Tiger and Pig Love Compatibility: A Complex Relationship

These two won’t have any heated discussions but even so, their relationship is far from perfect.

Tiger and Pig Compatibility

Tigers and Pigs can have a very good relationship with each other, if only they’d respect one another’s weird and wonderful qualities. Tigers are never afraid to be outspoken when bothered, Pigs prefer to keep quiet and to not say what’s on their mind in the same situation.

In a strange way, Tigers are fascinated by the fact that Pigs are humble, and the latter love them for being courageous. If Tigers won’t embarrass Pigs in any way when in public, they have all the chances to be a very happy couple.

CriteriaTiger and Pig Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionBelow average❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

Couples formed by Pigs and Tigers can have a passionate and happy life together because they love being around each other and both can deal with their problems without being too affected by them.

Good compatibility but plenty of challenges

Tigers will always love buying presents for their Pig, while Pigs don’t mind cooking great meals for their lover or friend. Obviously, Tigers will always laugh when seeing Pigs believe everything that it’s being said to them, while Pigs will never be scared by the fact that Tigers are so self-centered.

All in all, Tigers and Pigs can get along very well, regardless of what kind of a relationship they’re having.

To be happy, Tigers must always roam around, while Pigs have to learn a little bit more about what standing their ground means because these natives tend to ask for support too many times.

It’s essential that Pigs understand that Tigers sometimes need to be alone, while Tigers should learn how to be affectionate and supportive with their Pigs as only this way, these last-mentioned ones won’t become too jealous.

When it comes to sex, these two have a great connection that can bring about a lot of pleasure, considering both are sensual. It’s possible for Pigs to become a little bit embarrassed by the fact that Tigers have so many sensibilities, but they’ll both laugh over this thing and make their life as a couple as beautiful as possible.

Tigers may overwhelm their partners with kisses, cuddles, presents and even long massages, especially after sex. If the man is a Pig and the woman a Tiger, they will admire one another all the time, which means they’ll deal with problems more easily.

She may not be as he imagines a woman to be because this lady is too direct and can pose many challenges to a man. Therefore, he may be upset for long periods of time and wait for her to become different.

While she may not want any children, he seems to be in love with the idea of parenting, which means they’ll have many issues as a couple.

If the man is a Tiger and the woman a Pig, they’ll be completely fascinated by how charming the other can be. It’s possible she won’t accept the fact that he’s restless and they’ll break up after a short period of time being together.

He won’t like her moods, so their happiness may be compromised. However, there isn’t a relationship that doesn’t require the partners to let a little bit of themselves go.

The connection between these two natives can encounter difficulties because the partners are a little bit different, so more understanding is required from them, every step of the way.

They should accept the fact that both of them need to adjust in order to no longer find each other irritating and annoying. It’s only when they’ll decide to deal with their differences that their life together as a couple can truly flourish.

Working to make the relationship last

The Chinese Horoscope doesn’t say they’re unable to love each other, but that they surely need to make some compromises for their relationship to be successful.

All in all, their union may be good in spite of their differences, which often make them stand alone. In case they’re serious about their connection, compromises become absolutely necessary.

It’s good they complement each other because this way, they have a better chance at being an envied couple. One thing about Pigs and Tigers together is the fact that neither of them likes conflicts, which means they’ll do everything in their power to avoid fighting and contradicting one another.

All this indicates they may struggle for a better understanding and for being all the time motivated to make their love expand. It’s amazing for their relationship to be like this because when arguments will take place, they’ll both look for solutions that bring them on a common ground.

As a matter of fact, many of their friends will admire them for never fighting or having discussions that are heated up. It’s possible for the relationship between Pigs and Tigers to last for a lifetime because both these natives are very generous when it comes to love.

Pigs always admire the fact that Tigers are compassionate, and they usually have the same goals with their partner. For example, both these people want the world to be a better place and to work hard for this thing to happen.

This means they’ll be a couple that struggles to help those less fortunate and to care for others. Pigs can be fascinated by the fact that Tigers are generous and that they put their own needs on hold in order to help those who don’t have as much as them.

The compatibility between Tigers and Pigs can be very high if they’ll both fight to make their affair long-lasting and profound. The former have a lot of sex appeal, which means the latter will not be able to resist them.

These natives are all the time admired for the fact that they’re charming, so it’s possible for them to have many admirers waiting on their celibacy. When in bed together, Pigs and Tigers love the fact that they can be intimate with each other, and Pigs can really appreciate that Tigers aren’t in any way selfish.

Tigers will only struggle to give their Pig partner pleasure, so they have all the chances to be happy from a sexual point of view when together, and to complement one another when it comes to lovemaking.

Another great thing about Pigs and Tigers is the fact that they’re both hard-working people. This means they’ll always fight for their marriage to last and for their family to have everything, from comfort to entertainment.

This will bring them together and they’ll conclude that they’re both strong when it comes to sharing their lives or reside in the same home.

These two will encourage one another to achieve their goals. Pigs will be fascinated by the Tigers’ passionate attitude as far as their dreams go. Both of them are positive, which means they’ll only focus on good things when together.

The challenges of this romance

The compatibility between Tigers and Pigs can be challenged because Tigers are intellectuals who use their mind whilst Pigs are emotional creatures who prefer to rely on intuition.

This means they won’t make sense of each other when one suggests a logical solution, while the other isn’t able to explain why he or she has made a decision.

While Tigers prefer to talk things through and to be with someone very intelligent, Pigs want more emotions and for their intuition to be given credit.

In other words, the logical Tigers may become uninterested and detached from the emotional Pigs, who can often be overwhelming with their emotional demands.

Furthermore, these two signs can expect very different things from love. Because they love to use their mind and think of the most complicated things, Tigers are very independent and want to express their individuality, even if matters of love are involved.

However, many can appreciate them for the fact that they allow their lovers to be as free as the birds in the sky. Pigs may be the only ones who don’t understand all this because they need to be constantly reassured of their partner’s love and tend to smother their other half with romantic gestures and affection.

Therefore, because each of them expects something different from love, they may be confused about each other and end up going on their separate ways.

Furthermore, Tigers don’t mind flirting with other people or talking about their ideas with members from the opposite sex because they’re open to new discussions and don’t mind making new friends.

All this can hurt Pigs and make them become isolated as these natives don’t necessarily want their partner to give them an explanation for exaggerated socializing, but more to suffer when lonely.

It’s possible Tigers may feel tied down by Pigs because in their heart, they want a lover who is independent and doesn’t rely on anyone.

Pigs can help Tigers to be more emotional, caring and even expressive. In return, Tigers can motivate Pigs to become detached and curious about intellectual matter or sensual pleasures.

As soon as Tigers will express themselves regarding the love they have for their partner, the latter will get to feel secure about the relationship and never upset for the fact that their Tiger only wants to wander with his or her mind.

The more Pigs are secure of their partner’s emotions, the less dependent they get to be on this person they love, which means a new air of enthusiasm can be brought into their relationship.

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