The Venus in Scorpio Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She never hesitates to take on every problem that comes her way with full confidence.

Venus in Scorpio woman

The Venus in Scorpio woman will bring about a new revolution, changing society from within, breaking apart the bubble of age-old traditions that we’ve been swirling in.

She does want to put emphasis on the role of women and advance their overall importance, but this will have an effect on the whole world. Her creativity and imagination are amazing when put to work, and their inspiration reveals the path ahead.

The Venus in Scorpio woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Determined and confident;
  • Negatives: Clinging and dogmatic;
  • Soulmate: Someone who manifests their emotions;
  • Life lesson: Must understand more the depth of her reactions.

Her perfect partner is sensitive, emotional, and uses their sensual nature to grow the relationship further and further. The bond will deepen with time, going from uncertainty and hope to stable and secure prospects for the future.

A fascinating woman

She is forceful, aggressive, with a vitality and spirit that no one can match. Her combative instincts will bring about the true savage nature in those who watch her wield the sword of revolution, and it will all happen instantaneously, with no warning.

She must learn to access this hidden strength willingly and not by chance. Venus, the planet of love, is somewhat overcome by the ravishing and burning spirit of the Scorpio sign.

She will have to create some boundaries for herself, so as not to destroy her inner balance. Her Venus in Scorpio upbringing makes her very passionate and loving in a relationship.

Determined, confident, and very devoted, she never hesitates to take on every problem that comes her way, thus averting a crisis that might have hurt her partner.

She is often beset by inner contradictions because she tries her best to control her impulsive urges. The fire burning deep inside tries to ravage everything, to burn the world, and it’s her responsibility to keep it under control.

Her partner might want to know what’s happening to her during this period, but she will reject him. Jealousy and possessiveness are normal characteristics that sometimes escape her watch.

However, her partner will always find it fascinating and essential that she can put so much at stake for love, that she is so intense and passionate. Sex is not just physical contact, lacking in emotions and feelings, but a melody of bodies, spiritual bonding.

The woman born with Venus in Scorpio is very afraid of being abandoned, of having her expectations and trust betrayed. The real danger here is not this happening, but rather that she will act in such a way that she encourages her partner to give up.

She tries to control the relationship, to impose her will on her partner, all in order to keep him there, but not many men will accept this form of subordination.

She has to learn that she has nothing to be afraid of, and just chill off. Her social circles are very small, and she would rather spend time with a few close friends than at a social event.

With these few people, they are very loyal and friendly. They will be hurt beyond measure if they disappoint or hurt her.

Superficial flings are not her thing

The Venus in Scorpio woman is one of the most intense and passionate ones out there, always keeping herself on fire for her man.

With love and affection, she’s ready to brave the molten lava and the deep abysses for her partner.

She’s a perfectionist, not in the sense that the Virgo is, but that she wants to become a master of her own destiny, to be adept at whatever she chooses to do.

Also, because she’s so devoted and serious about it all, she’s never going to wallow in a sense of immediate gratification that comes with one-night stands.

For her, it’s either a deep emotional connection, an all-consuming experience in a long-standing relationship, or nothing at all. Her partner needs to be carefree and cool, in order to take from her fiery intensity.

Superficial flings are not her thing, and for this reason, she expects her partner to have a serious reason for being with her, to be loyal, devoted, to bring new things to the table

Love is not always pretty, and the Venus in Scorpio woman might find these dark aspects to be difficult to predict most of the time.

Jealously, the possessive drive that makes her want to control her partner’s thoughts and actions, the sense that she’s not doing enough, and that she’ll get abandoned, all of these ruins her life.

She prefers to keep her anger hidden, sizzling deep down, gathering there to explode at any moment.

The style of the Venus in Scorpio woman

One thing can be said about this native that should define her pretty well. She’s not for the faint of heart, and she’s certainly someone that you will have a lot of fun with.

With her intense and passionate attitude, as well as burning love, you will have the most splendid time of your life.

She’s very intuitive and likes to delve into the secrets hiding within yourself, just to see what’s in there, to discover what makes you tick.

It’s highly likely that she won’t be so enthusiastic about making a change, about transforming her way of life just to accommodate you there, but she will try. All in all, her magnetism and electrifying personality are absolutely fascinating to any man.

The reason for this is their natural sex appeal that exudes from their every pore, irrespective of their actual clothing style, make-up, or disposition.

It’s like an animalism that all men instinctually receive, a magnetic sexuality that drives them insane with lust and desire.

Even when they decide to wear clothes that cover all their bodies, this only serves to incite the imagination, to make one wonder what’s under those clothes.

They don’t refrain from setting their own style, fit with gothic elements, unorthodox and unpredictable accessories to complement their sexual drive.

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Written by Denise

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