Venus in 8th House: Key Facts About Its Influence on Personality

People having Venus in the 8th House are true to their feelings and wish for things to happen naturally in their lives rather than pushed by them.

Venus in 8th House

Natives having Venus in eighth House will most likely express their sociability and romanticism through the way they make love, establish friendships or business relationships.

Very attractive to the opposite sex, they want someone who’s smart and somehow mysterious to be next to them for life.

Venus in 8th House summary:

  • Strengths: Devoted, witty and romantic;
  • Challenges: Overly dramatic and superficial;
  • Advice: Be the person who matches their words to their actions;
  • Celebrities: Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence, Prince Harry, Kylie Jenner, Mike Tyson.

Hating vulgarity and poverty, these natives will do their best to have lots of money and to succeed. It’s normal for them to surround themselves with high-quality things, so be ready to witness them spend everything they have in one shopping spree. They get easily bored with the everyday issues and need a little bit of drama in order to feel happy.

Passion makes them feel better about themselves

People having Venus in the 8th House, which rules over sex, are very charming when it comes to love. They like being romantic, giving or receiving flowers and forging meaningful relations

It’s very possible they will start a business with their partner or inherit some money they will very much depend on. Their friends will be true, and they’ll probably be interested in the occult.

When it comes to love, they want things to happen intensely because they really don’t like casual encounters and to just have sex for the fun of it. They don’t dream of something strictly physical and prefer a relationship with as much drama as possible.

Everything that has something to do with superficiality or the mundane bores them. Fearful to not appear weak in love, they may struggle to keep their emotions under control. Jealousy and possessiveness are normal for these people, because they’re terrified to not get cheated on or betrayed.

They wouldn’t allow themselves to appear weak in love no matter what, being very afraid to be cheated on and very jealous.

Those who have managed to win their trust should never disrespect them or abuse their good nature, because they’re very loyal and giving. If you’ll offer them back what they have given to you, things between you two should go on smoothly.

Passion makes them feel better, so they’re charming others just to bring out their most fiery attitudes. Everything that’s secret and taboo makes them thrive, wanting to get together with people who have obsessions or are a little bit broken inside.

It’s not unusual for them to turn their love relationship into a business one, because they can really collaborate with their partner, no matter if it’s about romance or money making. Many will be fascinated by their intensity, wanting to know them better with every day that passes.

Individuals having Venus in the 8th House are very generous with their love and passionate, because they feature all the Scorpio’s traits.

Everything is deep with them, and their favorite thing to do is discover their lover’s secrets, as it’s impossible for them to live knowing their other half is hiding something. That’s why they go for mysterious and dark people, for those who inspire a little bit of danger and have a ton of sex appeal.

As a matter of fact, they’re transmitting a lot of sexual energy themselves, being almost irresistible with their seductive ways and penetrating eyes. Those who are in love with them can see how capable they are of an intense connection and of offering the greatest pleasures in bed.

However, Venus in eighth House natives need someone who will be fully committed to them, no matter if it’s about love, friendship or business.

They usually don’t give their heart away immediately, their stubbornness being something others are usually trying to overlook. But they are really able to connect or to make people trust them, whether they reveal their dark side or not.

Very curious about secrets, they avoid sharing their own and stick their noses where they shouldn’t. Not at all good at small talk, individuals having Venus in the 8th House want to discuss matters of the soul and philosophy.

When feeling like they no longer have any power, they start manipulating others, because being in control makes them feel emotionally secure.

If their partner starts to grow apart from them, they become enraged and can no longer be controlled in their plans for revenge. This happens due to the fact that they’re deep and feel things more intensely than others.

The eighth House can teach them to be more trusting and let go of the past, if only they listen to how this location in their birth chart influences them. Venus has its own shadows when placed here, so natives having this planet in the 8th House will be attracted by the forbidden and everything that’s taboo.

They will think of death and create great art out of this. If artists, they will make all kind of morbid pieces that are really appreciated by their admirers.

Seductive and wealthy people can make them fall in love easily, because they’re sexual and have a love for luxury. Those who are preoccupied with the occult will always have a special place in their heart.

They are rather reserved

People with Venus in the 8th House are emotionally intense and passionate, always wanting to establish deep connections with others. The planet of love is sometimes overwhelmed in this House of darkness and secrets, but it definitely makes its natives more deep, emotional and needing to merge with someone from a sexual and mental point of view.

They will always want to have committed friends, lovers and business partners. Very intuitive, insightful and sympathetic, they can also come up with original ideas and successfully explore what’s being hidden to the public eye.

When out in the world, they are rather reserved, mysterious and somewhat mystical. Venus can get deep into the way they interact with others, making them unconsciously profound and capable of tremendous passion.

The eighth House rules over death, so having Venus here can signify an ending that’s not so painful. They will probably die in a beautiful place, surrounded by all the people they care for the most. It’s the position that suggests an ending in the arms of their life partner.

However, if Venus is in bad aspects here, they may have many losses in their lifetime, physical or symbolical, as it can also be that their spouse doesn’t love them the way they used to, which is also a great loss.

Individuals having Venus in the 8th House should be careful not to become manipulative because they can immediately attract people, so the temptation to use others can be very high.

It’s also important for them to have control over how jealous and possessive they are, because they can exaggerate with these negative traits.

Looking at which House falls in Libra or Taurus, they can see how they can use Venus’ energies in the most constructive way. It’s easy for them to become financially dependent on others, so they should pay some extra attention to this aspect.

These are the types of people who don’t mind quarrels over inheritance and who prefer destructive ways over superficiality and the mundane.

When loving, they completely devote themselves to their partner, expecting the exact same thing in return. It’s very likely for them to exit relationships in which nothing is happening just to enter others that have more conflict.

Wanting an intricate sex life, they can’t deal with their psychological issues by making love, because they’re too intense for things to be simple in their life. They will probably think all the drama and betrayals happening are meant for them, as they like to think of themselves as victims.

The 8th House can generate a storm of feelings and doesn’t allow people to get too comfortable. When Venus is placed here, the natives with this placement will search for an aggressive love that makes them feel nauseated and feeds their soul.

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