The Venus in Pisces Man: Get to Know Him Better

He could be extremely intrigued and fascinated by something one moment, and the next he disengages completely.

Venus in Pisces man

The Venus in Pisces man is a highly emotional individual, sensitive, and affectionate with his partner. He’s been searching for that special someone for all his life, and he made a purpose out of this.

Finding a soul mate, a person with whom to share all the moments of happiness, someone whom to support him in times of need, is his greatest desire. His feelings are honest and pure.

The Venus in Pisces man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Intuitive and sociable;
  • Negatives: Cynical and cruel;
  • Soulmate: Someone who can read into his deepest wishes;
  • Life lesson: Being more careful about his social interactions.

He is capable of the deepest emotions for his partner, a wholehearted affection that goes beyond what others experience. He wants to have an ideal relationship, to find perfection, to find a way to accomplish his fantasies, the dreams he’s always had.

His love personality

He is attracted to the sensitive and emotional women who accept their feminine side and embrace it wholeheartedly. She must be kind, generous, empathetic, understanding, to have a sense of obedience and dependency.

He doesn’t like aggressiveness or impetuousness because that only eats away his energy and might even annoy him.

Moreover, the Venus in Pisces man is highly intuitive, one of the most intuitive of the entire zodiac.

His artistic sense is off the charts, it grants him an elusive aura, just like the world can’t hold him, as he breaks the barriers apart.

In a relationship, he knows exactly how to avoid dangerous emotional reactions, and instill a sense of peacefulness and tranquility in his partner.

This guy wants to live in harmony with the outside world, as he finds a sense of belonging in nature, but also a place he can call home in today’s modern society, one filled with technological marvels. He’s very emotionally unstable, his various reactions being the talk of the town.

He could be extremely intrigued and fascinated by something one moment, and the next he could become dispirited, even spiteful.

Knowing that he entertains impossible dreams, he wants a partner who can balance out these ideals, but do it with diplomacy and affection. Beauty fascinated his beyond description, both in the world and in other people.

His intuition tells him about the motivations of the people around him, about the social masks that they don when out in society, and about the real desires inside each of them.

The man born with Venus in Pisces recognizes his need for a soul mate, and he’s seeking for the one that manages, at least partially, to escape this social conformism, the vicious circle or pretense, and self-deceit.

He wants a perfect relationship, one where he can melt into a oneness of being with his lover, where he can find the fulfillment of his deep desires.

Being this much obsessed with finding a soul mate and forming a heart-bonding relationship, the man born with Venus in Pisces can forget to look at the person beside him closer, thus inviting individuals who have ill intentions in their lives.

He must learn to detach himself when it appears as though the other is only there for the advantages, and usually their instincts will fire out a few alarm signals.

However, even though he might have an idea about future disappointments, society pushes him into the corner, and his urge to meet the fated one seals the deal.

His high emotional predisposition turns him into a magnet for the lost and weary, for individuals who want to mend their wounds, for those who aren’t exactly certain about their own future.

In such relationships, he does realize what the future holds, or rather what it doesn’t, but he finds it very hard to break-up with the other.

He intuitively notices how his departure would deepen his partner’s wounds even more, but the negative aura exuding also makes him become disinterested over time.

He has always dreamt about the perfect woman, the ideal lover that would complete him. She obviously loves him without asking for anything in return and cheers him up with her optimistic and bright-looking attitude.

Moreover, her traditional take on marriage only serves to make his dreams of a comfortable and perfect relationship come true.

He doesn’t want discord and conflict to ever appear in his love life, nor does he want to ever have to compete with his partner for something. Harmony, balance, affection, compassion, and mutual understanding are of the essence.

This man might be prone to cheating, but only if his social circle instills in him this sense, only if he’s in the company of women for too much.

Most importantly, if his partner doesn’t fulfill his expectations and desires, he might seek solace in the arms of another.

Generally, though, he is a very loyal and devoted lover, but he also can’t fight against the orders of his heart when it starts sending messages of love in his brain. His partner will have to make sure that he doesn’t get seduced or enchanted by another woman.

Attracted by …

With this man, you don’t ever need to pretend like you can take on the world or that you’re strong enough to take on life’s hardest challenges. He’s there to offer his protection and support, to take care of you and your needs.

Just be honest, straightforward, and be sensitive above all else. He loves that in a woman the most. You will have to work hard in order to truly make him yours so that his romantic sense becomes entangled solely with your person.

Be romantic, affectionate, and show him how much you love him. That’s the only way he’ll realize that you’re the perfect woman for him.

He’s a dreamer, and he will only get involved in something when it has some chance of success, when the idea at its base is revolutionary, innovative, even a little idealistic.

Personally, the Venus in Pisces man is a romantic artist who seeks for like-minded people to light up his world. Those that see the world in a different, slightly more colored light, the ones who know that the world is filled with unsolved mysteries and enigmas.

Romantically, his expectations might be unrealistic and overly-dreamy, but you should at least try to put the pieces just right to fulfill their desires. If you manage to surprise and fascinate him, then it’s all good.

In conclusion

This native’s greatest strength is his empathy, the way in which he seems to read people’s inner thoughts and emotions.

He knows exactly why his partner is moody, and why she got up late the other day when she’s usually a morning person. He notices the small details, and he’s able to deal with tough emotional situations as they appear.

The Venus Piscean man deserves to be loved for all eternity just for being this sensitive and affectionate.

He will never criticize or make you feel bad when you made a mistake, but he should also learn to let go of the emotional pressure from time to time. Maybe even channel it artistically. This could be a good idea.

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Written by Denise

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