Venus in Leo: Key Personality Traits in Love and Life

The position of Venus in your Leo natal chart tells you who you are as a lover and how you use your charm and seduction powers.

Venus in Leo

Those with Venus in Leo in their astrological diagram will naturally want to be the center of their little world, constantly present in the spotlight, the focus of everyone around them, their name on everyone’s lips.

This is a matter of ego, and theirs is one of the biggest egos out there, if not the biggest. Their friends don’t get upset seeing them craving attention like maniacs and offer it without much of a hassle, which is just perfect.

Venus in Leo in a nutshell:

  • Style: Glamorous and obsessive;
  • Top qualities: Sociable, assertive and resourceful;
  • Challenges: Moving past one’s ego and attention to details;
  • Advice: Letting go of control can bring immense satisfaction;
  • Celebrities: Madonna, Monica Bellucci, Amy Winehouse, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Romantically, these natives will look for the best partner there is, and in their books, this automatically translates to endless compliments, royal treatment, and being taken care of.

Born with Venus in Leo: The bare facts

If you were born with Venus in Leo shining down upon you, then you will be an atypical representative of your astrological species.

This is because you will bring double the fun wherever you go, have double the pride and ego, if that is even possible, and hate routine even more than Geminis hate small talk.

As a Venusian Leo, you would like to be in the center of things, take the lead and pave the path towards success, for you and everyone following you.

Naturally honest and straightforward, you look on deceit as being demeaning, something that you couldn’t bring yourself to do, ever.

Venus makes it way easier for you to show your emotions, and this takes from the overly-egocentric impression.

The eccentricity natural to Venus in Leo makes them quite wasteful when it comes to administering their money because extravagance costs a lot. And we all know that they can splurge at times.

Such a royal character like them won’t be satisfied with just anything, but only the best, the refined, the glamorous and shiny things.

As such, their wallet will suffer a drastic decrease in consistency quite frequently, considering that they also treat their friends as well.

Naturally, this doesn’t upset them in the slightest, because they see life as a continuous spectacle, with good and bad things, both being worth the trouble.

Egocentrism manifests quite naturally these individuals with their strong obsession towards looking good, which directly translates to buying expensive clothing, investing in physical training, and different methods to enhance their appearance.

Venus affects them a great deal on this level because otherwise, they maybe wouldn’t have spent so much money on all of these things.

They want others to look to them with admiration in their eyes, and so they take every action necessary to achieve that.

There are, however, many advancements in their life as a result of this exaggerated interest of theirs (professional life, love life, health).

Keep the love going…

Venusian Leos may be egocentric individuals who want for nothing else than to be admired all day long, but they can also be very loving if they are satisfied.

If you just offer them that extra time of spotlight, and you take care to tell them each and every day how good they are, they will also open up more, letting all their emotions go free.

Optimism, sentimental warmth, empathy, compassion, are but a few of the feelings they’ll unlock once their partners reach that far.

These natives are very boasting about their own abilities, and all you have to do in order to grow in their eyes is acknowledge those abilities, focus only on their person, and maybe change your behavior to accommodate their interests better. They’ll be devoted and loyal to a fault with those who deserve it, courtesy of Venus.

They will, however, begin to grow cold quite quickly if they notice even the slightest moment in inattention or disinterest in their partner.

Dramatical reactions are the best way a Venusian Leo expresses themselves, and they will get to that level if they have to. Their lovers, in order to avoid such tempestuous altercations, must show them exactly how much they mean to them. Love, affection, attention, plenty of compassionate gestures, and things like this should never miss from the arsenal.

Winning your heart

As the Venusian Leo, it’s only natural that you are a king amongst kings, raised with the most expensive and refined things in the world, so it’s also natural that you like to make similar friends, those that have the same royal aura about them.

Also, you’re used to being treated like you deserve the best in the world, while daringness was never a problem.

You exude confidence from you every pore, have fun in every situation, and give off an air of spontaneity, exciting unpredictability, that absolutely conquers everyone who takes an interest in you.

On the other hand, a partner that matches the above criteria is what you are looking for as well, although you are not very expressive about your criteria.

Relationships are lived by the edge of the abyss, with touches of bliss, tragedy, comedy, dramatical turns.

Venus in Leo woman

Venus’s influence grows up to be essential for the evolution of these native, and its most important element is the surge of generosity and kindness it brings.

These women want to feel good and want to make others feel great just as much. For them, Venus acts as a protector, guiding principle, and liberator.

First things first, in order to find the strength to help others find happiness, they must achieve that state for themselves.

True happiness lies in finding someone to share life with, and the love planet will obviously give off this kind of emotional aura, making these Venus in Leo women seek a partner with reckless abandon, strong conviction, and the willingness to make compromises in that regard. It is always there to support them when the time arises.

Venus in Leo man

For any man who is bathed in the soothing waters of the Goddess Venus in Leo, a sudden transformation takes place, concerning their inner balance, interests, expectations.

They will want to satisfy their senses, have a lot of sex, experience ultimate excitement, and search for the epitome of beauty.

Confident, a little aggressive if the situation asks for it, the Venusian Leo men will place their partner on a shining pedestal if they find her to be worth it. And the thing is, just by being near such fiery individuals will make everyone feel much more confident, self-aware, and get a big boost to their self-esteem.

In a way, all you have to do is fire him up, bring his pleasure meter to a maximum degree, and then everything will be just right, perhaps you will even convince him to make the last commitment. Give the Caesar what belongs to the Caesar and you won’t be disappointed by his grace.

Extravagance and generosity

Believing themselves to be superior to everyone else, or at least that they deserve to be treated in a special manner, unlike the rest of people, the Venusian Leos won’t think much before indulging in endless debauchery, extravagant activities, and an unstoppable search for ultimate attractiveness.

Just because they see themselves as deserving, their moral compass is rather flexible and will easily be impressed by important people.

It might seem like Venus endows them with all that energy to wreak havoc everywhere they go, but on top of that, it gives them the power to see themselves for what they are.

Moreover, such natives are also very appreciative of the struggle that the little man has to live with, and in this sense, they will offer their support to the poor, maybe out of a need to appear as the portrayal of a savior as well.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.