Uranus in 8th House: How It Determines Your Personality and Destiny

This placement of Uranus makes people benefit from incredible luck in life although there is also a moody influence, that makes one rule the world one second and crawl to the ground the next.

Uranus in 8th house

People born with Uranus in the eighth house in their birth chart love transformation and may change many things about themselves a few times over, during their lifetime. It’s possible to see them one way this year and completely different the next one because they simply love to evolve and can get bored doing the same thing all the time.

Therefore, they should pay attention to not just do changes for the sake of doing them as this would risk destroying some of the good things happening in their life. It may be difficult for others to keep up with them and they can all the time study how the changes they’ve made influence the people they love the most.

Uranus in 8th House summary:

  • Strengths: Fascinating, diplomatic and witty;
  • Challenges: Overindulgent and suspicious;
  • Advice: They need to be more careful with their finances;
  • Celebrities: Coco Chanel, Florent Pagny, Lenny Kravitz, Meg Ryan.

Uranus in 8th house individuals will always look to be free and to express themselves, or to study the occult because they’re very preoccupied with life after death. It’s possible for their life to change for the better when they least expected it and after they get in a serious relationship.

An overindulgent personality

The strange and unconventional Uranus in the 8th house of death, sex, rebirth, transformation and money belonging to others, means the natives with this position are different from others when it comes to sex and want to experience as much as possible in the bedroom.

They’re the type who has to make love in unusual places and doesn’t like to do the same things every night. Individuals having Uranus in the 8th house don’t accept sex as the society sees it because they’re too rebellious.

They’re bringing their ideas to table and want to have with their partner something that doesn’t know any limits or doesn’t respect any rules.

These people seem to have a great gift of healing by using their hands, so they may be very talented at giving massages or practicing reiki.

They should really consider doing one of these things for a living as they would make a lot of money. It may be difficult for them to admit that they have suicidal thoughts, especially when very young.

Uranus moves in the 8th house and can shake their life more than others’. They could have some problems with money, but they could as well earn from other sources that aren’t their salary.

Therefore, they may receive income in the form of tax refunds, alimony and even from a wealthy partner.

Because they want pleasure and don’t mind overindulging in luxury, they will spend a lot and have expensive hobbies. It’s important that they’re financially independent because they can’t rely on others to support them.

The placement of Uranus in the 8th house also indicates they may be uncertain about their relationships and sexuality.

Only interested to get involved from an emotional and sexual point of you in partnerships that allow them to be free, Uranus in 8th house people are looking for a partner who also has strong influences from this planet, at least in his or her sexuality and why not, personality as well.

They may be fascinated by voyeurism and have sexual fantasies that scare others. If Uranus is in a stressed position in their chart, they will want to spend long hours with their lover and in the same time be very emotionally detached.

When Uranus is comfortable, they’ll be very objective when it comes to their sex life. Because the 8th house rules over inheritance among other things, natives with Uranus in 8th house should expect money from relatives they completely forgot about.

If this planet is in good aspects, they will be helped a lot by others to become rich and won’t even have to do anything about it.

These are the people who have all the chances to become wealthy in one minute, after they have been poor for a long time.

However, they should be careful because Uranus can also do the opposite thing when it comes to their money. For example, when it in bad aspects, it increases the chances of bankruptcy or the problems with the government and banks, so confiscation of their entire wealth is very possible.

They shouldn’t despair, even if they’re bankrupt, because Uranus may give them back everything they’ve lost.

It’s good they don’t really care about how much money they have, so when their life will become inconsistent as far as wealth goes, they won’t feel like their entire world is falling apart.

Uranus in the 8th house that rules over intimacy amongst others will have natives with this placement attracted to new experiences and eccentric sexual encounters, but this may be different if Saturn is often present in their chart.

If not, they will want to be with someone who wants an open relationship, threesomes and even to swing.

In case Uranus in their chart is being challenged, their subconscious can have them stress during sex and therefore, detached from the act itself, no matter if they’d be with their partner for a lifetime or just for one night.

This is the situation when the natives having Uranus in the 8th house wish for something rather transcendental than physical. Because they wouldn’t want to have too much sex in order to reduce the stress mentioned, they will get involved in long-distance relationships or decide to interact with the partner online more than in real life.

Being conscious of the passion during sex would be very important for them because otherwise, they may end up thinking they’re cursed to be cold and absent-minded when making love.

It’s true this attitude may have something to do with different traumas they’ve experienced during past lives, but this life cycle is, after all, a new one.


Uranus in 8th house individuals need to always have an objective and to give meaning to their actions. They’re usually very serious and don’t mind looking for different things that can make their life or the ones of their loved ones more beautiful.

These people need for things to happen naturally because they’re themselves natural and hate to fake anything.

They really don’t like to force things as they feel like improvement doesn’t happen when someone tries to be imposing. It isn’t easy to be around them, so they may have some conflicts with their friends or with too stubborn people who refuse to take others’ opinions into consideration.

They should use their talents as much as possible and win people over in the most difficult situations.

When Uranus is in a good position in the 8th house, the natives with this placement are very understanding of any sexual fantasy and need for emotional interaction.

They can immediately identify where the limits of relationships are and would never think they can be saved by sex.

However, they’re very curious about what to do in bed and usually adopt an objective approach when it comes to trying new things in between the sheets.

They may even think of sex as science, so they aren’t in any way inhibited when talking about subjects that others find as taboo or even awkward.

This will help and make them able to identify the sexual problems between themselves and their partner.

Being open and always honest when it comes to love making will always help their relationships, regardless if these would be just casual or lifetime marriages.

Uranus in 8th house natives should be aware of the changes happening in their life and admit they need for some things to happen differently every time.

They may try to hide what they’re feeling because they really hate to let people inside their mind and heart. But the more they will open up, the happier they will feel with those they’ve chosen to be their friends or partners.


Individuals having Uranus in the 8th house should be careful and identify their own boundaries so they don’t step over them.

Very well intentioned, they can also disappoint because they’re all the time changing. It’s fine for things to happen this way if that’s what they really want from life: to change and upset others.

If Uranus is in bad aspects in the 8th house, they may unconsciously carry in their psyche some traumas from their past lives, which will be serious things related to physical abuse and even rape.

Their mind may be filled with painful memories of unwanted sexual encounters, which means they’ll have difficulties establishing intimate connections with people in this life cycle.

It’s possible for them to have experienced some disappointment when they’ve shared their money with someone in the past lives as well.

In conclusion, they may not want to settle with someone or to make plans regarding joint accounts at the bank.

If they’ll continue to give themselves to these unconscious memories, they can have problems to engage in anything that requires them to share, including marriage or parenthood.

That’s why they may need to go to therapy and even undergo hypnosis. After a session with a counselor, they will start to realize they’re scared of intimacy and this has a lot to do with what happened in their other lives.

If they’d feel like they know best and prefer not to talk, they won’t improve in the natural way they so much desire.

Not to mention it’s easy for them to get caught inside their own mind and to no longer know what to do for their loved ones.

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