Tiger and Dragon Love Compatibility: A Dedicated Relationship

These two are pretty compatible but they shouldn’t play with the odds by displaying their negative traits straightaway in the couple.

Tiger and Dragon Compatibility

Tigers and Dragons are a very dynamic couple in which the partners get to spend many exciting and challenging times together.

They both don’t mind adventure and are terrified of getting bored, so they’ll never get to have a dull life when spending time in each other’s company.

CriteriaTiger and Dragon Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Because Dragons are very bossy and want to be in charge of everything, they’ll surely become very angry when Tigers don’t respect their authority. However, these two will be able to overcome their differences and to no longer take their negative traits into consideration.

Two competitive lovers

When it comes to Tigers and Dragons being lovers, no one can be better than them at this. Tigers are seductive creatures who love to play different roles for their Dragon partner, especially in the bedroom.

Dragons will always be fascinated and attracted by Tigers because these last-mentioned ones love to keep them guessing. Furthermore, the same Dragons will want to know what Tigers love to do and not, so their lovemaking techniques can get closer to perfection with every day that passes.

From time to time, Tigers must be left alone and free in order to explore the world and new possibilities.

The passion between Dragons and Tigers cannot be measured in words because these two people are highly affectionate and care about one another deeply. They’ll do everything in their power to make sure they’re happy and very much in love as a couple.

Problems may appear when both of them will want to rule in the relationship. Therefore, they can fight over power, but at least they’re equally passionate and lead with the same emotions.

In order for the relationship between Tigers and Dragons to work, the first ones need to be open with their emotions and the second should allow Tigers the freedom they so much need.

It’s essential for them to no longer be competitive because partners in a couple don’t usually oppose each other. The fact that they both have a unique magnetism will make them very attractive to one another.

What these two can do in the bedroom can’t be compared with what other signs usually do. If Dragons want their Tigers to be happy, they need to control them in a way in which Tigers are still feeling bold and free.

Tigers can understand many emotions and are usually kind, which means they can be the perfect match for Dragons. When it comes to business, Tigers and Dragons will most likely fight over power.

Neither of them wants to compromise and both think their way is the best. As far as romantic relationships go, if the man is a Dragon and the woman a Tiger, they will be immediately attracted to one another.

However, they’re both too passionate, which means they may fight over the most trivial things. These two are amazing opponents for each other, but they’ll come to an understanding and makeup sooner than later.

Dragons are determined to succeed, dynamic, intense and very interested in having power. These natives happen to all the time be in the center of attention, so they need their partner to also support and admire them.

As a matter of fact, they need these things from everyone in their social circle. Oftentimes, they’re successful and like to attract others in doing the same things as them. Their power resembles very much a storm that has the power to devastate, so they can hurt people while trying to achieve success.

They’re not selfish, just too focused on making their goals a reality and forgetful of other people’s feelings. However, there’s no one more kind, giving and attentive with their loved ones.

It’s possible for Dragons to be completely fascinated by Tigers because they have the same magnetism as them.

Both these signs are natural born leaders, so they’ll fight over power more than others, and with much more passion. Tigers are very attractive and can seduce anyone, so the women in the sign are graceful and able to deal with a lot of power, which means many will be attracted by them.

Furthermore, Tigers are emotional creatures who require comfort, so Dragons can easily identify this vulnerability of theirs and approach them in an easier manner.

If the man is a Tiger and the woman a Dragon, these two can have the most harmonious relationship, but the fact that he wants to be alone from time to time can really hurt her.

If she’s open enough to go on every adventure he suggests, he should as well be happier to collaborate with her. Only in this situation, these two can enjoy life with one another.

What they should expect

The relationship between a Dragon and a Tiger can have a lot of romanticism and fire to be burned for excitement. These two natives can be a challenge for each other, which helps them to never get bored as a couple.

While requiring freedom and being very sensitive, Tigers are also kind and tolerant. It may seem that no one besides Tigers and Dragons is able to keep up with these two signs’ levels of energy.

They’re able to keep one another fulfilled in bed because they both have stamina and enjoy the same fantasies. Dragons are courageous people, Tigers are the same, but also self-confident and fast to act.

However, Tigers may be a little weaker because they sometimes need to be encouraged. It’s very interesting to watch Tigers and Dragons together in a relationship because these two are very energetic people.

When challenges come to them, Dragons can simply not resist taking them on. It’s possible for them to feel like Tigers are also a challenge for their romantic pursuit.

While not impulsive, Dragons can have a lot of spirit, which is very much to the liking of Tigers. The Chinese Horoscope says the couple made from a Tiger and a Dragon will not hesitate to fight for success and to also win at it.

Both these signs have strong personalities and are very suitable for one another, so they’ll never get bored or be stuck in a rut, as a couple.

Their mind is open and their energy levels very high, so they’ll get to do together all kind of exciting things. It’s important for both of them to feel free if they want to have a happy relationship.

If the man is a Tiger and the woman a Dragon, they may not be very attracted to one another for too long because they’re both fighting for power.

She will want to be in control all the time, he will be exactly the same, so the conflicts between them won’t cease to appear. It’s very possible they’ll break up sooner than later. However, he’ll respect her very much, but still won’t allow his lady to ever win an argument.

If she’d ever try to convince him of something, they’ll start once again to fight more fiercely that anyone has ever seen. The Dragon woman usually wants to possess the Tiger man, which is not the most indicated situation for a couple.

The woman in Tiger and the man in Dragon are both short tempered and hate to be told what to do. Furthermore, they have to allow each other to be free or their relationship will not last for too long.

Tigers and Dragons in love need to have separate groups of acquaintances and friends so they can retreat from the relationship whenever feeling the need to. While they can work very well as a couple or as business partners, they may fight too often for power.

The marriage between them is usually based on attraction, but it will have its share of conflicts because both these natives are impulsive. However, they may be very happy this way because life is more exciting for them.

The Chinese Horoscope says they’re very compatible and have all the chances at being happy together.

The challenges of this romance

The main problem Dragons and Tigers have when in a relationship is the fact that they both expect different things from love. For example, Dragons view romance as an opportunity for new experiences, dramatic scenes and extravagant activities.

Tigers are more focused on the intellectual side of things and want to talk with their partner about everything. Therefore, while Dragons are expecting what has been mentioned for their commitment, Tigers are more inclined to just roam freely and to never be truly devoted.

It can be difficult for Dragons and Tigers to understand one another’s motivations when it comes to love, so it’s very possible for them to break up only after a few months of relationship.

While Dragons should allow Tigers to be free, the last-mentioned ones should give all of their attention to their Dragon partner. The fact that Dragons are assertive is also a problem when it comes to romance because these natives want things to be done only their way and usually reject any new opinion or view regarding their own beliefs.

Furthermore, Tigers are very individualistic and don’t accept to ever be advised, even if the person who’s talking to them is their partner.

It can be difficult for Dragons to understand why Tigers need to be alone from time to time because Dragons want their lover to be 100% committed and usually get jealous or very possessive when feeling neglected.

Tigers can’t accept such a behavior, so they may try to win back their freedom at all costs. All in all, the relationship between Dragons and Tigers needs just a little bit of more flexibility and the Dragon to let the Tiger be free. These two can live happily ever after if Dragons are making an effort to change their ways of behaving like they are owning their partner.

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