The Venus in Aquarius Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She is looking for a man who knows what he wants from his life and who has no problem doing the necessary to achieve it.

Venus in Aquarius woman

The Venus in Aquarius women are the innovators of any social group. They will come with great ideas that no one can even wrap their heads around. That’s how unconventional and unorthodox their thinking is.

Romantically, these natives will always look for partners who acknowledge their desire for such out-of-the-box thinking. They crave for a relationship based on mutual respect, understanding, stability, and for their partners to protect them constantly.

The Venus in Aquarius woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Witty and decisive;
  • Negatives: Controversial and detached;
  • Soulmate: Someone who knows exactly what they want;
  • Life lesson: Being near people with similar principles is best.

She is a woman often pursued

This native just doesn’t care about what happens around her. It’s like nothing can ever surprise or get her to come out of her comfort zone. A furrowing of the brows will be the best thing you could ever get out of her.

When she loves, nothing can stand in the way of her freedom and independence to act as she sees fit.

Social conventions and rules will be broken and left shattered, the status quo might even quake from such an anarchic attitude.

She does have adventures and one-night stands from time to time, but when she decides to commit, it’s usually done with some forethought.

There is something about this woman that doesn’t cease to fascinate others. Maybe it’s her unorthodox methods, her innovative perspective on the world, but there will be many who will try to woo her.

However, she will refuse many of them because most will want to impose their own principles and expectations on the relationship, something that she doesn’t even think about.

Besides despising oppressive and possessive partners, she hates it even more when there’s not much to see in the future alongside them.

As a woman born with Venus in Aquarius, she is highly intellectual and curious about the world, she knows a lot, and obviously wants to know more. If her revolutionary instincts are not fueled, then she would better be left alone.

She is looking for a man who knows what he wants from his life and who has no problem doing the necessary to achieve it. He should be resolute, serious, firm with his decisions, and independent to catch her full attention.

Even though she may be wary of sentimental partners from the beginning, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t open herself up to those that do deserve it. She now understands how to better approach a relationship so as to develop it further.

She believes in a form of universal love, of spread affection between people, no matter their gender or other differences.

For this reason, she might get along with her exes or other men, which could upset her partner, but if she chose him well, there’s not going to be a problem.

She has always craved for a relationship, even if she’s very patient in the beginning, and only going forward if she sees potential in her partner.

For the very first time in history, or close to that, this woman doesn’t expect his partner to put everything aside and take care of her, to compromise even his happiness in order to fulfill hers.

She wants her man to be independent, dignified, with his own plans, likes, and things that he enjoys.

However, the partner should understand this in the correct way, as for of mutual respect, and not as a leeway for her to act as she sees fit. This won’t end well if he doesn’t establish some limits from the beginning.

Modern and open-minded

These natives just want to make some good friends who have the same principles and outlook on the world, nothing more. If they can have that, to hell with all the social conformity and unreal expectations.

They prefer being honest, straightforward, and keep to their convictions, rather than debase themselves by playing the violin on a stage that’s not theirs.

They have strong moral principles, a large amount of knowledge about the world, and they are very interested in society as a form of human construct, the ways it can ascend or descend.

The Venus in Aquarius natives are also open-minded, tolerant, communicative, and don’t hold any form of xenophobic or racist beliefs.

These women are interested in pretty much anything, as long as it catches their attention for long. If they don’t know enough about a given topic, they will take a step back, spend a great deal of time researching, and then return with fresh forces.

Technology and modern gadgets attract them especially since they are material evidence that society is heading towards a brilliant future. These Aquarians want to bring humanity to a whole new level of existence.

She hates it when those around them are short-sighted, ignorant, superficial, self-centered, and marred by unstable emotions.

Personally, she doesn’t let emotions get in the way of her rational thinking, and she very much prefers working in groups of people, as a form of a cohesive workforce, rather than with emotional individuals who are prone to errors.

Don’t even think about demeaning their ideas or principles because that will mark the beginning of the end. If you aren’t able to appreciate their innovative personality and firm virtues, then you’re no good.

The style of the Venus in Aquarius woman

The woman born with Venus in Aquarius is very communicative and sociable, so finding a partner will be the least of her problems.

Finding the perfect partner who harbors the same ideas, principles, and free-spirited personality, might be a bit harder, but far from impossible as well.

She wants to experience a rebirth of her mind, an expansion of her intellect, the widening of certain limits of her understanding, and she wants to do that with her partner.

For example, Pisceans would gain the upper hand on controlling their emotions better, while Arians and Sagittarians would manage to hold their impetuousness in control more.

An Aquarius man will bring even more quirkiness and independence to this relationship.

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