The Venus in Leo Man: Get to Know Him Better

He is dramatic and knows exactly how to showcase his abilities and put a brilliant performance before a public.

Venus in Leo man

The Venus in Leo man likes spoiling his partner, showing exactly how lucky she is for having such a man beside her. He’s proud and wants attention. Moreover, he will always play by the book, never stray from a set path, even romantically speaking. He won’t try to use untested tactics and flimsy seduction techniques.

The traditional things have always worked, and this is what he’s going to play with as well. However, because he’s going to put so much effort and soul into the relationship, he at least expects his partner to have unwavering loyalty towards him.

The Venus in Leo man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Artistic and generous;
  • Negatives: Vain and impatient;
  • Soulmate: Someone who takes good care of themselves;
  • Life lesson: Doubting their choices from time to time is a good exercise.

He’s very affectionate, and has a lot of love to offer to the right person. He just has to find that special someone who knows how to appreciate his efforts.

His love personality

This Venus in Leo native can’t help but end up bewitched by bold and fiery women, those with a temper who know what they want and how to get it.

The crazies, the impetuous, the ones society shuns for being non-conformist, too aggressive, he is in absolute love with those because that’s also his general attitude.

He likes grandeur, over-the-top gestures, showy attitudes, bold and courageous acts, and he will love it if his lover expresses his love in the most obvious of ways.

Shouting it from atop the Eiffel tower would count as a sure-kill move in his book, for example. Royal treatment, in other words, is the essential concept here. He will both give it, and expect to receive it in return.

Also, he likes his woman to take care of her, and to look good, although in an elegant and dignified manner, rather than a flimsy and cheap decoration.

He wants to be in the spotlight, and he wants his lover to allow him this. In return, he will treat her just like the queen she deserves to be.

The man with Venus in Leo is one of the individuals who would stumble upon the leprechaun’s golden pot if they chose to be actors.

They are dramatic and know exactly how to showcase their abilities, put a brilliant performance before a public, and their artistic sense is off the charts in some regards.

He’s got an electrifying personality, everyone can attest to that, and his natural charm can imprison you with just a glance from his hypnotic gaze.

He loves beauty and likes to be surrounded by beauty everywhere he goes. Gorgeous women, artistic aestheticism, a comfortable and splendid environment, he wants it all.

Venus is the planet of love, pure and simple, so romantically, this native will flourish in almost all encounters. There is nobody who can say that they didn’t have a good time with him.

He will treat you with the utmost respect and dignity, while also going the extra way to make you feel spoiled beyond your own expectations.

You’re sexy and very attractive, and that’s one of the reasons that he chose you, but he’s got a lot of admirers and women waiting for him, or at least that’s the impression he wants to make.

Dramatics, legendary experiences, epic victories, thrilling emotions, this is what he wants from a relationship.

This native will never beat around the bush or avoid to tell you exactly what he thinks. He’s an open book that you can skim through at any time, and if you need an honest opinion, you can count on him at all times.

In terms of personal confidence, he’s brimming with it because he knows that he’s fully able to take whatever he wants, and the many victories he’s had only added to this sense of superiority.

Thus, they will not accept a refusal, ever. They will even react aggressively when their wishes are not accomplished and will frown when others don’t seem to appreciate them just for existing.

Attracted by …

The Venus in Leo man will get offended from the flimsiest of things, so don’t even think of going overboard with him, or even making a joke that can be interpreted as something else.

Moreover, he will like to get out as often as possible. Why stay in the house when there’s a whole wide world out there worth exploring?

His woman must know how to present herself in her best appearance, and we’re not talking about make-up or things like that. We’re talking about real clothing style and good tastes. Dresses, high-heels, wavy hair, and so on.

In fact, he’s attracted to a woman who knows how to flaunt her assets, no matter if she’s real about it or not.

As long as the Venus in Leo man sees what must be seen, like perky breasts or a round butt, because he is mostly attracted by physical beauty, then he will get interested right away.

In principle, he would also like his girl to have guts, to be dominant, confident, ballsy, to know exactly what she wants from her life, and how she wants it.

Also, this guy absolutely loves to be in the center of attention, both in his social groups, and especially with his lover. He will want to be praised, for legendary odes to be sung about his awesomeness.

In conclusion

The best thing this guy is good at is making his partner feel just like in paradise like nothing else could be better than living with him.

He will spoil and take care of her, show her exactly what pleasure means, how satisfaction can mean much more than mere physical stuff and emotional trivialities.

He can bring about a true revolution within you, making you think where the hell he’s been at all your life.

Even though he’s a very lively and fiery native with plenty of enthusiasm, this doesn’t mean that he won’t meet his match, that no one could ever resist.

Those born under the element of fire are perfect for him, while water natives would do best to avoid him. They are creative and artistic enough to figure out ways in which to avoid getting bested by his volcanic demeanor.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that he’ll just let you play your own game without interfering.

He can quickly come up your alley and learn the tricks of the trade and considering that’s a very determined man, you’ll have to be prepared for a partner in crime.

Don’t even think about stealing his spotlight or going the extra way to take attention away from him.

He’s egocentric and egotistic, and he loves being in the center of attention at all times, having everyone praise his unmistakable allure and charisma.

They won’t ever try to inhibit their own accomplishment or achievements just to allow you a piece of the pie.

If you want to be admired, you have to reach that place for yourself, but this doesn’t mean that he will look at you with condescending eyes while you die from fatigue. He will give his best to help and support your ascending path towards success.

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