Venus in Pisces: Key Personality Traits in Love and Life

The position of Venus in your Pisces natal chart tells you who you are as a lover and how you use your charm and seduction powers.

Venus in Pisces

Pisceans who were born under the auspices of Venus, the goddess of love, are one of the purest and most adorable individuals of the whole zodiac.

The best, most affectionate and loving partners that you can find, these natives are highly idealistic, so if a relationship doesn’t have the makings of a fairy-tale, they will probably stay away from it.

Venus in Pisces in a nutshell:

  • Style: Dreamy and demanding;
  • Top qualities: Visionary, dependable and warm;
  • Challenges: Discerning between what is real and what is not;
  • Advice: Use reason and logic more often;
  • Celebrities: Kurt Cobain, Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, Vincent van Gogh.

Those who match-up perfectly with them must have the spirit of an artist, emotional, instinctual, intuitive, wild, and free beyond any reproach.

Born with Venus in Pisces: The bare facts

An individual born with Venus in Pisces is one of the most understanding and empathetic natives of the whole zodiac, if not the absolute lover. We all know Pisces natives are very emotional, to begin with, but with Venus showering them with its love energy, they now become quite the perfect lovers.

Deep affection, one where both partners are bonded profusely through their souls, one with no conditions and no limits, a kind of love that you only hear about in fairy-tales.

People with their Venus in Pisces are so idealistic in fact, that they will easily forget and forgive their partners’ mistakes, even if these keep piling up constantly.

In the case of a disappointment or a disillusion, they suffer greatly because they had given their all to the relationship, but it also can’t be avoided.

These natives literally can’t keep themselves from being this generous and kind with those in need.

The naturally dreamy Pisceans will go even deeper down the chimerical hole of their imaginations now that Venus’ rays shine down upon them.

The planet of love and freedom endows them with great intuition and a profound aesthetic sense that gives a constant surge of artistic beauty and charm.

Considering the ruling planet of the Pisces, Neptune, these natives will tap into the ethereal forces that govern the world, giving them the power to accurately perceive their partner’s desires, down to the most minute details.

Keep the love going

Those who were born under the stellar hazy aura of a Venus in Pisces are individuals of rare emotional depth, who find it very natural to love with all their hearts, to support those who ask for it, and to show affection without any sort of expectations.

They love romance, are a bit on the mystical aspect of life, have very idealistic perspectives on love, and are quite artsy, to begin with.

The concept of beauty was never more clearly expressed and understood by anyone before. This is obviously an effect of Venus’ influence, which grants them the power to love unconditionally and to make the ultimate sacrifices for the person they love.

For them, there is nothing more important than feelings, that the sense of bonding between two people, the coagulation of a beautiful relationship.

As such, they need to be careful who it is they trust and give their whole affection to, because a mistake can cost them a lot, too much in some cases.

Winning the heart of the Venus in Pisces native

Being this romantic and sensitive must mean that Venus in Pisces people are also quite shy, and it’s true to a certain extent.

Thus, they would prefer the other to make the first step with confidence and bravado. Their dream lover is the type to grab them by the waist, take them to dance, and daringly kiss them at the end of the night.

With charm and a very impressionable adorability, they can capture the heart of any individual who casts a gaze on them, courtesy of Venus. There is also a touch of mysticism about them, making it even more intriguing to discover their secrets.

Venusian Pisces can’t hold their feelings in check for too long, and they are the type of people who fall in love at a first glance, even though they should first analyze the other with more attention before jumping in the same boat.

Even if they’re making a big mistake in giving out their trust to someone who’ll manipulate them, these natives will find it hard to break apart the connection.

They are quite aware of what it is they want from a partner, but they are capable of compromising a lot once they fall in love with someone.

Reason and logic are nonsensical at that level, and only emotions rule. Moreover, if they are hurt even a bit, they will instantly shirk away in their protective cocoon, and in this regard, they are just like those flowers that have a rather peculiar defense mechanism, namely that they decrease their size upon touch, making themselves small and hard to notice.

Venus in Pisces woman

For most of the time, Venusian Piscean woman will act with grace, and a natural charm that unique to them, in a manner characteristic of princesses of old times.

It’s not that they dress extraordinarily, flamboyant or extravagant, but rather that they have an innate aura of sexual appeal, of adorability that enthralls men with just a glance.

Moreover, they could even forget to put enough time into making themselves look beautiful, or into wearing any makeup, but that’s irrelevant anyway. With their natural beauty and charms, it’s not even noticeable.

The position of Venus in Pisces makes one unusually self-aware about their self-worth, and this concerns material details, their behavior, and attitude of their partner, whether they represent a danger for the future or not.

If this is the case, these natives may finally choose to depart such a toxic relationship, leaving behind the source of their sufferings, and going forward again.

Venus in Pisces man

Even men can attain the same emotional heights as women, and Venus makes sure that this is the case with these men. However, they are more prepared to face disappointments than their feminine counterparts. In a free-falling relationship, they will rethink their stance on the matter, even consider that it’s not worth it anymore.

Also, in order to be happy in such a relationship, they must find a way to be happy on a personal level, and one such route is to achieve professional success.

Moreover, there is nothing quite like having sex with a man with Venus in Pisces. You will feel just like going to paradise, that’s how spiritually uplifting it is.

This native will only find definite fulfillment when he connects deeply with his partner, down to the most intricate of personality traits.

A synergy of emotions, a bond made up entirely of pure love, unconditional affection, sweet tenderness, and great compassion will eventually lead to the paroxysm of pleasure for him.

Life values

Those with Venus in the dreamy sign of Pisces have a great obsession, and that is romance. It can’t even be called a value anymore, because it’s so much more than that already.

They can’t imagine life without affectionate gestures, tear-jerking romantic movies, compassionate compliments, and so on. They like losing themselves in this sense of accomplishment, of spiritual uplifting that accompanies every romantic element.

In relationships, it’s obvious that they want a partner with the same tendencies, someone who deeply feels emotions, who loves from the bottom of their soul, without any restrains.

Moreover, they emphasize personal fulfillment, spiritual awakening, and sensual happiness more than material success.

The Venusian Piscean will have to play it slow when Venus is in its retrograde phase, so this is a time to observe the surroundings, formulate a plan, and make decisions.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.