Venus in 2nd House: Key Facts About Its Influence on Personality

People having Venus in the 2nd House may appear driven by materialistic pursuits but can also empathize and react to matters of the heart, something less known about them.

Venus in 2nd House

People with Venus in the 2nd House really know how to appreciate beautiful and valuable things. They will probably have a collection at home, be it of art or stamps, but you can be sure they’ll always surround themselves with beauty.

Many will see them as high maintenance because they’re always elegant and looking to enjoy the finest wines or foods. Very materialistic, they want a lover to get them expensive gifts, but you can’t say they’re shallow or unable to love others. They just don’t want to settle for less and appreciate only what’s truly valuable, from friendships to pieces of furniture and clothes.

Venus in 2nd House summary:

  • Strengths: Extravagant, well-defined and sincere;
  • Challenges: Bitter and obsessive;
  • Advice: The calmer you are, the easier most things are;
  • Celebrities: Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson, Oprah Winfrey, Demi Lovato, David Beckham.

Craving admiration

The sociability, romanticism and artistic spirit of natives having Venus in 2nd House will be expressed through their efforts to make money, acquire possessions and gain a good position in society. It’s very possible they’ll decide on a very rich partner who can help them attain the comfort they’re so much dreaming of.

It’s very important for them to be surrounded by beautiful things and to feel they’re financially secure. Having a few talents for business and the arts, it can be intriguing to watch their evolution when it comes to money.

If they have any hobby, it’s suggested they make a living out of it because it’s very important for them to do what they really love in life. They need their loved ones to express all the affection and love they have in their heart for them.

It may be difficult to deal with individuals that have such extravagant taste, but others should understand what makes their heart tick is already established and something they’re very proud of.

Very good at finding value anywhere and also at putting it to good use, they would do a great job at trading antiques or other things that can be repaired and sold for a higher price.

Usually generous and eager to make gifts, they expect something back from those they’re giving presents to. Many of them may be too obsessed to win their partner’s admiration because all they want is to be praised and can’t always receive admiration.

Their most erogenous zones are the neck area and the chest, having a voice that makes any member of the opposite sex fall in love with them. They like to wait and build on new love, and their ideal partner will offer them security coupled with loyalty.

As soon as they’ve committed, expect them to always be honest and to never want to leave. Their values are strong, so it can be difficult for others to understand their principles or to want to stay around them for a lifetime.

Sensuality characterizes these people, so they’ll enjoy everything that appeals to their senses. The more open and sincere a person is, the more they will like him or her.

It can be said Venus in 2nd House people are of two types: the ones driven by the materialistic side of things and the ones who are only looking for value. Some may be neither of these two types, other can fall into both categories, but most of them are only one of these two things.

There are many features they have in common, among which attachment should definitely be mentioned. Also, their desire to own and to have as many valuable possessions as possible will be present in all of them. This is because Taurus belongs to the second House, and Taurus is a sign that obsesses over owning things.

Venus in 2nd House individuals truly appreciate beauty and want to be in the most pleasant environments. That’s why they will work hard to have a comfortable life and to afford all kind of expensive things.

Because Venus is the planet of love, they will also be possessive with their partner, so many of their breakups will be caused by this attitude.

Their idea of love is associated with complete devotion and loyalty, and there’s no other way around with them when it comes to this. They value their romantic relationships very much, but as Air signs, they may not have this feeling that much.

Those who have their Sun in a Fire sign may be insistent on one side and tolerant on the other, while the Earth and Water signs are truly feeling this influence and can’t in any way escape it. The Earth ones are also more interested in everything materialistic.

Love is all about being next to their partner

As said before, natives with Venus in the 2nd House are of two types. Some of them are driven by the materials, others appreciate only value. They may be none of these things or they can be both, but you can be sure they’ll be extreme about it, no matter which one they’re featuring.

Don’t think they don’t have anything in common, because they do. For example, they all need security and get strongly attached, no matter if it’s on people or things.

Taurus rules the second House, being a sign that wants to always possess and to enjoy beauty or pleasure in all its forms. That’s why people with Venus in the 2nd House will always make their surroundings beautiful and struggle to be as comfortable as possible.

Because they can get very jealous and terrified their partner may cheat on them, they need to somehow learn how to deal with this or their lovers may break up with them more often than others go to the gym.

Love is all about being next to their partner and paying no attention to other people. That’s why they want someone who doesn’t mind belonging to them and who understands they find this feeling very important.

When they feel secure themselves, it becomes their pleasure to make others enjoy stability. Falling in love can make them overprotective and caring, the providers who always make their loved ones’ wishes come true.

The more materialistic natives with Venus in the 2nd House are also very realistic and can work until they’re exhausted. When knowing they have something to gain, it’s impossible for them to think of morals anymore.

This can be harsh, but their drive to make as much as possible can be really destructive, no matter how much they’re struggling to create a better life for themselves and their partner.

It’s possible for them to fall in love for the money or the social position a marriage can bring them. Because they want financial security more than anything, their partner will be rich and very generous. The ones who appreciate only value have a lot of honor and strong principles which they live their life by and impose on others.

They’ll immediately judge those who don’t live up to their expectations, seeing themselves in a very positive light.

It’s suggested all natives having Venus in the second House become more open minded and no longer hold on too tightly to their old ideas.

It’s wrong to judge others who don’t have the same morals as them because disregarding and thinking bad of people can be very unhealthy.

Moreover, they should try to no longer give themselves completely when in love or to feel strongly attached to a person. Life sometimes needs change and for people to let go, regardless of the fact that the planet of love is ruling over their life.

Those who focus only on money should pay attention to what makes them tick, while the ones who are always adoring and giving themselves away should be more realistic.

After they have fallen for a person, Venus in 2nd House people become the best caretakers who want to give their other half everything he or she needs. Their family values can’t be broken, so their spouses and children will always be cherished and spoiled.

Easy for them to become workaholics, they should be less ruthless in their efforts to make their life and loved ones’ existence perfect.

It’s normal for them to fall in love for the money, but they can’t be called vain or gold diggers, because they also work hard to bring in their share and to have their own financial success.

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