Uranus in Capricorn: How It Shapes Your Personality and Life

The position of Uranus in your natal chart reveals how forward-looking you are, on one hand, and on the other, how rebellious you are.

Uranus in Capricorn

Against all odds, those born with Uranus in Capricorn can be very imaginative and innovative, especially in their professional life, when it comes to conducting business. Why is so paradoxical? Because the Capricorn zodiac sign is the most conventional one, preferring to side with the status quo for most of the time.

Getting out of their comfort zone is irritating and annoying for most people. Of course, through trial and error, one manages to bring the best of both worlds together, working with an orderly structure in mind, but being willing to implement new ideas as well.

Uranus in Capricorn in a nutshell:

  • Style: Disciplined and patient;
  • Top qualities: Organized and thoughtful;
  • Challenges: Pessimistic and aloof;
  • Advice: Try to get used to and accept disruption;
  • Celebrities: Taylor Swif, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Emma Watson, Zayn Malik.

Personality traits

For the Uranus Capricorn native, change should come as a result of long planning, out of necessity to develop certain social constructs and beliefs that had been sunken into a stagnant past.

It should never be caused through violence, using a forceful approach, because that will tear all the social conformism, it will make people perceive it as a bad thing, it will make them reticent and unwilling.

This is why this individual acts with the utmost responsibility and caution when he wishes to implement some kind of innovative idea in a group. Their plan would benefit everyone involved, and that’s a good incentive.

But this time, Uranus, the planet known for the world-changing events and revolutionary influence makes its nest in the minds of those benefiting from its transit through Capricorn.

To elevate their status in society is never hard for these people, and it’s certainly something that would have happened eventually anyway.

With their abilities and great intellect, the Uranus Capricorn natives pave their own path through the muddy world, with a clear plan for the future in their mind.

They are determined, unrestrained, willing to risk a lot to reach their objectives, and most importantly, they are bold enough to take on any challenge. With how they deal with problems, observing and then analyzing them to formulate the perfect solution, success is inevitable.

The Uranus Capricorn natives are very ambitious, hard-working, perseverant, and make full use of their innovative ideas to bring their goals closer and closer.

Although they may be quite a bit chaotic from time to time because they would never give up on their ideas once a plan was started, they are still very productive most of the time.

Impulsivity is this native’s second nature, almost, and in their path towards attaining a brilliant future, they will jump head-long into battle without thinking of the risks involved.

These people don’t relax until their plans have either been fully implemented or when they know for sure that nothing bad will happen. Responsibility is their middle name, and they bring great changes to the world through their innovative ideas.

In business, you would never want to be matched up against them as a competitor because you won’t resist for too long. Coming up increasingly attractive and surprising marketing strategies, this native can change their approach at the flick of a finger, with only the final goal in mind.

Moreover, they are quite the conservative individual and usually like to keep the order intact.

The Uranus in Capricorn native is up to date with the innovations in technology, market strategies, untested methods, the new trends in Paris, and will offer you all their knowledge in exchange for professionalism.

A stable love, please

People with Uranus in Capricorn in their natal chart will avoid getting involved in relationships that they are unsure of.

They may fancy being called risk-takers but in reality, they take into consideration all the possibilities of failure and success before committing to a course of action.

Because they want stability and security, they will want to meet a partner who caters to these needs. Of course, if they involve themselves in such a romantic bond, they won’t abandon everything after seeing that there are problems that need to be addressed.

With their imagination and deep intuition, you will do everything it takes to reach a consensus, overcome all of the challenges, and reach a perfect understanding.

Moreover, while these natives may not like one-nights and taking unnecessary risks, this doesn’t mean that they are completely traditional and one who acts based on stereotypes and age-old mentalities.

The good and the bad

These guys never give up and will always fight recklessly to protect their ideas. With great tenacity and resourcefulness, they always manage to overcome any challenge, and this is mainly because they are very stubborn.

Unless they see no path forward, they will never stop themselves from trying. If there’s even the smallest possibility, they’ll keep on going no matter the risks involved.

Now, it may not be so evident when they’ll finally reach the top of the social ladder because they aren’t extravagant or eccentric, but materialism comes as a natural trait.

With reason and a practical approach, each and every one of their plans is made with the thought of efficiency in mind.

The one thing that stops these natives from truly reaching for the heavens is their stubbornness. If they’ve made a plan and later found out that it won’t have the desired results, they will have a hard time giving up on it entirely.

Still, moments like these don’t stop them from advancing like an unstoppable force, like a hot knife cutting through butter.

Sometimes, they appear as aloof and disinterested, but that’s because these Capricorns have a razor-sharp focus.

The Uranus in Capricorn man

With planet Uranus being a pretty slowly-advancing planet that stays for about seven years in every sign, we can surmise that its influence affects generations of people, or at least it does appear to be like this.

In the case of the man with the Uranus in Capricorn transit, a reasonable and rational outlook on the world is a given.

He’s never going to rush things, and would rather observe, analyze, deconstruct the problem, see what’s wrong, and proceed on solving it with patience and ease.

With Capricorn being one of the most traditional and conformist natives of the zodiac, Uranus’ chaotic and shocking influence will obviously create great conflicts that will need to be resolved.

In general, he succeeds in bringing in the best of both worlds and will act on his instincts when a situation calls for it. Improvisation is the way to go, even when he goes out of his way to act on his humanitarian impulses.

The Uranus in Capricorn woman

The Uranus Capricorn woman needs to keep her mind busy, to always feel the adrenaline surging through her veins.

Only by keeping a close eye on things and honing her skills could she ever advance at the pace she’s always displaying.

Challenges are but a way for her to deepen her skills, to better herself more and more. With a deep longing to discover the world and find herself a greater cause to fight for, she’ll keep on struggling fiercer and fiercer, until the world yields to her requests.

Professionally, she likes to make the plans and come up with the saving ideas, while romantically, she wants her partner to know she’s reliable and devoted.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.