Uranus in 11th House: How It Determines Your Personality and Destiny

This placement of Uranus makes people be very fun to have around and know exactly when to crack a good joke.

Uranus in 11th house

People born with Uranus in the eleventh house in their birth chart love freedom and usually get strongly attached to their friends. While they have large groups of acquaintances, only a few people are really close to their heart.

They really like to get together with those who have knowledge and know what they want from life. These natives can make anyone laugh but can’t really get emotionally attached. Because they prefer individuals who think like them, they won’t spend too much time around people who don’t share their beliefs and don’t have the same interests as themselves.

Uranus in 11th House summary:

  • Strengths: Caring, friendly and honest;
  • Challenges: Moody, distrusting and stubborn;
  • Advice: They shouldn’t keep their loved ones at a distance;
  • Celebrities: Hugh Grant, Anthony Kiedis, Hilary Duff, Victor Hugo.

Eccentric personalities

When in the 11th house, Uranus has an impact over friendships and the natives’ social circle. People having Uranus in 11th house can experience many changes in the relationships with their friends and all the time meet new and strange people.

They may even join a group that studies metaphysics or something else not everyone has access to. The more free-spirited and independent a person is, the more they will be attracted to him or her.

Those in their life who limit them will be kept at a distance. Being able to see the uniqueness in every person, they can be very good working in human resources.

Uranus is a planet that deals with the unusual, so in the 11th house of friendship, it will influence natives to get attached to those who are different or to despise the majority that always wants to conform and to fit in.

They will see many people as sellouts because they think being eccentric is what life should be all about.

Uranus in 11th house natives may seem chaotic or detached when in a group because they tend to just go and sit alone, making others wonder if they can be counted on to keep the spirits high.

As soon as others will realize these people are in fact very honest and want to interact with open-minded individuals, they will start being appreciated and recognized for their ideas, even if they sometimes want to be alone.

As said before, Uranus in 11th house natives need to interact with people who live the same way as them and also have high ideals.

Only with this type, they will have long lasting friendships that are sincere. It’s possible for their circle of friends to change according to their goals, but all in all, they will value every human being that passes through their life because Uranus is the planet of Aquarius, a sign of friendship and devotion towards companions.

Uranus in 11th house individuals will make themselves noticed in their group through their talents and great ideas.

They’re identified as pioneers of life, which can be more less true depending on the positions of other planets in their chart.

In case they’ll be this type, it’s possible for them to become very important for their groups and to bring a lot of joy everywhere they may be going.

The planet of eccentricity and change feels at home with this placement, manifesting itself at its fullest and giving the natives an ideal position.

As mentioned before, people with Uranus in 11th house will have unusual friends and be oriented towards making the world a better place or giving to others as much as they can.

They won’t mind getting together with people from all circles of life because they don’t have any cultural barrier or social limitations.

These natives don’t care about gender, religion or race and are very open to welcome anyone in their group or groups of friends.

Don’t expect them to ever think in stereotypes because this is simply not their way. It seems like they have a magic power to bring together people from all the corners of the world and different areas of life as they don’t see there can be any borders between individuals.

Because Uranus is unpredictable, they will have many of their friends just appearing in their life and develop strong connections in the spur of a moment.

Obviously, in case Uranus is in bad aspects with a malefic planet, they will probably lose their friends for many different reasons, the same negative aspect meaning they will get together with people who have mental issues and nervous breakdowns.


Natives having Uranus in 11th house are very fun and know when to crack a good joke. Many will like them when they won’t keep their guard up because the more honest and truthful they are, the higher the chances for them to be appreciated.

They don’t usually try to appear different than who they actually are, so anyone knows where to stand with them.

As a matter of fact, the way they interact with others will make them become more appreciated. However, they may need to change this about them because it would make people raise their expectations when it comes to how they are acting.

When Uranus in the 11th house feels comfortable, the natives with this placement have a need to service the collective, so doing volunteer work with children or the elderly will be their favorite thing to do because the 11th house is in opposition with the 5th house.

It’s possible they’ll exhibit great talents when it comes to sound and music, so don’t be surprised if they would sing as a hobby and not necessarily do this for a living.

What makes them happy and brings balance into their life is being with people who are changeable as them and who share their interests.

This is the only way for them to always be intellectually engaged and to not get bored or lost in small talk. They should be stimulated; therefore, they need to be around people as intelligent as them.


Uranus in the 11th house individuals are lucky to be different from others because they hate being labeled or having their friends describing them easily.

It can be good to question everything, but rejecting things because others do them differently is not at all a good idea.

They don’t like to compromise and almost feel sorry when seeing others who do it. It’s important for them to constantly change because variety makes them feel like they have many opportunities from which they can continue to develop.

However, because they’re all the time changing, it may be difficult to work with them and for them to be in a relationship. Not to mention they tend to think only what works for themselves is also good for others.

It’s very easy for these natives to simply run away from good things because they don’t accept situations, people or things when they’re not unusual enough.

Their need to always be in social circles will always have them making new friends. When Uranus in 11th house is in a challenging position, they may have unconscious traumatic memories from their past lives, that are related to the masses.

There may be some unconscious pain about someone who’s an authority figure in their life and really hurt them. Similarly, this problem can be from the past lives, but also a childhood issue.

If they have been rejected by someone, they may feel like the entire society rejects them now. It’s normal for people with Uranus in the 11th house and with a challenging position of this planet to be cynical on matters of the collective because they’re great intellectuals who think they have ideal solutions for others and believe they’re the smartest.

This could be a good thing for them because they would want to rebel against what’s perceived as normal, so they’d come up with all kind of ingenious ideas to solve different problems in a more or less orthodox way.

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