The Venus in Scorpio Man: Get to Know Him Better

He will want besides him a woman who can make the world kneel in front of her, someone he can be proud of.

Venus in Scorpio man

The Venus in Scorpio man is a willful and determined individual who would never do things half-way. Either he goes through to the end, or he doesn’t start it in the first place.

Same goes in a relationship. If he finds the partner to be attractive and worthy of his time, then he’s going to dedicate all his time and effort in building up a long-standing relationship.

The Venus in Scorpio man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Intriguing and sensual;
  • Negatives: Secretive and tactless;
  • Soulmate: Someone who will do anything to seduce him;
  • Life lesson: He should make an effort to temper his jealousy.

He’s fiery, volcanic, enthusiastic, extremely loyal, and has a tendency to assert his control everywhere he goes. He’s honest to a fault and doesn’t have any prior thoughts before committing and sharing his life with his partner.

His love personality

This man is the dark horse of the zodiac. He’s steamy, volcanic, confident enough to face the world with nothing but his own steely determination and cool demeanor.

He will want besides him a woman who can make the world kneel in front of her, a woman with royal charms, exuding sensuality and lasciviousness.

Only the most electrifying personality can intrigue him. He does tend to become too involved in his partner’s life, probing her secrets at every step of the way, wanting to find the mysteries that lie within.

The Scorpio sign is one that stems from earth, and just like that the Venus in Scorpio native prefers women who are resolute, intense, and passionate about what they do, but not unpredictable or unexpected.

He takes some time to get to know his partner, seeing how she approaches challenges, her looks on life, but once he decides to commit, rarely does he ever regret his decision.

When he does, it’s going to be caused by the lack of compatibility or understanding, and not because of conflicts or arguments. In a Scorpio’s love life, such aggressive conflicts are flimsy events where they let go of some steam.

This is a fierce man who offers his love with high expectations. If he gives his all to a relationship, puts forth incredible efforts to build a stable and secure situation for them both, he expects a full reimbursement.

He might exaggerate with his possessive reflexes, and he might even get jealous if he sees you talking to your guy friends for too long, but that’s only because he loves you a lot.

Don’t be surprised that he’s hired a private investigator to follow you around or that he does it himself.

The man born with Venus in Scorpio is a very lustful individual who often can’t control his sexual cravings, and he might have secret affairs behind your back if he doesn’t find the satisfaction he was looking for.

He’s a non-conformist who hates traditions and routine-based activities. He would rather do his own things, away from prying eyes, than have to stay in-line to buy a ticket for a movie, for example.

He’s strange, and he likes doing weird things that society might shun him for. However, does he even care in the slightest?

Nope, he does not, and this turns him into a real alpha male who knows exactly who he is, what his identity is.

If you notice that a Venus in Scorpio male is giving you the sweet treatment, that means he has already determined that you are perfect for him, and the testing has finished.

He’s a very loyal and devoted lover when he’s incentivized to be so. Also, he’s a sexual maniac who just can’t sate his insatiable lust for physical contact.

Attracted by …

Beyond the physical attractiveness and certain details that he would like his lover to have, he’s immediately turned on and intrigued by a woman who exhibits nymphomaniac tendencies.

Since he loves sex so much, and he derives great amounts of pleasure from it, meeting a woman who stands to fulfill his every desire with a smile on her lips, how could he not be driven insane with desire?

He wants to consume his entire being in the enjoinment of bodies, in the melodious friction of the skin, the dance of the flesh, the symphony of moans that accompany the ultimate carnal pleasure.

He wants it all, your heart, your soul, every fiber of your being to radiate with intensity, with the passion of vitality.

Being the hunter, the one who ravages the beauty and deflowers it, this is one of his biggest dreams, and he wouldn’t say no to a rape simulation if his partner gave her consent.

If you even think about seducing this man, you have to be serious, confident in your abilities, passionate, and willing to be subdued.

This guy wants to win you over and to dominate your whole being, to build up a steady relationship that’s based on mutual trust, respect, and devotion.

In conclusion

This native’s biggest strength, and the aspect of his personality that reflects his approach and attitude toward the world is his fiery passion.

There never was and never will be another native that could match up to his volcanic and all-consuming intensity, that certain profoundness of being that you get lost into. The abyssal depth of his personality shatters all the barriers, and it quickly makes you fall in love with him, so much as to never want to leave his side again.

This man can be very jealous and possessive. Even when he doesn’t have a good reason to, he’ll start asking you where you’ve been, whom with, why did you stay for so long, and generally interrogate you for a few hours about the time you went missing.

When he starts going that way, you must drop everything else, take him elsewhere in private, look right into his eyes and assure him that everything is alright, that only he deserves your attention and love.

He doesn’t let anyone make fun of him or smear his reputation. If his partner mocks him or disappoints his expectations, she should prepare for his fiery vengeance.

He won’t let this go even if he has to wait for years on end preparing for the right moment. And this obsession often makes him overly focused on something that’s really not that important.

The man born with Venus in Scorpio must learn that if someone lets him down, the worst thing he could do is detach himself completely, abandon that person and cut off all contact. Communication, though, is the key to everything, including a conflict or argument.

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Written by Denise

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