Venus in Capricorn: Key Personality Traits in Love and Life

The position of Venus in your Capricorn natal chart tells you who you are as a lover and how you use your charm and seduction powers.

Venus in Capricorn

The natives born with Venus in Capricorn have a really pragmatic approach to love matters, and they will treat everything just like a task they’ve been given at work, with care, vigilance, attention, and with a strategic mind.

These individuals plan for everything, but sometimes forget to reveal their inner emotions. Getting too caught up in their professional life will also happen from time to time, and they have to realize that feelings are not such a bad thing after all.

Venus in Capricorn in a nutshell:

  • Style: Perseverant and attentive;
  • Top qualities: Loyal, caring and practical;
  • Challenges: Stuborness and fixations;
  • Advice: Express your feelings more openly;
  • Celebrities: Steve Jobs, Elvis Presley, Alicia Keys, Frank Sinatra.

Born with Venus in Capricorn: The bare facts

It’s a known fact that a relationship can go both ways, on the path to permanence, or on the path to destruction. If one of the partners isn’t responsible and doesn’t have in plan to commit seriously, then no matter what the other does, it will end badly.

Long-standing relationships are only built with ambition, perseverance, and the will to get over the “love at first sight” stage.

People with Venus in Capricorn in their natal chart understand this very well and will always look for serious partners who look for something more than a one-night show. Mutual understanding and reliability are one of the most important traits of their ideal relationship.

These natives are known for their enduring stubbornness when it comes to revealing their feelings. This is just their approach, to first check the integrity of their partner, to see whether they’re worth it.

Coming to terms with something less than they deserve is not something acceptable. However, when they do accept the idea of a relationship together, the Venusian Capricorns won’t shirk away from their responsibilities.

Devoted and loyal to a fault, they will do everything in their power to make it work. To them, actions speak louder than words, and so they will rather show you exactly how much they love you than state it out loud.

A space of love

In a partnership, there are two types of bonds, one where both partners take time for themselves, refilling their batteries, preparing for a new day, and dealing with their inner demons, and another one where the idea of a couple materializes.

This last space is where the true relationship comes buzzing in, where compassion and love rule the game, where dreams are accomplished through mutual effort.

The Venusian Capricorn acknowledges the existence of both, and actually plans to live their life according to this principle of duality. A successful relationship must necessarily be structured in this way to survive all the obstacles ahead.

Winning your heart

Being a Venus in Capricorn means that you are really practical when it comes to establishing a relationship.

You realize the importance of having a good partner in your life, and you must ensure that she or he will be supportive, understanding, ambitious and perseverant, and you should be able to empathize with them on a spiritual level.

Those who are able to reach the inner recesses of their souls, and interact on the same sensitive level, the individuals who perceive the world through the intuitive power of their senses, these are the perfect partners for the Venusian Capricorns.

These people are literally looking for their queen or king, a partner with whom to stand against the world irrespective of the consequences or implications, a partner who will follow them regardless of the risks, someone next to whom to construct their ideal life.

In such a relationship, it’s obvious that respect, self-esteem, devotion, and mutual appreciation are key. If the bond is not strengthened by experience and principles, it will fade away in due time.

Venus in Capricorn woman

Venusian Capricorn women are one of a kind, really, not because they are the epitome of sensuality or romance, but because this astrological match-up happens very rarely, and as such, it brings tremendous benefits.

As such, these natives are very flexible when it comes to their love life, physical satisfaction being put on a pedestal in their eyes.

It comes as a direct result of the lascivious sexual approaches that they employ constantly, coupled with a tender and slowly-rising crescendo of pleasure-inducing techniques in bed.

Such a loving and devoted woman will only express her lustful desires and fascinating nature to a trustworthy and straightforward partner who has nothing to hide.

Mutual understanding in a relationship is paramount, and she expects nothing but the purest form of honesty to be the bridge that connects them on a deeper level.

Moreover, when Venus is in its retrograded shift, it would be better for them to lay down for a while since this period expressed the need for a pause, the need for a break.

Some people may get the impression that she is a cold and calculated woman who pursues a certain agenda when involving herself in a relationship, acting with prior premeditated thoughts, but the truth is, she is a more rational individual, preferring to take a step back and formulate a plan, if the situation appears to be dire.

Sure, she does need her partner’s help, but Venus also teaches this native to trust themselves more, completely eliminating that feeling of submissiveness towards their partner.

Venus in Capricorn man

The man with their Venus in Capricorn is looking for a partner similar in personality and temperament, someone who exudes the same earthen astrological aura and acts in a reasonable manner, with understanding acting as a liant.

This relationship is quite a curious and fascinating one since this man tends to have a few feminine perks, courtesy of Venus, applying love and affection to a totally unexpected level.

He is also very adept at expressing his feelings and has many plans for the future which include the both of you.

This shows that he is very determined to have a splendid life with you, his partner, and he can be very loyal in this regard. Rather than expressing his feelings to you in a social context, or shouting them out loud, he prefers showing it through his actions, and preferably in a private setting.

Life values

First and foremost, Venusian Capricorns are highly ambitious individuals who want to live a comfortable and fulfilling life, where they can satisfy their desires as they see fit, without having to worry about their daily needs.

This can only be achieved through perseverance, an unrelenting attitude because to succeed professionally, one needs to be hard-working, never give up, have a warrior spirit, and thrive in competitive environments.

Evidently, they will want their partner to nurture the same ideas and have the same combative soul.

These natives will feel quite good seeing that they can afford things that other people cannot. It means that their situation is a notch higher than that of the rest, and implicitly this means that they have partially succeeded in attaining their dreams.

Moreover, Venus makes sure that they are quite thrifty with their money and material possessions.

Besides their powerful self-awareness and visionary spirit, they decide to save money because they want to leave a legacy for the future, something that the world, or at least their descendants, will remember them by.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.