The Venus in Pisces Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She is often thinking about the future and making all sort of extravagant plans.

Venus in Pisces woman

The Venus in Pisces women are very intuitive and reflexive. What seems too ideal or unreal to some may appeal to them, and even more, they might be fascinated by such things.

They can roam about in other words, in their dream planes, which gives them a great energy that spills forth into everything that they do.

The Venus in Pisces woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Sweet and adorable;
  • Negatives: Interfering and jealous;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is a hopeless romantic;
  • Life lesson: She needs to empathize more with those close.

This woman wants a partner who’s going to do all the boring stuff for her, take care of all the responsibilities, and just let her keep on dreaming. If he’s going to be the rational and responsible one, then she’ll be free to bring forth the endless love, inspiration, the eternally beautiful innocence of an adorable woman.

She’s always going to be a hopeless romantic

Venus is just at home in the Pisces sign because there isn’t anyone else who can love as hard as this woman. She’s romantic, very much so, affectionate, compassionate, and the profundity of her heart is astonishing.

She’s amongst the sensitives of the zodiac, no one can match her in that respect. She loves dancing, music, singing, artsy stuff, as she is a very creative individual who needs to have fun.

Venus brings her dreams of finding fulfillment through spiritual bonding true, and she couldn’t be any happier. She’s ecstatic that she can make her partner happy, but she should also remember to take care of her own desires.

With a woman born with Venus in Pisces, you will have the sweetest and most adorable time of your life. She will try to bond with her partner at the deepest of levels because she can’t see any other way, and she won’t be satisfied with anything less either way.

She has a lot of desires and she wishes for her dreams to become true. You will often see her thinking about the future, making plans, being enthusiastic about what will happen.

She’s always going to be a hopeless romantic and she’s not going to stop dreaming, no matter what.

These women exude a kind of aura that attracts men like honey, and it’s their natural sweet nature that makes them go crazy with anticipation. So innocent, so sweet and beautiful, so kind and warm-hearted, it’s just like Venus herself descended down from the heavens to play with the hearts of mortals.

A lot of people believe that the woman born with Venus in Pisces is pretending for most of the time because, in a lot of social contexts, she has a different attitude, almost every single time.

Today, she might like pop music, and the next week she might hate it, or she might change her tastes just like that. The thing is, she’s not deceiving anyone willingly, but rather that her emotional receptivity is too high. She takes the traits and characteristics of others, their emotional needs, and expectations.

This changes her on an intrinsic level. She can play the part of anyone else, and she can take on any role.

In a relationship, this ability of her to empathize helps greatly. In the same way, this openness also turns into a unique and dangerous vulnerability for her. People who want to manipulate and hurt her will do that very easily because she takes it all very seriously and to her heart.

Her ideal love story is filled with moments of happiness and joy, sublime experiences alongside the love of her life, but the reality is harsher than that.

There will be conflicts and arguments, just like in any relationship, and much of her emotional stability will depend on how her partner approaches the situations. She is open to love and hates to hurt others in the process.

Combine that with her natural innocence and naivete, and you’ll get a native who often meets the wrong kind of people for her, but who still gives them a key to her inner world.

There is literally nothing that the Venus in Pisces woman will not do for her partner, even walk through fire. His satisfaction and wellbeing are the most important things, and she’s going to forge their relationship based on this, unconditional love and affection.

She really deserves only the best, to find absolute happiness, someone who knows how to appreciate her sensitivity and protect her from the harsh world.

Her perfect relationship

She wants to engage in a relationship where there are mutual respect and love included, otherwise, she’s going to avoid them if she can.

In a perfect relationship, her every gesture of love and her overall attitude will be rewarded with endless attention. Appreciation comes in many forms, and she knows how to love each and every one of them coming from her partner.

She will sacrifice a lot for her partner, even bits and pieces of her soul, believing this is what love should be like.

Of course, she is giving, selfless, generous, and kind, with a devotion many would look up to, but she must really pay attention to whom she gives her trust.

She will give herself even to relationships that will lead nowhere because even though she realizes this fact, it’s incredibly hard for her to decide to leave.

Hurting her partner is the very last thing she would do, and even she wonders if she could do it at all.

Even before she comes to this conclusion, her emotions are so far intertwined with those of her partner’s that she can’t help but feel the repercussions of his grief and sadness.

She knows what her partner wants and his deepest desires because she feels it quite clearly. With her intuition and instincts, it would be hard not to. She will react quite dramatically if you make a mockery of her love.

The style of the Venus in Pisces woman

She’s a very observant individual who pays much attention to details. They are the difference between a good wife and a bad one, between a thoughtful and loving wife, and a disinterested, materialist one.

She can be very emotional and sensitive to her partner’s desires, and while this means that she will know exactly what to do in order to fulfill his wishes and make him happy, it also means that she also receives the bad vibes, the grievous emotions, and memories.

Moreover, her natural flexibility and adaptative abilities coming from her watery upbringing mean that she can take on any individual, and zodiac sign, and live a happy life together with them.

In her home, she behaves most naturally, but she changes her attitude and becomes a little cold when at social events.

She’s a very good communicator though, and her social sense is out of the charts, running around like a little gnome.

She should also pay attention to what clothing style she adopts so that it complements her elusive and mysterious beauty. It would be better if she chose light and gentle colors, of the kind that flow peacefully.

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