The Venus in Virgo Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She is quite critical of herself and those close but this is what helps her advance and also help motivate others.

Venus in Virgo woman

Venus in Virgo women are especially endowed with the ability to introspectively look upon themselves, to observe their flaws, take them all in, and try to transform them into advantages.

Thus, a path of self-perfection begins ever since this woman starts realizing her great potential. She is, in this regard, a humble individual who knows the real worth of knowledge, of learning, and she never raises herself on top of the world.

The Venus in Virgo woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Presentable and selective;
  • Negatives: Confusing and obsessive;
  • Soulmate: Someone who will help her look at the big picture;
  • Life lesson: Being kinder and more understanding to those close.

She pays attention to the details that make up the overall image, and with a meticulosity found only in the sign of the Virgo, she manages to find the perfect partner for her, someone who complements this desire to be better.

In reality, she is a very simple woman

The Venus in Virgo woman is known to be a very respected and dignified individual who never lowers herself while in society, who acts on certain principles, with an air of high and mighty person.

Sanctimonious as she can be in some regard, you don’t even know what lies beyond that social mask, and how she can transform when in private. Intimately, she can be very loving, affectionate, and very lascivious, in a very sexual way.

Overall, she shows her compassion and interest in her partner by paying careful attention to every single detail, to what he likes, to his dreams and desires.

There is a problem in her relationship that keeps on making her life a miserable hell, or something close to that anyway.

Her partner doesn’t know what to do in order to please her because her tastes are something of a mystery.

In reality, she is a very simple woman with simple and natural tastes who wants nothing else than to be taken care of, to be shown a lot of affection and love.

However, because she keeps bickering and fussing about everything, this often gets very confusing. She should stop analyzing the little things from time to time, take a step back, and look at the big picture. That would greatly help.

The woman born with Venus in Virgo takes great care when she chooses her partner. She looks at every single detail, his personality, his character, the way he reacts to emotional turmoil, what his dreams and aspirations are.

She’s very selective and doesn’t commit that easily. She’s not a pure maiden who wants to die a virgin though, in spite of her name, but she just wants to be sure that her feelings are aimed at the right person.

Safety and security matter a lot. Even from the beginning, she’s very critical of herself and her partner. She denounces every flaw and tries to correct it because she’s a perfectionist. Her own uncertainties and insecurities fuel this drive.

She loves to take care of her partner’s needs

On this path of perfectionism, the Venus in Virgo woman polishes her character to be as efficient and productive as possible.

She works on her own emotional instability, emphasizes reason, logic, an order in everything that she does, and a structural integrity in her plans.

She’s a very honest and straightforward individual, giving her all toward those things that she deems important.

Romantically, she loves to take care of her partner’s needs, paying attention to the smallest of details, showing great enthusiasm and vitality at the same time. She solves problems, loves to have a chat, and will be there when you need her.

Of course, the way she purses her own path is not always beneficial for her own development or her social connections.

She tends to become overly focused on the small details, and rummage through those aspects for an eternity, forgetting about the big picture, and about all the other pictures overall.

If this wasn’t bad enough, she might even reach a stage where she doubts her abilities so much that she could consider herself unworthy of a relationship, of her partner’s love and understanding.

Ideally, her partner should be there to comfort and encourage her, to give her a piece of his mind, a brighter outlook on life.

In return, she can be one of the most loyal and devoted lovers, always thinking about his needs above all else, and trying to fulfill his deepest desires.

These women know exactly how to differentiate between quality and cheap products, and they never get themselves fooled about buying something that’s not worth the bag it’s put in.

Their analytic and critical skills are above the norm, and they have a keen understanding of what quality means.

Even in their relationships, they know exactly what they’re looking for, and they will immediately try to eliminate all the uncomfortable things.

They want a perfect relationship, and either out of a sense of perceived inferiority, some hidden uncertainties, and anxieties, they take all their partner’s faults to a new level.

The style of the Venus in Virgo woman

The Venus in Vigo females praise themselves for being very adaptative to the social norms, and incredibly understanding, tolerant with their friends and close ones. It is true when they’re not set out to focus on the smallest of flaws, that is.

For all their harsh realism and robotic materialism, they can be very feminine as well. Very kind and generous with those who number among their friends, these women also look the part.

A pure and untouched maiden touched by the rays of the sun, shining in a resplendent way. Mortals don’t even have the audacity and strength to lay their gaze on her.

Their clothes are thoroughly picked from among the most expensive and refined, because they want their look to be impeccable, elegant, for the idea of cleanliness and dignity to spread forth.

Exposing clothes don’t sit well with their personality and overly-colored clothes even less. Instead, they prefer classic outfits, of the kind that inspire a sense of respect, confidence, even modesty in some sense.

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