Tiger and Horse Love Compatibility: An Effortless Relationship

These two make for a creative and free couple that is often admired although they also encounter their challenges, behind closed doors.

Tiger and Horse Compatibility

Taken separately, Tigers and Horses of the Chinese zodiac are the type of people who can bring good disposition to any social gathering. Both of them are very optimistic and usually believe things are going to get better on their own.

This is what helps them be successful most of the time, together with the fact that they’re always looking into the future with hope. Furthermore, Horses admire the way Tigers are never predictable and how these natives can surprise anyone without planning things ahead.

CriteriaTiger and Horse Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The fact that Horses are more traditional than Tigers can be a reason for them to argue. Not to mention the latter thinks the former is too methodical, while the other way around, Horses see Tigers as unrealistic. But all in all, these two can get along very well and even work out their differences with ease.

Resembling each other

It’s rare to find people with a bigger love of life than these two. Both having a great sense of humor, they can make each other laugh all the time.

Furthermore, Tigers and Horses will respect one another because Tigers are very appreciative of the fact that Horses live in the moment, while Horses love Tigers for being unpredictable and very independent.

Problems between them may appear when the Tiger becomes too domineering as Horses are known to be frustrated with such an attitude. While Tigers make decisions fast and without thinking twice, Horses prefer to analyze the situation and this way, they very much stress Tigers.

Both are independent, so they should feel free in a relationship together. As business partners, Tigers and Horses can build something great together because they’re both innovative, creative and the Tiger can be a great leader.

Because they have personalities that resemble each other, Tigers and Horses make a great couple as well as both of them are optimistic, entertaining and positive. Therefore, no matter if they’d be friends, lovers or colleagues, they can enjoy great times together.

It can be said the love between Tigers and Horses looks the most promising when these two partners are doing many things together. Anyone can be sure they’ll never get bored with one another as they’re both focused on finding new ways of having fun and of dealing with challenges.

Horses are always on the run and ready to explore what the horizon has to offer them. This means they’ll bring a lot of progress in the relationship between them and Tigers.

These last mentioned ones are always focusing on what’s next and have high goals. Furthermore, they don’t like to hold grudges and prefer to end arguments as soon as these have started.

Horses are known to forgive when bothered, which means these two can have a great relationship if they decide to be together. Tigers and Horses can be very happy with each other because they have common goals and similar interests, not to mention they’re both independent.

Many admire this couple for being so free and always having original ideas. The Chinese Horoscope says the compatibility between Tigers and Horses is very high because both signs are sociable and love new adventures.

Tigers are a little bit stronger, so they’ll be the ones to lead in the relationship. These people are also very admiring towards the fact that Horses have a great spirit, while Horses don’t mind that Tigers are impulsive and independent.

Similar in nature, Tigers and Horses are energetic people who prefer to live life at a high intensity. Horses can always impress Tigers with their love of life, while the other way around, Tigers attract Horses with their optimism and self-confidence. Horses are very good with finances and usually have the same goals as Tigers.

Appreciative of each other

Very humorous people, these two can make each other feel good, not to mention they have a strong intimate connection. Their relationship can be called exciting because they’re not only passionate in bed, but also in the everyday life.

Both Tigers and Horses love to go out, to hang out with friends, to give money to charity and to interact with as many new people as possible.

If the man is a Tiger and the woman a Horse, he will be the one who dominates in the relationship because he’s a natural born leader with a lot of courage.

Tigers can really appreciate the fact that Horses are clever, so the connection between these two will always be based on intellectual stimulation and romantic gestures.

However, it’s possible for their feelings for one another to not last that long because Horses are a little bit superficial and tend to give themselves completely only in the beginning of a relationship.

Furthermore, these natives are known to change their mind very rapidly. Tigers are noble people who prefer to be sweet and giving, this being the reason why they’re the most reliable ones in the relationship with Horses.

Independent and very lively, Horses can never rest and usually refuse to follow other people. They don’t like to live up to expectations, so Tigers may not like this about them, but not to the point of a breakup.

When together with Tigers, Horses may feel like they’re being forced to settle, not that Tigers aren’t independent too, it’s just that there are differences in the way these two are handling things.

A woman in Tiger and a man in Horse will be able to understand one another and to be together in an almost perfect relationship. It can be said this is the ideal couple in the Chinese zodiac because these two seem to work very well together as the Horse man makes the Tiger woman feel safe and the connection between them is very strong.

Furthermore, they’ll want to spend as much time together as possible. When it comes to sex, Tigers and Horses are very passionate and interested in new techniques or positions. This means they’ll never get bored together in the bedroom.

They seem to both have high libidos and to keep themselves young through lovemaking. Horses may think of Tigers as silly with their need to always be admired and kissed, but these two will still get along very well, and Horses will do their best to be perfect lovers for their Tiger.

If the man is a Horse and the woman a Tiger, they may have problems with money because they wouldn’t care how much they’re spending and even walk away from the relationship whenever feeling like not having enough.

If the man is a Tiger and the woman a Horse, he will act like a gentleman just as long as she agrees that the man is superior. All their friends will love them for being the perfect couple and for making an atmosphere at parties and different social gatherings.

The challenges of this romance

The relationship between Tigers and Horses can easily be destroyed by the fact that these two natives are very similar. For example, both of them have a temper and can’t be in any way predictable.

Horses love to be original and are known as individualistic creatures who don’t listen to anyone, which means they can be attractive from many points of view, while Tigers are famous for always making changes in their life and therefore, for not sticking to the relationship in which they’re involved.

It’s true that Horses love change too and need variety more than anything else, but they also like to feel secure in their love life. As a matter of fact, Horses will be more than interested to explore new interests with their partner, but they’re also unpredictable and a little bit chaotic.

It’s possible for Horses and Tigers to get along very well today and to go out as much as possible the entire week, and the next week to be living separately or no longer talking.

It can be difficult for their relationship to be stable because both are looking for change and can’t be counted on when it comes to sharing.

As far as Tigers and Horses as a couple goes, neither of them may want to commit. Just like with any other things in their life, Horses are known to be enthusiastic for short periods of , time in love as well.

It can be difficult for these natives to keep their attention on something, so being faithful may not be one of their qualities. Furthermore, Tigers are as well known to sometimes wander from their partner, and with these two, there’s also the situation in which Horses are not able to understand why Tigers need so much to be alone and to sometimes give up their social life.

Another problem this couple may face is the one of impracticality. These natives are totally different from Oxen and Roosters, who can always have a strong foundation of material essence, and are usually constantly bothered by not having money or any mean to survive.

Neither Tigers nor Horses are terribly responsible, which means they can have serious problems with their everyday life.

At least they’re both intellectuals and love the company of one another, so the Chinese zodiac considers them soulmates when it comes to mind and spirit. All this may be enough for them to always respect one another and to be closer than other couples.

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