The Venus in Leo Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She feels the need to be pampered and showered with attention in most situations.

Venus in Leo woman

The Venus in Leo women have a great vitality and enthusiasm for living their life at the edge of possibility. They love dramatic situations, and they will amplify them through a personal flair for riling up the tension.

They want to have fun, to entertain themselves through any means necessary, and their creativity knows no bounds.

The Venus in Leo woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Dedicated and ingenious;
  • Negatives: Dominating and insincere;
  • Soulmate: Someone who can be fully committed to her;
  • Life lesson: Finding motivation within not through competition.

They will want to find a partner who finds them funny, interesting, fascinating, someone who raises them on a golden pinnacle, a fervent admirer. They want to find pride in being with their partner.

Free from any influence

The Venus in Leo woman is a huntress, a seductress, and the coup de grace for any man. She’s a risk taker who likes to involve herself in activities that put her skills to the test, those where she can develop herself, where the challenges are hard enough that simply trying is not enough.

She wants to perform on the stage of life, and everything she does has the same aura about it, of dramatic showcasing.

Her admirers stand in awe of her lascivious body and kinky mind, let alone her vivacious and volcanic demeanor when she’s interested in something more than a friendship.

Getting involved with her is akin to riding a lion through a savannah, it’s filled with adrenaline, all-consuming, and you never want it to end.

In the first place, these women don’t even feel an imperious need to be in a relationship, to have someone there to support and love them.

Being independent and free from all influences, in control of her own life, is something this woman takes as the normal thing to do.

However, when she does get involved with a man, she wants to receive his full attention, for her to be the only woman of his life.

He needs to put his heart at the altar of love for her, and he should be willing to compromise all not just to please her.

As a Venus in Leo woman, you feel the need to be pampered, showered with attention and praise, kept on a pedestal, and you are very firm on demanding this, filled with confidence in your abilities.

You tend to control your relationship and you already have a plan ready, just in case. And it also contains the role that your partner has to fulfill, to the last letter. This tendency to become dominative and expect everyone else to listen to your orders.

This is also a reason why you are so reluctant about giving up on a relationship once it starts going down the drain because you’ve had so many plans.

However, as long as your partner does exactly what he’s supposed to do, you show your love and affection in incredible doses. He should give you all his attention, only that would suffice to make you happy.

Your partner might believe you are confident in general when it’s actually not that true.

You might be slightly less sure of some aspects of your life, uncertain that there will be problems, and your partner needs to know that.

In general, as long as there are enough activity and validation in a relationship, you don’t have a problem maintaining a high level of commitment.

Quite self-centered

There is a slight incoherence between the traits of Venus, a search for everything beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, and the nature of this woman which coalesces into her need for validation, for attention.

The difference lies in the motivation that each influence presupposes. Venus instills in this native an innocent and pure desire to touch upon the perfect concept of beauty, to live in a harmonious balance of emotions with oneself and the others.

The Leo sign makes this woman self-centered, egocentric, her motivation being solely the need for attention, and that is why she behaves in an honest and generous way.

If she is happy and fulfilled, she will want to share that happiness with her loved ones, and gifts are but one of the many ways that she does that.

She wants those who stay with her to understand why she has such high expectations and she wants them to strive to achieve them, even changing their attitudes and reactions.

She does realize that’s asking for quite a lot, but she’s ready to offer a lot of her attention and praise in return.

The woman born with Venus in Leo wants to be observed, to be put on a pedestal, her creative skills to be recognized and praised.

She’s never going to wallow in a sense of desperation over the disinterest or ignorance of others, but she does feel the need to be pampered, for everyone to admire her, to look up at her as a model.

In return, she’s generous, with a warm heart, kind, and she wants her partner to become better, for her to be proud of.

Trustworthy and devoted to a fault, she has her principles and dignity that she won’t just give up without a good reason.

If her partner disappoints her or if he does something wrong, she won’t soon forget about it, and will even react in a dramatic way.

The style of the Venus in Leo woman

Her style is a complex one, filled with comings and goings, requirements, a back and forth two-way path, in the sense that she will don her generous and angelic mask, behaving just like a benevolent and good woman, when she receives the attention and praise that she wants.

She will be a very warm-hearted, free-spirited and sensual partner, always going straight for the action and trying to satisfy her partner in the most pleasing of ways.

A Venus in Leo woman is usually very ravishing, shockingly beautiful and physically alluring, to a point that she drives men crazy with anticipation.

She naturally gives off a confident and trustworthy aura, and you feel just like you could even entrust her with your life.

Bright colors are the way to go for her, red, green, orange, the more vivid the better. Actually, clothes only serve to emphasize her natural beauty and lasciviousness.

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Written by Denise

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