Venus in 7th House: Key Facts About Its Influence on Personality

People having Venus in the 7th House will rarely argue, because they want harmony to rule over their life with their significant other.

Venus in 7th House

People having Venus in the 7th House are all about relationships and other people in their life. They’re also very keen on harmony and balance, so they’ll try their best to keep their life at peace and in order.

It’s normal for them to lose themselves in a relationship that lasted for too long, allowing comfort and overindulgence to take over their life. Therefore, they may let themselves go, put on some extra weight or no longer pay attention to the way they look.

Venus in 7th House summary:

  • Strengths: Peacemaker, balanced and diplomatic;
  • Challenges: Rushing into decisions and materialism;
  • Advice: Don’t become addicted to the approval of those around;
  • Celebrities: Ryan Gosling, Tyra Banks, J. K. Rowling, James Franco, Kate Moss.

Venus in 7th House natives are simply crazy about love and have the tendency to change partners when wanting to see how a new relationship feels like. They will marry later in life, all their long-term commitments being turbulent rather than smooth.

Exaggeratedly attached to the person they have fallen for

Individuals having Venus in the 7th House are the most successful when they can express their artistic, romantic and social skills through harmonious interactions with others. Even their health depends on how well they feel emotionally and the way their relationships are evolving.

It’s possible for them to get married just for the money, so their materialistic nature will pretty much be obvious in this case. It’s like relationships are all they’re living for, because they can’t stand being alone.

They want balance more than anything, so becoming domineering with their partner is not at all unusual for them. These people love bringing peace and often go over themselves in their search for harmony in their romantic relationships.

It’s important they don’t try the impossible in their search for balance because many may want to take advantage of them seeing how they’re ready to compromise.

Looking for someone who looks good and has a good career, they will try their best to be charming and enjoyable. Their magnetism seems to always attract the right people, and the way they interact with their other half is based on the give-and-take process involved.

Their most erogenous zones are around the back and the hips, so members of the opposite sex may be very attracted by these parts of their body.

With Venus in the seventh House of relationships, they are most likely to have a happy marriage and to enjoy life together with a partner more than others do.

They will rarely argue, because they want harmony to rule over their life with their significant other. If there aren’t other negative aspects and factors in their chart, they’ll most likely get to live the marriage everyone dreams of, as they hope for a perfect love life ever since children.

In general, they hate being on their own and wish for their relationship to be stable, beautiful and true. There are no problems with their level of commitment and when Venus is in good aspects, the chances for them to have a good marriage become much higher.

But if this planet is in negative aspects, they can become the laziest spouses who are still capable of true love, but just don’t want to do anything.

Venus is at home in the seventh House, which means the life of natives with this placement will have a lot of Libra’s energies surrounding them. It doesn’t matter if this planet is in Libra or not, they will still have the sign’s influence as Libra rules over the 7th House.

All in all, Venus in seventh House natives are very charming and in need of balance, being also very open to offer their loved one everything he or she needs for a happy life. It’s easy for them to become taken advantage of, so they should look for someone who is also looking to work on the relationship.

It’s possible for them to be exaggeratedly attached to the person they have fallen for, so don’t be surprised if their personality has merged with their lover’s. Eager to be involved and wanting for everything in their relationship to be smooth, things may not always go the way they want them to.

When alone, they feel like something is missing in their life, so they’ll do their best for their partner to be happy and feeling appreciated.

Venus in 7th House individuals are more the type who enjoy something long-term rather than one-night stands. They give themselves completely when in love, so their respect and loyalty can always be counted upon.

It’s a pleasure for them to explore what romance brings into their life. It’s important they learn how to approach disagreements and not ignore fights just because they don’t like having them.

Being independent and on their own is also something they should think to implement into their life, as their need for love can be too much sometimes.

Having a special charm and loving with all their heart, it’s easy for them to convince others to do things the way they want them to. Many will see them as their perfect match because they’re giving and kind.

Wishing to be respected and appreciated

Being at home in the seventh House, Venus receives a lot of influence from the Libra. It’s somehow easy for others to take advantage of them, so they need someone who’s caring and knows how to invest love in a relationship, because they are very kind and supportive personalities.

It’s possible they’ll become dependent on their lover and focus their entire life on the person they most care about, which is their partner.

Always positive, they’re not in any way looking for the negative traits their partner has, usually putting people they love on a pedestal and having the wrong impressions about them. The position of Venus in the 7th House makes them want to give and receive respect, because this makes them feel powerful and confident.

Because Venus is the planet of beauty and love, natives having it in the 7th House should do their best to put their talents to use. Focusing on how this celestial body can help them is something they should think of, as many important things in their life are influenced by where it’s placed in their birth chart.

Wishing to be respected and appreciated, they gather around them all the people who love them the most. They would hate to argue, because conflicts really confuse them.

However, it’s important for them to learn how to deal with disagreements because they’re usually ignoring quarrels and end up not knowing what’s going on anymore.

Being happy by themselves is also something they need to implement in their life because dependency on others has never been healthy.

As they have a special charm, it’s easy for them to convince people to do what they want. Many will want to be with them because they really seem to be the ideal life partners.

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