The Venus in Cancer Man: Get to Know Him Better

He puts a lot of interest in creating some kind of safe heaven around him.

Venus in Cancer man

The Venus in Cancer man tends to show his love and affection right from the start, and he won’t hesitate to reveal all his emotions if he thinks it’s the right moment.

He likes seeing his partner satisfied and his friends happy with the treatment that he offers. He helps build up a sense of stability and security that no one else can match.

The Venus in Cancer man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Loyal and understanding;
  • Negatives: Emotionally vulnerable and impulsive;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is patient and supportive;
  • Life lesson: Taking the time in life to pursue something he enjoys.

Getting to know his partner, he can perfectly predict what she likes, what she doesn’t like, and most importantly, what her deepest desires are. It’s empathy we’re dealing with here, a very deep one, coupled with intuition.

His love personality

While some men may prefer their partners to be exceedingly vivacious, foxy, and bold to the utter limits, the Venus in Cancer man wants a sensitive, sensible, and tender woman.

He wants her to be natural, to take care of herself in a simple and intriguing manner. If she shows her need to be protected and taken care of, without trying to hide it, it’s even more attractive to him.

He wants to build a relationship from the ground up, to help it along the way, and to spiritually enrich the bonds with sensible approaches.

If he puts in this much effort towards the creation of a safe haven, he will naturally be very reluctant in abandoning it, and there are very few things that would put him in this situation in the first place.

This guy lives to love and to be loved. Every time he makes a gift or a gesture of kindness toward his partner, it’s just like he is reborn, born anew with endless energy. His loyalty is unwavering, and he’s not even considering the concept of cheating.

He can be jealous, possessive, sad, but he doesn’t express his feelings in an aggressive and obvious manner.

Rather, he prefers to suffer in silence, for as long as it takes. He wants to be appreciated for what he does, and he wants his girl to crave his presence, to always anxious about his leaving anywhere.

Because they are very sensitive and vulnerable to emotional shifts or radical situations that could impact their mental state, these natives are very concerned and wary of possible dangers.

They will only reluctantly choose to commit to a relationship. After they have carefully look on the partner from every possible perspective, only then would they agree on going forward.

Trust and security are the basic needs for him in a relationship, and only the right person could give you that.

He wants his relationship to develop into a real family, even if not in the literal sense. His girl will have to take on the role of mother, and their home will be the mother base where everything takes place, where he feels safe and protected.

Moreover, he’s very sociable and communicative, while his sense of helping others will always prevail.

In return, he does expect to receive support from his friends and family, but, sadly, a lot of his close ones are rather unfit to help, emotionally speaking. He’s like a caretaker for the wounded and grievous.

When he’s mostly going to need someone besides him, he won’t turn to his friends, but to you. So be mindful of his feelings and emotions, and appreciate his deep love for you.

He will most definitely want to grow your relationship into something more, have a few kids, and establish a happy family.

Be there when he most needs it, at his worst, and he’s going to remember it for the rest of his life. He would like you to empathize with his problems, to be sensitive and tender, to be observant and loving.

The man born with Venus in Cancer is very protective of his friends and close ones, that much is a given, but to what extent? Well, let’s just say that he’s willing to give up on his happiness in order to give just a few moments of satisfaction and fulfillment to those he cares for.

He’s just like a parent to everyone. So, if you have serious intentions in mind, like a family, children, a home to call your own, then this guy is definitely for you.

Attracted by …

The Venus in Cancer man is a very emotional guy who wants to be entirely sure about the decisions he’s taking, and he’s not about to ask just about anyone out there.

His parents, especially his mother, are the main players here. Now, when he’s going to enter a relationship, he’s going to transfer much of those expectations to his girlfriend.

He wants her to support and encourage him, to be there when the situation turns dire. Not his friends, but his lover.

Also, if you always wanted one big happy family, but were afraid all men would avoid this, then you should be ecstatic to find out that he wants nothing else than that.

Just take care of him, show him your tender and affectionate side, stick close to him, and he will be very satisfied.

No one can compare to this native when it comes to empathy, to that urge to take care of others, to just be there and help someone unconditionally.

The Venus in Cancer man is exactly that. It’s like he takes it upon himself to be the hero of everyone out there, especially his friends and close friends.

In relationships, you do have some expectations and need your actions to be appreciated and validated, but you still take the initiative like always.

It’s going to take some time for you to open up and truly reveal your feelings to a partner because you are naturally protective of your secrets.

However, your strong Crab shell will take care of most of the emotional attack coming from the outside.

Anyway, he’s definitely the one if you want to establish a happy relationship and then a flourishing family.

In conclusion

It’s probably weird and contradictory to say this, but their worst flaw can also be considered their greatest strength. They are very sensitive and thus prone to be disappointed really quickly, really bad.

The man born with Venus in Cancer knows when to listen to you, how to do things to see you satisfied, and how to connect to you on the deepest of levels.

Thought about what would happen if you hurt him? Well, he’s going to run back to his safe place, stay there for a few days, meditate on what went wrong, wallow in his sadness, and won’t soon forget it. Try not to get there though!

It might be a good idea, in general, to take care of everyone around you, to clean up after them, to support them when they need it, but a relationship is different, it has to be different.

You can no longer do that because she’s not going to take it for too long, you trying to control her life, to micro-manage it like that. Sure, be there for her, but only when she needs it.

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Written by Denise

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