The Venus in Cancer Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She appears to be sweet and tender, completely harmless but can be a real force if betrayed in any way.

Venus in Cancer woman

The Venus in Cancer women are the natural caretakers of the zodiac, ever so affectionate, loving, very good at pampering her loved ones, at fulfilling their desires and bringing happiness to people in general.

These women are very feminine, charming, sweet, with tender emotions at the ready for those in need.

The Venus in Cancer woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Innocent and protective;
  • Negatives: Superficial and pessimistic;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is loyal beyond question;
  • Life lesson: Giving those close a little more credit, as they deserve.

Romantically, they would want to find a partner with the same protective tendencies, someone who finds comfort in that sense of belonging that appears in a couple.

She does want to have real fun

The woman born under Venus in Cancer takes on many disguises, ranging from playful girl with a childlike personality to a fussy teenager, to a mature woman in full control of her emotions, to a wise old woman.

All of this may happen within the spur of a couple of minutes if you thought that it’s a gradual process that happens in time.

There is nothing else more important to her than knowing she’s in a stable relationship, and that her partner’s protection offers her safety, comfort, and happiness. She’s honest, intuitive, giving, and very generous with her love.

This woman can enchant her partner very easily with her look of innocence and holiness, a feeling that she strives to instill in her partner.

Moreover, the simple feminine charms that she exudes unconsciously only put more pressure on her partner when they’re arguing.

She looks like a sweet, tender, and cute girl that you couldn’t hurt even if you wanted to.

She wants to have fun, to discover the many joys of living that manifest as a pure vitality in her case.

She reawakens during the times she goes out into town because of her need to debauch herself, to feel the touch of adrenaline coursing through her veins, a pleasure, unlike others.

Romantically, she will never cheat on her partner and her loyalty is beyond question. Why, do you ask? Because she simply cannot ever bring herself to betray her own feelings, because her emotions are pure, honest, and very deep.

A heartbreak or such a disappointment would scar them for life, and it takes a lot of time for them to regain their original enthusiasm.

Her feelings should be appreciated

She likes to pamper her partner, to offer him her heart on a platter. Affection, compassion, tenderness, she excels in these regards, and you won’t ask for anything else as long as she’s there.

She wants to have a relationship based on unconditional and honest love, one where both partners will nourish the other spiritually, where growth and evolution are constant.

She wants to establish a family, to make children, and to live a happy life with the love of her life.

Just about all Venus in Cancer women will seek for such a relationship, one where love and affection are the prime candidates to guide her to her fulfilling life.

She wants to express her love fully, to have her feelings appreciated and returned back in full force, to develop her spiritual bond way beyond what normal people experience.

Even though she may sigh from time to time, thinking about her past relationships, when the present one goes through a period of emotional tension, she is also extremely reluctant in giving up on her relationship.

Women with Venus shining down on them are very generous and kind to those they deem worthy, and generally, don’t make a difference between their friends and family.

With a sweet and tender affection, they go forward on their path, offering the world to those that matter.

She knows how to approach others in order to comfort them, but her emotional lifeline is often beset by all manners of contradictory emotions. Her neediness and craving for a sense of belonging often get in the way of her happiness.

Essentially, she guards herself well against potential disappointments by avoiding to get overly-enthusiastic and taking it slow, step by step.

The style of the Venus in Cancer woman

She will never be impulsive with someone she loves and will always pay attention to what she says.

During the time that she strives to attract the attention of a man, she uses her emotions and tender façade to enthrall him.

This doesn’t mean that it’s just a social mask, a game she’s playing in order to deceive him.

She’ll keep this attitude further on in the relationship. She may become possessive because of the powerful bonds that will develop over time, and her partner will have to prove her love and affection with double the intensity.

These women are very present in the moment, and with their affectionate nature, they will make everyone else feel that life is worth living after all.

Their feminine personality and innocent demeanor determine the appearance of a certain personal style, one filled with bright colors, simple and elegant accessories, and lascivious clothes that reveal their sexual nature.

Romantically, they will never think about going for a one-night stand, and will instead look for the best man for themselves, a long-standing relationship where they can thrive and flourish.

Women born with Venus in Cancer have a very powerful protective instinct if they happen to be hurt at any time. Counting in the past disappointments, they have had time to prepare and learn from their mistakes so that they don’t get surprised a second time.

Their proverbial shell is tough as nails, and once they retreat inside it, you won’t have a chance to make a dent in their emotional stability.

Moreover, what’s even more interesting is that this native is also influenced by the Moon, its light shining down upon this woman, making her even more attractive, elusive, with a charming and feminine gaze that enthralls all that take a look at her.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.