Venus in 10th House: Key Facts About Its Influence on Personality

People having Venus in the 10th House will want to make a contribution and to spread a lot of love, bringing positivity anywhere they may go.

Venus in 10th House

Venus in 10th House people love being in the center of attention, having a good social position and making a good career out of one of their hobbies. It’s important for them to be appreciated for everything they do, even if they’d rather work in teams than alone.

Many will think of them as pretentious, because they want to live the high life and get together with influential people. However, this doesn’t reveal who they truly are, because they’re around these individuals just to have some doors open for themselves and to advance at work.

Venus in 10th House summary:

  • Strengths: Elegant, charming and sociable;
  • Challenges: Complaining and obsessive;
  • Advice: Try doing things differently from time to time;
  • Celebrities: Johnny Depp, Nicole Kidman, Kanye West, Ashton Kutcher.

Individuals having Venus in the 10th House are attracted only to those who have accomplished something in their life and are usually older and more mature than they are.

Craving for a VIP entourage

Venus in tenth House people express themselves socially, romantically or artistically through their profession, which can often be related to the arts.

They want a good social position and may achieve success at being managers, talented artists or the spouses of someone influential.

People will always respect them for being charming, so they’ll always have admirers, even if some will watch them from a distance.

There’s something that makes them attractive but at the same time seem cold. Everyone will notice how attractive and loving they can be, but they should pay attention not to live their life according to what others think of them, because this can make them seem vain.

Many of Venus in 10th House individuals have married for image or are true workaholics. Good at making new friends and organizing events, they have all the chances to become successful when compared to other Venus natives.

Many of the people they’ll meet will totally like their style, so it will be easy for them to charm those who are in power. It’s a pleasure for these natives to go to work and to chase after their career-related dreams, which means they have great energy and enough determination to succeed.

As soon as they have managed to attain some of their goals, they turn into complete workaholics who no longer pay attention to the people they love and don’t want to enjoy any of the life’s pleasures.

It’s not a golden rule for things to happen this way, but they should pay attention not to let these things happen, or they’ll end up in isolation and forgotten by all of those who have loved them.

It’s very possible they’ll have many role models in life, or for them to be the ones after others are living their life, but no matter the case, their efforts should be recognized, or they’ll become disillusioned.

They respect all of society’s norms and don’t mind adhering to a good structure that has been laid out by others. Venus in 10th House individuals don’t mind working their entire life and want to relax after they’ve concluded their mission on Earth.

They also don’t mind waiting for people with influence to discover them and usually succeed at what they have set their mind to. They will make their life at work more enjoyable and help their colleagues while being respectful with the bosses.

Their type is usually the one who’s in love with work and invests a lot of passion and time in the daily job. It’s unlikely for them to ever get bored with what they do for a living, because this is how they express their love.

Positive and able to deal with an interview without having too many emotions, they will get any job they’re aiming at.

They will be more attached to the parent that has been more domineering in their childhood, which often happens to be the father.

The position of Venus in the tenth House indicates they may have a parent with Taurus and Libra influences, or who has a very powerful Venus.

Because they love work so much, they will most likely meet their other half at the office, this being even more possible if they’re having the cusp of the 7th House in Libra or Taurus.

Since Capricorn rules over the tenth House, so the planet Venus here may indicate they will fall for older people who have an influential position or are playing the role of their mentor.

But there’s also the possibility these individuals won’t meet anyone and marry their work, because they can be pretty balanced when they’re only doing their job and usually identify with what they do for a living.

When Venus gets support from other planets in this placement, there’s a good chance for these natives to become famous.

Very passionate about their work

The 10th House rules over public image, success, what a person dreams of and honor. That’s why it makes the natives having Venus here naturally charming, expressive and creative.

People with Venus in the tenth House are very preoccupied with how people see them and want to collaborate in order for their career to evolve.

They may become famous artists, because they love making others feel better and bringing peace. Idealistic, dreaming of utopias and glamorous lives, they can feel very down if not recognized and admired.

Life at work makes them tick, and the relationships with their colleagues can be very fruitful. It’s easy for them to achieve success when they’re always networking and simply hypnotizing people with one look.

Venus in the 10th House indicates they may have their parents helping them with money or their career, and have a very warm relationship with their mother, regardless of the situations when a rivalry between the mother and the daughter exists.

Very passionate about their work, people with Venus in the tenth House will want to make a contribution and to spread a lot of love, bringing positivity anywhere they may go. However, no matter how expressive Venus makes them, they will always remain a mystery to the public.

The more female influences they have in their life, the more successful and productive their life has a chance of becoming. They love to socialize and inspire groups of people to follow them.

Natives with Venus in the 10th House want an honorable and serious career that puts them in the center of things. They will take as much advantage of their good image as possible, because Venus makes them seem loving and transforms them in the social assets that everyone wants around. They’re quite talented with public relations and don’t mind speaking in front of a public.

Diplomatic and tactful, these people know their way around words and can magnetize large groups of people to listen to their ideas. Many will pay more attention to them than to what they’re saying, but this wouldn’t matter that much, because they would still get heard.

Groups and companies will use them as their image, so they should be careful not to get involved with suspicious organizations. A Venus that is in an adverse aspect can have them ignore morals and treat any collaboration as just another job, not thinking whom they’re giving their image to.

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