The Venus in Capricorn Man: Get to Know Him Better

He has his principles and respects a certain code of conduct in every social situation so is usually very charming.

Venus in Capricorn man

A Venus in Capricorn man is ambitious and perseverant, and that is the basic essence of his character. He’s a very hard-working individual who sets his own pace and never strays too far from it.

Professionally, he’s a monster, and personally, he takes care of himself as best as possible. He wants a partner who can incentivize him to try even harder, to achieve even higher goals, to make him wish for more.

The Venus in Capricorn man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Strong and resilient;
  • Negatives: Superficial and deceitful;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is affectionate and a good conversationalist;
  • Life lesson: He shouldn’t pay so much attention to those who criticize.

Romantically, this man will be very affectionate, sweet, tender with his gestures of love, and he will want to build up a long-standing relationship based on self-respect, dignity, principles and a traditional homely life.

His love personality

He’s interested in serious and responsible women who know what they want from their lives. His partner should, in theory, already have her plans all set out for her, and to already have made big steps towards their accomplishment.

He wants to build a life together with her, one based on financial and professional success, a stable future. So, naturally, he wants his woman to be resourceful, intelligent, hard-working, and to not give in to distractions.

This guy will already be quite accomplished professionally at the moment of his romantic escapades because he wished for this in the first place.

He always wanted to build his potential little by little, to first have a good situation, and then focus on finding a partner.

He’s looking for a lover who understands and is keen on having a good conversation with him, someone who is tolerant, open-minded, and straightforward.

He hates having to think about hiding his thoughts, trying to say the right things, and all that. This native is very satisfied when his friends call on him to help them with something because he realizes his worth.

He has his principles and respects a certain code of conduct in every social event, and he keeps a respectable distance with all his friends.

He’s not willing to debase himself by lowering his language or by involving himself in things that aren’t worthy of his time. All of this creates a strong image of respect and dignity for the Venus in Capricorn.

The perfect woman will find this very attractive because she will have ideas of her own, she will also follow a certain set of principles. Most importantly, the perfect lover will already be on her way to achieve her plans.

She must be ambitious, intellectually and emotionally mature enough to realize how flimsy some things are, to have plenty of knowledge, and independent enough not to rely completely on him.

As long as she has these traits, he’s willing to omit all the other flaws or inconsistencies because these are the essential characteristics that he’s looking for.

He doesn’t like overly emotional women, talkative ones, ignorant and superficial ones, and unpredictability is most of the times undesirable.

For his ideal woman, he is willing to sacrifice a lot, and he will shower her with his attention and affection. Well, in his own way, one that she will hopefully understand.

The Venus in Capricorn man is unwilling to even think about lying or deceiving his partner. Besides being against something that would go against his principles, he doesn’t even have the time to do that.

He’s well over his head in building his professional life. Of course, if he’s too immature and naïve, and stumbles upon a toxic relationship, he will try to escape this predicament, so watch out for his lies. It should be a telltale sign.

Attracted by …

Don’t even think about asking him to shower you with romantic compliments, to warm up to you on an emotional level, to go over his head in trying to woo you with sentimentality because he just isn’t able to do that.

It’s not that he isn’t used to or that he’s cautious, it’s that it would be very difficult and go against his nature to do it.

That’s why he doesn’t want an overly-sensitive woman in his life. Rather, someone serious, a little rigid, responsible, who knows how to appreciate a good man when she sees him.

If you’ve got grand plans, you would better share them with him, as this will probably get him very interested in you.

He’s never been one to wallow in sentimentality, and he has a very practical outlook on relationships in general.

Instead of saying sweet words of affection, he prefers taking his lover out on a journey, making plans together, eating out, or just being there for them when a problem occurs.

However, this doesn’t mean that he lacks emotion, but that he’s not that good at showing it. It would be a good idea to learn to do that.

They don’t like unexpected surprised or unpredictable events, and you would better not be an obsessive shopper because he has a rather thrifty personality.

In conclusion

The best thing about this native is that you never have to worry about him hiding things from you.

He’s too focused on his career and professional ascension to ever have any time for lies or manipulation.

In this sense, he will always be honest, even more in a romantic relationship where he will always put all his efforts to reach a desirable level.

He will never commit without being sure that it’s all worth it, and this means that he will do it wholeheartedly, with all his mind and soul, and without hesitation.

The Venus in Capricorn man tends to focus too much on work and professional advance.

Sure, this is very attractive in a man because you just know he’s going to reach the top in no time, but it just so happens that over-working isn’t that good.

Your partner will want to be taken care of, to be loved, and she will want your attention most of all.

Don’t forget about this aspect, and take some time off from work, or take a few steps back and just enjoy spending time with them. It’s ideal if you keep an equilibrium in your personal and professional life.

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Written by Denise

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