The Venus in Capricorn Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She stands by her convictions and doesn’t want to depend on anyone else.

Venus in Capricorn woman

The Venus in Capricorn women are the businesswomen of the zodiac, the all-responsible and ambitious individuals who will lead the world towards a financial utopia.

They inspire respect, dignity, seriousness because they never abandon their responsibilities. On the contrary, they take on the hardest of challenges that life has to offer them, and they get out victoriously for most of the time.

The Venus in Capricorn woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Pragmatic and decisive;
  • Negatives: Boastful and inconsiderate;
  • Soulmate: Someone who original and spontaneous;
  • Life lesson: She should put some effort into not being perceived as merciless.

These women look for people who will complement their rational and pragmatic mindset. They will offer their partners the possibility to develop, to become a better persona, and their relationship will be one based on mutual respect, understanding, and certain limits.

She prefers to act fast

This woman takes reality as it is, and never wallows in a sense of idealism that she knows she probably can’t ever achieve.

With a touch of realism sunken in a pit of pragmatism, the Venus in Capricorn woman is traditional in her perspective of what success means.

A stable, secure material condition, a passive income, one high enough for her to enjoy life comfortably.

So, when she decides to brag about her professional success and showcase her achievements, that means she’s more than interested in you.

Moreover, in love, she’s direct, firm in her decisions, rational, and very tender with her partner’s emotions. Her protective instincts, however, take quite a while to wither.

Your partner needs to understand that you are not necessarily a romantic, in that you don’t whisper sweet words to them, you don’t express your deepest feelings through words.

You prefer to act, to show those feelings by doing something for your partner. Your restrained, lone-wolf act drives many men crazy with anticipation, and that affectionate attitude that you release when in a relationship compensates for any further problems.

In turn, you are very attracted by a person who acts with a sense of self-respect, confidence, in a cool and meticulous manner.

Those with impulsiveness and spontaneity in their character sheets will both intrigue and raise their guards because while they may find them interesting, there is still an element of unpredictability linked to these potential partners.

Morally, your partner must be responsible, mature, with a plan for the future that he constantly works at, educated, and highly intelligent.

The woman born with Venus in Capricorn doesn’t want someone who will depend on her material success.

Physically, because these characteristics matter quite a lot to a woman, he must essentially have beautiful eyes, a proper and elegant code of dressing.

He must be the person that she would love to have at her side everywhere she goes.

This type of man is hard to come by, especially at a young age, and this is why she will generally find love when in her 30s or so. Moreover, her natural wariness doesn’t help her chances either.

She’s only going to reveal her inner emotions and give up on any uncertainties when she’s sure of her feelings, that she is ready to commit to a long-standing relationship with that person.

In such a bonding, when together with someone, she wants to make sure that her partner is taken care off, that he is fully satisfied and feels accomplished with having her there. This requires a more mature man to appreciate.

She is going to want to meet a serious man, one that knows what he expects from life and how to get it.

Ambition, perseverance, a resolute attitude, even merciless in some ways, he should realize the importance of education and knowledge have.

She wants a man who doesn’t rely on her all the time, and he must have his own plan for the future.

Physically, she wants him to have beautiful eyes and to have an elegant code of dressing. Even though this type of man is quite rare to come by, especially in her younger years, later on, that won’t be a problem anymore. She prefers to take it slow and steady, wait a bit to see who she’s dealing with.

The moment that she truly falls in love with some represents the moment she will start the experiments, the testing, to see whether he’s the chosen one, whether he’s got what it takes to be with her.

Her partner shouldn’t be so impetuous and impulsive. Rather, an emotive and sensitive man would be best. Moreover, she will do her “job” as a girlfriend and future wife by taking great care of him, offering him stability, love and affection.

Somewhat of a rigid approach

Venus is a planet that rules over the pleasure of the senses, and anything from seeing a pretty rainbow to tasting a fresh apple takes this woman through unspeakable delights.

With her Capricorn astrological ascension, she takes it all to another level, one focused on a more realistic overview of the world, and that is a success, business.

Even when in love, she has the same rigid approach, one concentrated on the end result, on what they can achieve together. Communication and specific goals are the names of the game here.

This woman will be a very devoted partner and work toward the fulfillment of both partners in a relationship, as well as the development of their material situation.

Theoretically, when she’s starting to see it all going down south, or that it’s a hopeless situation, she gives up out of practicality.

She won’t just keep on trying to resurrect a dying relationship that’s bound to wither and die. Just like in a business transaction, the redundant parts are thrown to the dogs, and only the essence remains.

They have given everything they could and have provided many moments of happiness. If this wasn’t enough, then they can’t do anything more.

She’s a very pragmatic and ambitious person who sees the prospects of a good relationship anchored in material and professional success. Supporting her partner comes as natural as breathing, but she doesn’t forget to have some expectations in turn.

She is a traditional woman who sees a marriage as something serious, where the partners must be mutually respectful, helpful, and that life in and of itself is not something that belongs to them individually, but that it’s common to both.

Good or bad, she will never abandon the boat if her partner has a high potential and she feels he is her soul mate.

The style of the Venus in Capricorn woman

The Venus in Capricorn woman is steady-minded, rational, and acts with a pragmatic approach, even in her love affairs.

With a meticulous and observant eye, she analyzes the chances of a relationship enduing the test of time, and of the partner’s potential in the future.

She’s ambitious and wants to further hone her skills, achieve a higher level of existence, material and professional success. She needs no obstacles on her path.

Her fashion sense is also very practical, with hand-made accessories being highly appreciated, while clothes will be simplistic, of high quality, but she isn’t snobbish either.

She can be said to have very good taste in clothes, but a more traditional and conservative style is more in line with her personality.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.