may not be as materialistic as the extravagant Leos, they are still very much in love with beautiful artsy objects, with what they like having around, mementos, and things like this.

Lastly, Venus makes their natural search for perfection gain the nuance of an obsession since they are capable of sacrificing a lot of things on the altar of success. They can even eliminate some of their own pleasures just to make one more step in that direction.

However, Venus brings a way out of this conundrum, in the need for appreciation from their loved ones, and the sense of fulfillment once that actually happens.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.