Venus in 3rd House: Key Facts About Its Influence on Personality

People having Venus in the 3rd House will strive for variety in everyday life and are not known for looking back when they make a decision.

Venus in 3rd House

Natives having Venus in the 3rd House are convincing, interesting and when it comes to love, they really prefer someone who’s a good conversationalist rather than a person who always looks good. As a matter of fact, when they can’t communicate with their partner, they become really upset.

These people don’t like staying in one place for too long, so it’s very likely they’ll change homes very often. They will probably be great artists and meet their other half through someone in their family.

Venus in 3rd House summary:

  • Strengths: Tactful, emotional and motivated;
  • Challenges: Changing moods and lack of confidence;
  • Advice: Make peace with making mistakes;
  • Celebrities: Cristiano Ronaldo, Drake, Jay-Z, Robert De Niro, Ryan Reynolds.

Venus in third House people love to communicate in any way because they’re very good at expressing themselves and can describe a situation, images or people by using impressive words.

The peace bringers of the zodiac

People with Venus in the 3rd House express themselves through their intellectuality and the way they appreciate art, cultural resources or literature.

They usually fall in love with their neighbors or people in their close proximity, even if they enjoy going places for their romantic pursuits. It’s more important for them to have a companion than a lover, because they prefer someone intellectual and very open to talk to about anything.

As soon as they’ve devoted themselves to a person, you can trust they’ll be devoted and true close friends.

They know how to talk, and their diplomatic skills can’t be found in others. It’s easy for them to win people with their talk, because they have a great voice and talent at languages or at being tactful.

Their compliments are sincere, many using flattery and risking seeming dishonest this way.

The peace bringers of the zodiac, people with Venus in the third House are always looking to avoid conflicts and to convince others arguing is not in any way necessary.

However, many may not take their word for it when they’re trying to be nice because they also have a very mean side. It’s their pleasure to play mind games and to not mean what they’re saying.

When it comes to love, they want variety and to be constantly stimulated intellectually. Venus in 3rd House natives are always vivid and happy to take part in a conversation, because talking about any subject makes them tick.

The variety of the everyday life is something they’re really struggling to obtain, as change doesn’t bother them in any way. These people love with their mind and are very attracted to intelligence. That’s why they need someone with whom they can talk about every little thing happening in their life.

Since Gemini rules the 3rd House, they will most likely be very attracted to this sign and, just like its natives, they are the type who enjoys playing with words and their meanings.

They feel the happiest when analyzing the mind of their lover, so if they get bored with the way someone thinks, you can be sure they’ll leave the relationship altogether.

Their other half needs to have a rich imagination, to want to learn and to evolve, or they’ll immediately start looking for someone better to fill the emptiness in their life. It is possible for them to have long-term relationships, but only if Venus is satisfied through other means like their career and hobbies.

When meeting someone with the same interests as them, they become completely fascinated and want to know more about that person.

As said before, their way with words is fantastic, so they’d make great writers or politicians, depending on how sociable they actually are. Flirtatious and always using their cleverness to attract others, they could make it as poets, too.

The presence of Venus in the third House makes them a little bit mean and easily bored. It’s essential for them to have their mind stimulated because they can immediately start thinking of other things and even of how to do something to hurt others.

It’s suggested they learn how to be more honest in everything they say and do, because it’s very possible they won’t get away with a cheating attitude.

Well-intentioned and open to love, natives with Venus in 3rd House are proud of who they are and don’t want to use any mask for the public. It doesn’t matter whom they have fallen in love with, you can trust them to always be fun and charming with that person.

In this position, Venus enhances all the traits that the 3rd House is in control of, which are related to communication, studying, short-distance travels and siblings. It also has an effect over how people talk and how good they are with their hands.

The warmth of Venus gives individuals having this planet in 3rd House a talent for the spoken and written word, and when it’s in positive aspects in their chart, it makes them incredible artists. Always capable of holding great speeches, they have a beautiful voice that helps them impress others.

Positive aspects with Neptune can mean they’re great singers and should do something with their talent. Because they’re aware of how good they can be with words, it’s possible for them to become manipulators who don’t necessarily have a plan to scam.

Through compliments, they can persuade others easily, but they can also be very big gossipers if a square with Mars or other “bad” planets in the 12th House is being formed. They will probably have a beautiful childhood, especially if Venus is almost in the 4th House.

Very fun and eager to learn in school, they have most likely absorbed all the information they have been taught very fast. Good with languages, it’s easy for them to travel to other countries and to end up mastering a foreign language. It can be said they have an advantage in front of others because it takes them less time to learn something.

When having Mercury in the same third House, they definitely can be great writers, while Venus gives them the ability to become as artistic as possible.

A conjunction between Venus and Uranus means they’ll be quite the geniuses when it comes to artistic expression and anything else related to the mind.

Venus in 3rd House individuals are all talented at poetry and love life as is. Because they want to communicate, it’s very likely they’ll send love letters to their partner.

Written information makes them want to read more, so don’t be surprised if they have many books at home. As a matter of fact, they’re quite dependent on new information and can’t rest until they have seen what’s the latest in politics, technology, sports or culture.

Many will see them as childish

Venus rules over beauty, life’s pleasures, happiness and everything that’s sweet. When in the third House of communication, it makes people in love with words in any form, be it journalistic or from literature. They can convince others with their charm and the many beautiful words they know to have things done their way.

At weekends, they prefer to go to a library or where people engage in intellectual conversations and discuss, because they simply love to talk about anything.

Many will see them as childish when it comes to the way they dress and express themselves, but their curiosity will always have them exploring new realms in terms of style and seeming eccentric.

They’re always complimenting others and giving their best to bring peace. Seductive to the point of hypnosis, they can talk anyone into thinking they’re in love with them.

Venus’ position in the 3rd House indicates they want a big family and to develop relationships of friendship with their children or spouses.

As a profession, they should choose journalism, writing, being librarians, teaching, hosting talk shows and even politics. If they decide to be critics, many will ask of their opinion because it’s detailed and insightful.

Their neighbors will always appreciate them, because they’re tactful and avoid arguments as much as possible. They are the type who always mediates and is looking for the perfect environment for a conversation.

It’s very likely they’ll meet their other half at a meeting with friends, because they love going out and even being a part of a community. Their curiosity towards how things work in the neighborhood will have them participate to public board meetings.

If they avoid using their influence in order to gain more power, Venus placed in the third House will make their social life a bliss and give them all of its blessings to overcome life difficulties.

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