Uranus in 7th House: How It Determines Your Personality and Destiny

This placement of Uranus makes people seem irritating and difficult, but in fact, their friendliness, kindness and love always come to surface later on.

Uranus in 7th house

People born with Uranus in the seventh house in their birth chart always need change when it comes to their relationships. They like variety and to enjoy unusual connections with people who happen to be very eccentric.

These natives are not in any way traditional, so they could do amazingly in a long-distance and even open relationship. They don’t want to feel tied down to a person because there’s nothing in the world to make them commit. That’s why they should be with someone who offers them space and doesn’t try to take their freedom before they are ready to give it away.

Uranus in 7th House summary:

  • Strengths: Warm-hearted, intuitive and trustworthy;
  • Challenges: Restrictive and suspicious;
  • Advice: They shouldn’t hide who they are from those close;
  • Celebrities: Lim Neeson, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Daniel Day-Lewis.

It’s difficult to rely on these natives as they’re very unpredictable when it comes to relationships. You can be sure the most unusual people will be attracted to them because they’re intuitive, creative, original and have a touch of genius. Everything relating to these things in their life will happen to them unexpectedly, but surprises don’t make them less capable of building great things.

Chaotic and rebellious

The relationships of people having Uranus in the 7th house may be chaotic and at the same time unusual because they don’t actually rely on others and aren’t dependable themselves.

It’s very hard for these natives to get involved with someone who’s overbearing or to be involved in an affair that doesn’t offer them happiness anymore. They will learn from their experiences with others and realize how Uranus influences them in this house, so they won’t be surprised when noticing they need change more than anything else in terms of partnerships.

These people hate taking orders and when someone tries to limit them, they start to rebel and become impossible to deal with.

The more they’ll be with a person who’s needy, the more limited they’ll want to escape the relationship that makes them feel restricted.

Is very likely they’ll be chaotic and rebellious when with their partner because wondering what’s going to happen next makes them tick.

When the eccentric Uranus is positioned in the 7th house that rules over marriage and any other type of partnerships, it gives people with this placement a need to be bachelors their entire life.

In case these natives will at some point marry, expect them to be with someone who’s unusual and doesn’t respect traditions. They can also marry someone either older or much younger than them.

Their partner will always be considered different than others because what they’re looking for the most is for him or to be unconventional, no matter how they’ve been raised at home to believe love is.

As a matter of fact, in case their relationship is not in any way strange, it won’t work for them at all. Individuals having Uranus in 7th house give a lot of importance to friendship, so they won’t want a life partner that’s only their love, but someone who’s their companion as well.

It’s better for them to have this type of relationship with their other half. You can be sure they’ll always be open to do unusual things and to have many one-night stands.

They’ll project themselves on their partner, so they’ll probably look for someone who isn’t in anyway stable, predictable or needy.

This is what they are, so this is what they’re looking for in others, but don’t expect them to ever admit it. The placement of Uranus in their birth chart indicates a split in their psyche, making them want to be out of the ordinary and even deviating.

However, it can’t be said Uranus in 7th house individuals look for someone who’s their opposite, a person on whom anyone can count and who’s consistent because this is what their psyche asks of them.

With them, it’s not like this at all because they find it very difficult to escape this psychological need they have to project themselves on others.

They would be seen by others as irritating people until their friendliness, kindness and love would come to surface.

Uranus close to the Descendant indicates these natives would unconsciously feel rejected, but they’ll discover how strong their psyche is and build a strong image of themselves that isn’t in any way related to what others think of them.

Uranus in the 7th house usually indicates people with this placement have been very inconsistent during their past life and perhaps caused others to suffer, so in this life cycle they may feel the need to no longer be this way and to become as considerate as possible.

However, they would never escape their past lives because these would be deeply buried in their unconscious, so they would still need to understand how necessary balance and trustworthiness are in relationships.


Individuals having Uranus in the 7th house need to express themselves openly and to speak their mind.

Being confident and believing in their own choices should make their life easier and have others respect them more.

Is important for these natives to think they’re talented and that they can do many great things with what they know. They’re intelligent and have a nice personality that could win any person, no matter how cold.

Relying on their charming attitude and wit will get them very far in life. When Uranus is in good aspects in the 7th house, these natives will always have a hidden motive when interacting with others and not blame themselves for this because they think it’s only something human and therefore, flawed.

They will immediately recover from heartbreak because they would think anything wrong that has happened with their relationship has the purpose to make them develop in a more constructive way.

People having Uranus in the 7th house should be careful not to flirt too much with others when having their own partner.

It understandable they’re fun and always happy, but their lover wouldn’t feel amazing if they’d be trying to hook up with someone else. Therefore, in relationships they should keep their sociability to a lower level.


The strange thing about natives with Uranus in the 7th house is that they can’t apply their own principles to their life. When it comes to helping others, they seem unable to make the right decisions, which can also happen when they’re facing a difficult situation in their own life.

Being indecisive can drive people around them crazy and their partner to wonder if they’re truly in love with him or her.

These people tend to just go with the flow and do what their lover is saying rather than bringing their own ideas. They will create conflicts because Uranus is all about creativity and coming up with all kind of plans that are more or less realistic.

Just because they’re with someone, they shouldn’t lose themselves in that person and no longer care about themselves or their own wishes.

When Uranus in 7th house is in bad aspects, there is the possibility for them to experience trauma from past lives as far as friendships, business partnerships and romantic relationships go.

The natives with this placement may still carry around the memories of past lives when they were either abandoned at the altar on their wedding day or got married with someone whom they didn’t love.

If heartbroken, they will no longer respect, be fair, affectionate and kind with the one who betrayed them, no matter how much this would hurt.

They will just choose to be alone and to no longer trust anyone. Some sore points from their past lives may also be associated with social problems, so they may have memories of being removed from the family, group gatherings and all types of events they have hoped to be a part of.

It’s also the possibility they’ve been married with someone who was wealthier or more intelligent than them and they felt small.

No matter the case, they need to be aware past lives influence them and can even cause them to feel bad, therefore, they need to escape and no longer perpetuate what they may feel is not right.

It would be a very good idea for them to accept others for whom they are and not try to identify themselves with the ones they love by projecting their own personality on them.

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